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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Archimonde-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Ryhu ExiledzArchimonde-EU275Not updated
2Joyssy SekhmetArchimonde-EU272Not updated
3Etsïnoméd HëavënArchimonde-EU260Not updated
4Okizaî SquàdArchimonde-EU253Not updated
5Palplaplouf  Archimonde-EU252Not updated
6Philoyoch Dragon ChildArchimonde-EU251Not updated
7Illusoire  Archimonde-EU247Not updated
8Thaladria ProfanateursArchimonde-EU244Not updated
9Cehnzas New AgeArchimonde-EU243Not updated
9Wiwiftw  Archimonde-EU243Not updated
11Abissiz Happy WoW FriendsArchimonde-EU242Not updated
12Meimane Frozen MoonArchimonde-EU241Not updated
13Behemot EyeSoulArchimonde-EU238Not updated
13Dihxie ReD DeMoNArchimonde-EU238Not updated
15Elinduil Punish MeArchimonde-EU236Not updated
15Gènèral You TouchArchimonde-EU236Not updated
15Melolz STT GUILDEArchimonde-EU236Not updated
18Para SquàdArchimonde-EU235Not updated
18Fimrail YA PAS DE TRINKET IRLArchimonde-EU235Not updated
18Gekó Tabard NoìrArchimonde-EU235Not updated
21Grogir Armée RougeArchimonde-EU234Not updated
21Farcrÿ RebootArchimonde-EU234Not updated
21Boubsy Requiem for a geekArchimonde-EU234Not updated
21Shrìke Cool Story BròArchimonde-EU234Not updated
21Aüron EyeSoulArchimonde-EU234Not updated
21Radnarøk  Archimonde-EU234Not updated
21Gossip  Archimonde-EU234Not updated
28Sathia CBHArchimonde-EU233Not updated
28Vexenn NécrøseArchimonde-EU233Not updated
30Cremê fallenArchimonde-EU232Not updated
30Révân PrøméthéeArchimonde-EU232Not updated
30Løckène This is for usArchimonde-EU232Not updated
33Crème fallenArchimonde-EU231Not updated
33Nazzote Les Pétales de LotusArchimonde-EU231Not updated
33Hardmaude Dragons DivinsArchimonde-EU231Not updated
36Paé Red is DeadsArchimonde-EU230Not updated
36Eldeiwen InfamousArchimonde-EU230Not updated
36Virtüa TheGuildeArchimonde-EU230Not updated
36Otaesama  Archimonde-EU230Not updated
40Venstwo MonKeys on LiveArchimonde-EU229Not updated
40Nârû SenseuhArchimonde-EU229Not updated
40Natuux BloodlustArchimonde-EU229Not updated
40Vaarek New AgeArchimonde-EU229Not updated
40Cpaka Hydroponic GamingArchimonde-EU229Not updated
40Embushoù Bonus LevelArchimonde-EU229Not updated
46Ångë ÐivînityArchimonde-EU228Not updated
46Wylo Nihil ObstatArchimonde-EU228Not updated
46Tücks TOASTYArchimonde-EU228Not updated
49Hurya YumekuiArchimonde-EU227Not updated
50Saniga Rex Dei GratiaArchimonde-EU226Not updated
50Laerya EvanescenceArchimonde-EU226Not updated
50Alaisia Frozen MoonArchimonde-EU226Not updated
53Taeldar EquinoXxArchimonde-EU225Not updated
53Bùrklølz You TouchArchimonde-EU225Not updated
53Tosay Lord of BloodArchimonde-EU225Not updated
53Méuh ÑØØßLìsPåsLáStrãTArchimonde-EU225Not updated
57Gengiscan This is for usArchimonde-EU224Not updated
57Nalyxia Last LegendArchimonde-EU224Not updated
59Thugz ProphétieArchimonde-EU223Not updated
59Akanetendo Arthas legacyArchimonde-EU223Not updated
59Synchrone SLASHSPITArchimonde-EU223Not updated
59Smug Sadist SlayerArchimonde-EU223Not updated
59Victimraël Come Get SomeArchimonde-EU223Not updated
59Salùt Eternity KnightArchimonde-EU223Not updated
65Lilim Trèfle NoìrArchimonde-EU222Not updated
65Gurthala  Archimonde-EU222Not updated
65Zanärkand New AgeArchimonde-EU222Not updated
65Melkoria Prorata TemporisArchimonde-EU222Not updated
65Gòrm  Archimonde-EU222Not updated
65Quaddie KhéopsArchimonde-EU222Not updated
65Darvashe EquinoXxArchimonde-EU222Not updated
65Izimonnaie IlluSionArchimonde-EU222Not updated
73Phatty Seven SinsArchimonde-EU221Not updated
73Livenletdy Artic KrewArchimonde-EU221Not updated
73Loonly SynArchimonde-EU221Not updated
73Goroz  Archimonde-EU221Not updated
73Nûk IncentiveArchimonde-EU221Not updated
73Mondidiou MoinsTuDorsPlusTesFortArchimonde-EU221Not updated
73Supafarmer BloodlustArchimonde-EU221Not updated
73Rhinøcop U MADArchimonde-EU221Not updated
73Zöbinette Punish MeArchimonde-EU221Not updated
73Iskanderun MaunaKeaArchimonde-EU221Not updated
83Røuya StealthArchimonde-EU220Not updated
83Diabôlique Los PollosArchimonde-EU220Not updated
83Lichblade New AgeArchimonde-EU220Not updated
83Captaîncøhen GROS NEZ COMMUNAUTAIREArchimonde-EU220Not updated
83Dkouturencha  Archimonde-EU220Not updated
83Jøhniewalker  Archimonde-EU220Not updated
89Zartøx This is for usArchimonde-EU219Not updated
89Rangboom Reborn from ashesArchimonde-EU219Not updated
89Rayguiss BloodlustArchimonde-EU219Not updated
89Vieuxzandrak Gentenaars Voor AltijdArchimonde-EU219Not updated
89Aghélos Last LegendArchimonde-EU219Not updated
89Combava Zero MercyArchimonde-EU219Not updated
89Carterslade GiantArchimonde-EU219Not updated
89Nitôryu Is Mary JaneArchimonde-EU219Not updated
89Dawnye BloodlustArchimonde-EU219Not updated
89Schlùppz Guild of Urban LegendArchimonde-EU219Not updated
89Âzeride  Archimonde-EU219Not updated
100Sway EverweakArchimonde-EU218Not updated

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