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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Area 52-US Faction Only Mounts
1Timmyturner Trom Cairde AontaighArea 52-US268Not updated
2Ninepillars Under RatedArea 52-US267Not updated
3Ässandra Star PowerArea 52-US266Not updated
4Oxowl  Area 52-US265Not updated
5Exegguttor  Area 52-US264Not updated
6Animatedead  Area 52-US261Not updated
7Dd Defiant UnityArea 52-US260Not updated
7Sárá RockPaperNukeYouArea 52-US260Not updated
9Marzipans DamagedArea 52-US259Not updated
10Axeflurry  Area 52-US256Not updated
11Robrtlangdon Legacy RebornArea 52-US255Not updated
12Fashionabull Star PowerArea 52-US254Not updated
13Englishdude Mixed SignalsArea 52-US253Not updated
13Karanbolg ScornArea 52-US253Not updated
13Juiceboxs Casual AchievementArea 52-US253Not updated
16Nekroqt High FiveArea 52-US252Not updated
17Nightlite Touch of EvilArea 52-US251Not updated
17Felithas Primal InstinctsArea 52-US251Not updated
19Tylër Adapt or DieArea 52-US250Not updated
19Ilúvatar  Area 52-US250Not updated
19Rainbowmes ShadowFlame IncArea 52-US250Not updated
22Bloodwings LucidArea 52-US248Not updated
23Shamoya RetrogradeArea 52-US246Not updated
23Laowài Wipe ItArea 52-US246Not updated
25Tsel Blood and ChromeArea 52-US245Not updated
26Bloodshred We Might Be RaidersArea 52-US244Not updated
26Shanaraen The Giver Of BeatingsArea 52-US244Not updated
26Yozeed We Quest in the NudeArea 52-US244Not updated
29Tuzks GiggityArea 52-US243Not updated
29Absintheá SolarArea 52-US243Not updated
31Livilla RepriseArea 52-US242Not updated
31Aliris Natural SelectionArea 52-US242Not updated
31Vuul ReprisalArea 52-US242Not updated
31Smeeagol FreakshowArea 52-US242Not updated
31Notfz Common AfflictionArea 52-US242Not updated
36Starien DivinationArea 52-US240Not updated
36Ilunne Strawberry Puppy KissesArea 52-US240Not updated
36Pussifer PotentArea 52-US240Not updated
39Raoul TNTArea 52-US239Not updated
39Évelyne TNTArea 52-US239Not updated
39Zárell VindicationArea 52-US239Not updated
39Plasmamaulis RepriseArea 52-US239Not updated
43Lovy Strawberry Puppy KissesArea 52-US238Not updated
43Suneo InsufferableArea 52-US238Not updated
43Zyxxi SwaggArea 52-US238Not updated
43Krool ScourgeArea 52-US238Not updated
43Thepound Lern Tu SpelArea 52-US238Not updated
43Mawz RefinedArea 52-US238Not updated
49Lorayth CommendationArea 52-US237Not updated
49Zabik ScornArea 52-US237Not updated
49Josée TNTArea 52-US237Not updated
49Mitch TNTArea 52-US237Not updated
49Véronique TNTArea 52-US237Not updated
49Shadowminx VindicationArea 52-US237Not updated
49Aku Common AfflictionArea 52-US237Not updated
49Meanas InhibitorArea 52-US237Not updated
49Mélanie TNTArea 52-US237Not updated
58Novandora Defiant UnityArea 52-US236Not updated
58Ummon Team Umi ZumiArea 52-US236Not updated
58Dyes MindscapeArea 52-US236Not updated
61Circe GuidanceArea 52-US235Not updated
61Setzeer DamagedArea 52-US235Not updated
61Sêxy RockPaperNukeYouArea 52-US235Not updated
61Farquaad  Area 52-US235Not updated
61Fhlostón Renegadez Of FunkArea 52-US235Not updated
61Fouraiurs We Might Be RaidersArea 52-US235Not updated
67Potem Six Beers DeepArea 52-US234Not updated
67Murgalor ReprisalArea 52-US234Not updated
67Bansídhe Socially IneptArea 52-US234Not updated
67Vilettå  Area 52-US234Not updated
71Littuul Ladies OnlyArea 52-US233Not updated
71Ummana Team Umi ZumiArea 52-US233Not updated
71Shadowlee The Dead Parrot SocietyArea 52-US233Not updated
71Correth  Area 52-US233Not updated
71Whitehaven Pirates of AzerothArea 52-US233Not updated
71Stouthoof RevitalizeArea 52-US233Not updated
77Liiukang DecepticonsArea 52-US232Not updated
77Vilesilencer ConvictionArea 52-US232Not updated
77Kylraen Verbal DysenteryArea 52-US232Not updated
77Vyrolent Still SmilingArea 52-US232Not updated
77Käin  Area 52-US232Not updated
82Zekora  Area 52-US231Not updated
82Zenïx The ConvertedArea 52-US231Not updated
82Diabloelf Something EpicArea 52-US231Not updated
82Aziana iLLiCiTiSArea 52-US231Not updated
82Lunasky StonezerzArea 52-US231Not updated

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