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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Arthas-US Faction Only Mounts
1Yacoub ClarityArthas-US269Not updated
2Doflamingozz M I CArthas-US268Not updated
2Fâtpanda ClarityArthas-US268Not updated
4Critmonlee Si Vis Pacem Para BellumArthas-US264Not updated
5Kappowee InitiumArthas-US258Not updated
6Camikins StaticArthas-US255Not updated
7Radial  Arthas-US254Not updated
8Memori Lusting on TrashArthas-US249Not updated
9Xèrt MagikArthas-US248Not updated
10Amonsatan Hell CastleArthas-US247Not updated
11Darthpudd StaticArthas-US246Not updated
12Valyria Fair EnoughArthas-US245Not updated
12Lutes InstinctiveArthas-US245Not updated
14Critzers AdelanteArthas-US244Not updated
15Guesswhat Nerd CrewArthas-US243Not updated
15Mist Team us for the winzArthas-US243Not updated
15Annamay InfernôArthas-US243Not updated
18Kuruption AdelanteArthas-US242Not updated
18Superpudd  Arthas-US242Not updated
20Phoenixondin RebelArthas-US241Not updated
21Xrave  Arthas-US240Not updated
21Saedi DragonbornArthas-US240Not updated
23Killazer ProzacArthas-US239Not updated
24Nekrakk AttritionArthas-US238Not updated
24Angelldust BloodthirstyArthas-US238Not updated
26Raín AnguishArthas-US237Not updated
26Britneyfearz ClarityArthas-US237Not updated
28Rejj Standing in FireArthas-US236Not updated
28Jhumanji  Arthas-US236Not updated
28Chronyz kitty catArthas-US236Not updated
28Xtal  Arthas-US236Not updated
28Notreevy RecreateArthas-US236Not updated
28Scylvary  Arthas-US236Not updated
34Slenderfugi Escaped from ArcatrazArthas-US235Not updated
34Cheechmarin In The MeantimeArthas-US235Not updated
34Erynis Si Vis Pacem Para BellumArthas-US235Not updated
34Uh Fair EnoughArthas-US235Not updated
34Posadon  Arthas-US235Not updated
39Perfectguns VenomArthas-US234Not updated
39Leiser Perks And PurpzArthas-US234Not updated
39Atana  Arthas-US234Not updated
39Peams Chasing WaterfallsArthas-US234Not updated
43Xiaored AscendantsArthas-US233Not updated
43Cheesewheelz SkillArthas-US233Not updated
43Spaghetti NECKBEARDArthas-US233Not updated
43Swd Take NotesArthas-US233Not updated
43Caskea Raw TalentArthas-US233Not updated
43Senjinn  Arthas-US233Not updated
49Tinyjimmy ClarityArthas-US231Not updated
50Ricky ProvidenceArthas-US230Not updated
50Ftw From The InternetArthas-US230Not updated
52Xavierl ClarityArthas-US229Not updated
52Citizen Matt DamonArthas-US229Not updated
52Zanzor AdelanteArthas-US229Not updated
52Shabrinigdo High EldersArthas-US229Not updated
56Fayia  Arthas-US228Not updated
56Philmahuders The SwornArthas-US228Not updated
56Rizzelea InappropriateArthas-US228Not updated
56Hotaru DragonbornArthas-US228Not updated
60Tiandis From The InternetArthas-US227Not updated
60Pesca AdelanteArthas-US227Not updated
60Darknightelf Conflicted NightmareArthas-US227Not updated
60Cresselia Tea PartyArthas-US227Not updated
60Oblivitus The ButchersArthas-US227Not updated
60Razzuby  Arthas-US227Not updated
66Supplies FlashedArthas-US226Not updated
66Ðemonique TankArthas-US226Not updated
68Halistraa StaticArthas-US225Not updated
68Natedoggydog ClarityArthas-US225Not updated
68Onatala  Arthas-US225Not updated
68Swizzcheeze Emporium and WarehouseArthas-US225Not updated
72Bugsbolt Sad PandäArthas-US224Not updated
72Alharrington Emporium and WarehouseArthas-US224Not updated
72Sëlënity CaliberArthas-US224Not updated
75Tokudred AdelanteArthas-US223Not updated
75Nekronic PurityArthas-US223Not updated
75Holyradiant  Arthas-US223Not updated
75Nirami InappropriateArthas-US223Not updated
75Macrovelli Positive EnergyArthas-US223Not updated
75Raitaiya Emporium and WarehouseArthas-US223Not updated
81Zigpep Make Love and WarcraftArthas-US222Not updated
81Decca AdelanteArthas-US222Not updated
81Leshrem Situational AwarenessArthas-US222Not updated
81Ummar The First RespondersArthas-US222Not updated
81Pilodan FällenArthas-US222Not updated
81Deadtoast ClarityArthas-US222Not updated
81Annapella  Arthas-US222Not updated
81Waywin Nerd CrewArthas-US222Not updated
89Letgo M I CArthas-US221Not updated
89Smurrfetteqt From The InternetArthas-US221Not updated
89Topgunn CloudArthas-US221Not updated
89Supermonk ProvidenceArthas-US221Not updated
89Magicsage Forged by FuryArthas-US221Not updated

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