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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Auchindoun-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Crisius WhateverAuchindoun-EU283Not updated
2Naragoth Bank of NorwayAuchindoun-EU272Not updated
3Ysona WhateverAuchindoun-EU270Not updated
4Marrowgà WarcryAuchindoun-EU268Not updated
5Yès  Auchindoun-EU267Not updated
5Justmè  Auchindoun-EU267Not updated
7Canyougetme  Auchindoun-EU266Not updated
8Irisis WhateverAuchindoun-EU265Not updated
9Sal WhateverAuchindoun-EU264Not updated
9Resania WarcryAuchindoun-EU264Not updated
11Imbà  Auchindoun-EU262Not updated
12Nèlion  Auchindoun-EU257Not updated
13Redknapp HandpickedAuchindoun-EU255Not updated
13Aiwo  Auchindoun-EU255Not updated
15Inzeta WarcryAuchindoun-EU252Not updated
16Clapp Dark RitualAuchindoun-EU249Not updated
17Glucosé WarcryAuchindoun-EU246Not updated
18Titancore  Auchindoun-EU243Not updated
19Titanworg GravityAuchindoun-EU242Not updated
19Brucèwayne Wings of LightAuchindoun-EU242Not updated
21Elawrath WhateverAuchindoun-EU241Not updated
22Norby The CovenantAuchindoun-EU240Not updated
23Ziltox VanityAuchindoun-EU239Not updated
24Twerkingqt CorruptedAuchindoun-EU238Not updated
24Strïker  Auchindoun-EU238Not updated
26Razermoon Tyrs KämparAuchindoun-EU237Not updated
27Cirka  Auchindoun-EU236Not updated
27Dragonkillah PhalanxAuchindoun-EU236Not updated
29Bundabuzz UnoptimisticAuchindoun-EU235Not updated
29Wafletower SnowblindAuchindoun-EU235Not updated
31Malibu The End Of DaysAuchindoun-EU234Not updated
32Azmodius Gankers ParadiseAuchindoun-EU233Not updated
32Doomshroom  Auchindoun-EU233Not updated
34Fhaeryel Malicious IntentionsAuchindoun-EU232Not updated
34Maeli SinAuchindoun-EU232Not updated
34Bamtooze UnoptimisticAuchindoun-EU232Not updated
37Lidocaine Team Action ForceAuchindoun-EU231Not updated
37Hottube  Auchindoun-EU231Not updated
39Syked icecreamAuchindoun-EU230Not updated
39Loilina Defenders of ValorAuchindoun-EU230Not updated
39Ðoggie The Dark WonderAuchindoun-EU230Not updated
39Cobbiie struggletimeAuchindoun-EU230Not updated
43Eremita Deeprun Tram SecurityAuchindoun-EU228Not updated
43Zif ItinerantAuchindoun-EU228Not updated
43Leshh T J P FAuchindoun-EU228Not updated
43Marielu LemuriaAuchindoun-EU228Not updated
43Sybell PhalanxAuchindoun-EU228Not updated
43Zhivala  Auchindoun-EU228Not updated
49Augusta UnoptimisticAuchindoun-EU226Not updated
49Auran WarcryAuchindoun-EU226Not updated
49Shinori PhalanxAuchindoun-EU226Not updated
49Ingrossa UnoptimisticAuchindoun-EU226Not updated
49Axelly Das BankAuchindoun-EU226Not updated
54Kwák WhateverAuchindoun-EU225Not updated
55Krisler icecreamAuchindoun-EU224Not updated
55Holykíck VanquishAuchindoun-EU224Not updated
55Rasjar Parks and RecreationAuchindoun-EU224Not updated
55Haroom HandpickedAuchindoun-EU224Not updated
55Applehoves DeterminationAuchindoun-EU224Not updated
60Gradhiel TokidokiAuchindoun-EU223Not updated
60Norlie  Auchindoun-EU223Not updated
60Nilath Keeper of NorthrendAuchindoun-EU223Not updated
60Narubi  Auchindoun-EU223Not updated
64Silentaim BladeAuchindoun-EU222Not updated
64Deadllydk SutraAuchindoun-EU222Not updated
64Shayara Red DawnAuchindoun-EU222Not updated
64Maricha Gankers ParadiseAuchindoun-EU222Not updated
64Nariu Raiders Of GloryAuchindoun-EU222Not updated
64Missinformed TokidokiAuchindoun-EU222Not updated
64Humppakana Mad Dying SkillzAuchindoun-EU222Not updated
71Lysty ArchangelAuchindoun-EU221Not updated
71Pork Raiders Of GloryAuchindoun-EU221Not updated
71Realmbest The CovenantAuchindoun-EU221Not updated
71Angryshizzle PhalanxAuchindoun-EU221Not updated
71Fantalastico The Great DanesAuchindoun-EU221Not updated
71Slobetty  Auchindoun-EU221Not updated
71Xahnior icecreamAuchindoun-EU221Not updated
71Gaga The End Of DaysAuchindoun-EU221Not updated
71Olivetti SutraAuchindoun-EU221Not updated
80Adlian WarcryAuchindoun-EU220Not updated
80Nekoru El Psy CongrooAuchindoun-EU220Not updated
80Zelveria Defenders of ValorAuchindoun-EU220Not updated
80Corrupter Malicious IntentionsAuchindoun-EU220Not updated
80Bandicoot CorruptedAuchindoun-EU220Not updated
80Ortuna WarcryAuchindoun-EU220Not updated
80Multitroll OneAuchindoun-EU220Not updated
80Elom PhalanxAuchindoun-EU220Not updated
80Loaps Work In ProgressAuchindoun-EU220Not updated
80Xahnor icecreamAuchindoun-EU220Not updated
90Vyrexis Dyslectic DefnendersAuchindoun-EU219Not updated
90Nijani TokidokiAuchindoun-EU219Not updated
90Batibat WhateverAuchindoun-EU219Not updated

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