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Arthas-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Metalsquad Ignis DraconisArthas-EU243
2Miala Ignis DraconisArthas-EU241
3Blackkyd Ignis DraconisArthas-EU238
4Umbrifer Ignis DraconisArthas-EU225
5Scholastica Ignis DraconisArthas-EU214
6Selmina Ignis DraconisArthas-EU209
7Azghula Ignis DraconisArthas-EU208
8Jeykay Ignis DraconisArthas-EU204Not updated
9Isiluu Ignis DraconisArthas-EU203
10Arsia Ignis DraconisArthas-EU202
11Jáhá Ignis DraconisArthas-EU189
12Naunet Ignis DraconisArthas-EU187
13Schindmaid Ignis DraconisArthas-EU174
14Argysta Ignis DraconisArthas-EU172
15Liloé Ignis DraconisArthas-EU170
16Astarya Ignis DraconisArthas-EU169
16Ronjana Ignis DraconisArthas-EU169Not updated
18Nobara Ignis DraconisArthas-EU165Not updated
19Pieohpah Ignis DraconisArthas-EU164Not updated
20Xopherus Ignis DraconisArthas-EU163
21Zootaxzia Ignis DraconisArthas-EU162
22Lithis Ignis DraconisArthas-EU158Not updated
23Beichtstuhl Ignis DraconisArthas-EU155
24Kaeseroller Ignis DraconisArthas-EU154
24Callesto Ignis DraconisArthas-EU154
26Thipsander Ignis DraconisArthas-EU153Not updated
26Headsmasher Ignis DraconisArthas-EU153Not updated
26Multipletick Ignis DraconisArthas-EU153
29Miracel Ignis DraconisArthas-EU145
30Perrywinckle Ignis DraconisArthas-EU144
31Anturia Ignis DraconisArthas-EU142
32Lillyann Ignis DraconisArthas-EU140Not updated
33Jazzme Ignis DraconisArthas-EU138
34Chantrel Ignis DraconisArthas-EU137
35Facepallm Ignis DraconisArthas-EU136
36Rithal Ignis DraconisArthas-EU135Not updated
37Palalî Ignis DraconisArthas-EU132
37Schwápi Ignis DraconisArthas-EU132Not updated
39Châîrâ Ignis DraconisArthas-EU131
40Baalah Ignis DraconisArthas-EU129
41Drägon Ignis DraconisArthas-EU128Not updated
41Endivie Ignis DraconisArthas-EU128Not updated
43Garthøk Ignis DraconisArthas-EU125Not updated
43Rokantra Ignis DraconisArthas-EU125
43Syenite Ignis DraconisArthas-EU125Not updated
46Gajuna Ignis DraconisArthas-EU123
47Koyanisqatsi Ignis DraconisArthas-EU122
47Frolt Ignis DraconisArthas-EU122
49Salisala Ignis DraconisArthas-EU121Not updated
50Lümmli Ignis DraconisArthas-EU120
50Shimisu Ignis DraconisArthas-EU120
52Ægø Ignis DraconisArthas-EU119
52Maurella Ignis DraconisArthas-EU119
52Alicja Ignis DraconisArthas-EU119
52Yahur Ignis DraconisArthas-EU119Not updated
52Avenga Ignis DraconisArthas-EU119Not updated
57Alrauna Ignis DraconisArthas-EU118Not updated
58Javaná Ignis DraconisArthas-EU117
59Câli Ignis DraconisArthas-EU116Not updated
59Racill Ignis DraconisArthas-EU116Not updated
61Terruki Ignis DraconisArthas-EU114
61Jogjurt Ignis DraconisArthas-EU114Not updated
61Gubbi Ignis DraconisArthas-EU114Not updated
64Tricià Ignis DraconisArthas-EU113
64Sayoka Ignis DraconisArthas-EU113Not updated
64Eberhárd Ignis DraconisArthas-EU113Not updated
64Witpo Ignis DraconisArthas-EU113
68Venro Ignis DraconisArthas-EU111Not updated
69Nanael Ignis DraconisArthas-EU110
69Whiteangél Ignis DraconisArthas-EU110
69Aethaerdion Ignis DraconisArthas-EU110Not updated
72Tyleet Ignis DraconisArthas-EU109
72Johnrambó Ignis DraconisArthas-EU109
74Billtür Ignis DraconisArthas-EU107Not updated
75Kratoas Ignis DraconisArthas-EU106
76Möhrchen Ignis DraconisArthas-EU105
76Bogomil Ignis DraconisArthas-EU105
76Gotteskriege Ignis DraconisArthas-EU105Not updated
79Maiskolben Ignis DraconisArthas-EU104
80Zummi Ignis DraconisArthas-EU103Not updated
81Dadadaada Ignis DraconisArthas-EU102Not updated
81Walkyre Ignis DraconisArthas-EU102
83Lamox Ignis DraconisArthas-EU101Not updated
84Useless Ignis DraconisArthas-EU99
85Invictûs Ignis DraconisArthas-EU98Not updated
86Woudan Ignis DraconisArthas-EU96
86Hawklady Ignis DraconisArthas-EU96
88Bâbsie Ignis DraconisArthas-EU94
88Cleryll Ignis DraconisArthas-EU94Not updated
90Straikor Ignis DraconisArthas-EU93Not updated
91Rasiéll Ignis DraconisArthas-EU92
91Açê Ignis DraconisArthas-EU92Not updated
93Prinzjainó Ignis DraconisArthas-EU91Not updated
93Phlow Ignis DraconisArthas-EU91Not updated
95Alatras Ignis DraconisArthas-EU89Not updated
96Snópe Ignis DraconisArthas-EU88Not updated
96Elchberta Ignis DraconisArthas-EU88Not updated
98Armia Ignis DraconisArthas-EU87Not updated
99Pikolas Ignis DraconisArthas-EU86
99Nonta Ignis DraconisArthas-EU86Not updated

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