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Argent Dawn-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Talhearn Infinitum PraeliumArgent Dawn-EU263
1Ronya Steel LegionArgent Dawn-EU263
3Vendraxul DominionArgent Dawn-EU253
4Tinynome Bankers Of GnomereganArgent Dawn-EU252
5Kerhuil Theramore VanguardArgent Dawn-EU243
6Panika CrusadeArgent Dawn-EU240
7Binki House Of The FallenArgent Dawn-EU238
7Zaill Echoes of WarArgent Dawn-EU238
9Vanderkartae MoonlightArgent Dawn-EU236
9Shieldalabrq Orb of SoulsArgent Dawn-EU236
11Astró  Argent Dawn-EU233Not updated
12Taeron StormguardArgent Dawn-EU232
13Davind The Blood Of HeroesArgent Dawn-EU231
14Dull The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU230
14Saballia Temporal VortexArgent Dawn-EU230
16Nagual The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU227
16Thunderdawn Angels of AzerothArgent Dawn-EU227
18Lotharemas BAMBOOZLEEDArgent Dawn-EU226
18Theldor Sanctus ImperiumArgent Dawn-EU226
20Staltar Infinitum PraeliumArgent Dawn-EU225
20Ravenell Temporal VortexArgent Dawn-EU225
22Ulyssan DetoxArgent Dawn-EU224
23Soltharien Warsong ClanArgent Dawn-EU223
23Llucifer ImmortalisArgent Dawn-EU223Not updated
25Enduser MistfallArgent Dawn-EU222
25Raelbo The CovenantArgent Dawn-EU222
25Pilutta The SnugglemuffinsArgent Dawn-EU222
25Izayoi ProminenceArgent Dawn-EU222Not updated
25Ekýo Asi FueArgent Dawn-EU222Not updated
30Eletia  Argent Dawn-EU220
31Aeula ExtortionArgent Dawn-EU219
31Zaku  Argent Dawn-EU219Not updated
31Seelenjaeger LightArgent Dawn-EU219
34Vaviel Temporal VortexArgent Dawn-EU218
34Shaerala All Guild PerksArgent Dawn-EU218
34Velkoming LEGITArgent Dawn-EU218Not updated
34Salienne ProminenceArgent Dawn-EU218
34Draygorn Strangulation PointArgent Dawn-EU218Not updated
39Lizanne ProminenceArgent Dawn-EU217
39Vittran The Argent OffendersArgent Dawn-EU217
39Troter Wave of MutilationArgent Dawn-EU217
39Valdane The Sinner ProjectArgent Dawn-EU217
39Glórik The Ashmane CompanyArgent Dawn-EU217Not updated
44Begil KatlaArgent Dawn-EU216
44Calaceres Cloak and DaggersArgent Dawn-EU216Not updated
44Fourtwénty Wardens of ExileArgent Dawn-EU216
44Skuka Echoes of WarArgent Dawn-EU216
44Emaryn  Argent Dawn-EU216Not updated
49Tzaphi The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU215
49Nymphadora Total ControlArgent Dawn-EU215Not updated
49Cloudius The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU215
49Sáde The Dark AvengersArgent Dawn-EU215
49Anoriele Seven LampsArgent Dawn-EU215
49Fionaia ExtortionArgent Dawn-EU215
49Zillire InnovationArgent Dawn-EU215
49Izhomiis Custodes FatiArgent Dawn-EU215Not updated
49Wrathiel Whispers Of The StormArgent Dawn-EU215Not updated
58Ekohime Temporal VortexArgent Dawn-EU214
58Byoki LightArgent Dawn-EU214
58Pout CakeArgent Dawn-EU214
58Thalgun Maelstrom SyndicateArgent Dawn-EU214Not updated
58Lorathas The Arcane CircleArgent Dawn-EU214
63Ðaz ImmortalisArgent Dawn-EU213
63Jaakustrasz Dark ClichéArgent Dawn-EU213
63Twinsel Custodes FatiArgent Dawn-EU213Not updated
63Aythirin The Order of WarArgent Dawn-EU213
63Tamahera Lost SanctuaryArgent Dawn-EU213Not updated
68Holyeyes HarmonyArgent Dawn-EU212
68Resley  Argent Dawn-EU212Not updated
68Nilarna RagnarökArgent Dawn-EU212
68Azhklan Serenity NowArgent Dawn-EU212
68Skylerz WIREDArgent Dawn-EU212Not updated
68Lanria Warsong ClanArgent Dawn-EU212Not updated
68Xmasterworld CrusadeArgent Dawn-EU212Not updated
75Blainie KhalasarArgent Dawn-EU211
75Rightofway The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU211
75Atyeris CrusadeArgent Dawn-EU211
75Akoran RagnarökArgent Dawn-EU211
75Tessalie  Argent Dawn-EU211
75Iconoclasts  Argent Dawn-EU211Not updated
75Kaienna RavagersArgent Dawn-EU211Not updated
75Widget The Forward LineArgent Dawn-EU211Not updated
75Lupy Echoes of WarArgent Dawn-EU211
75Kaledra Cloak and DaggersArgent Dawn-EU211Not updated
75Zensprocket Up To YouArgent Dawn-EU211Not updated
75Lamicia  Argent Dawn-EU211Not updated
75Ryten  Argent Dawn-EU211Not updated
88Légeñdàry Here Be MonstersArgent Dawn-EU210
88Valkyrienx  Argent Dawn-EU210Not updated
88Turva MörököllitArgent Dawn-EU210
88Relv  Argent Dawn-EU210Not updated
88Kallix The PrecariatArgent Dawn-EU210
88Bazzeg LEGITArgent Dawn-EU210
88Strangefruit Last HopeArgent Dawn-EU210
88Waldwarf Here Be MonstersArgent Dawn-EU210
88Vinty InnovationArgent Dawn-EU210
88Rhiànnon Insane InsanityArgent Dawn-EU210Not updated

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