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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Arak-arahm-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Kintyas OuikinisArak-arahm-EU243Not updated
2Boubleflex Les Têtes à ClaquesArak-arahm-EU241Not updated
3Touillus AdjaydjayArak-arahm-EU234Not updated
3Coonnardo Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU234Not updated
3Steewy Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU234Not updated
3Suffering OuikinisArak-arahm-EU234Not updated
3Farcryisback Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU234Not updated
8Crakinette Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU233Not updated
9Druidium A G G R OArak-arahm-EU226Not updated
9Sakhmis OuikinisArak-arahm-EU226Not updated
11Theana FBIArak-arahm-EU222Not updated
12Tods Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU220Not updated
12Vanmartigan TAN EREVENTArak-arahm-EU220Not updated
14Pëwpew Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU219Not updated
14Thirsan Duck ButterArak-arahm-EU219Not updated
16Qwertie OuikinisArak-arahm-EU216Not updated
17Darhul Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU215Not updated
18Boulé Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU213Not updated
18Kzool Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU213Not updated
18Teliad Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU213Not updated
21Pachinko OuikinisArak-arahm-EU212Not updated
21Gaziix AdjaydjayArak-arahm-EU212Not updated
21Cïdou  Arak-arahm-EU212Not updated
21Andrømede OhanaArak-arahm-EU212Not updated
25Calÿpsó Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU211Not updated
25Espsilon OsirisArak-arahm-EU211Not updated
27Cïrcée OdysséeArak-arahm-EU210Not updated
28Draghnela Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU209Not updated
28Hellbone Graviora ManentArak-arahm-EU209Not updated
28Endorra Danse Avec les NainsArak-arahm-EU209Not updated
31Meuline  Arak-arahm-EU208Not updated
32Nigmar ZaebosArak-arahm-EU207Not updated
32Spectrum OuikinisArak-arahm-EU207Not updated
34Theandrass L armée des ténèbresArak-arahm-EU205Not updated
35Laflesh The Last DayArak-arahm-EU204Not updated
35Natelle L armée des ténèbresArak-arahm-EU204Not updated
35Harkonox NøGame NøGainArak-arahm-EU204Not updated
38Kamako Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU203Not updated
38Amonrha Vox HeredisArak-arahm-EU203Not updated
38Wuhduu  Arak-arahm-EU203Not updated
41Nazhgul WarlordsArak-arahm-EU202Not updated
41Elessary AdjaydjayArak-arahm-EU202Not updated
41Draîna Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU202Not updated
44Bàstien A G G R OArak-arahm-EU200Not updated
45Twyni OhanaArak-arahm-EU199Not updated
46Legivré Chuck Norris Fan ClubArak-arahm-EU198Not updated
46Radma A G G R OArak-arahm-EU198Not updated
48Tekï moshi moshiArak-arahm-EU197Not updated
49Agramshak ZaebosArak-arahm-EU196Not updated
49Spellzator AdjaydjayArak-arahm-EU196Not updated
49Devølove  Arak-arahm-EU196Not updated
49Visby Imperium spiritArak-arahm-EU196Not updated
53Sliva Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU194Not updated
53Kayser Generation NOLIFEArak-arahm-EU194Not updated
53Silmarien LEGION OMEGAArak-arahm-EU194Not updated
56Ozephe OuikinisArak-arahm-EU193Not updated
57Khwark Osef des guildesArak-arahm-EU192Not updated
57Elorea NocturiaArak-arahm-EU192Not updated
57Priades Alpha CentaurusArak-arahm-EU192Not updated
57Ariwar Vents des TénèbresArak-arahm-EU192Not updated
57Glaucus OrientArak-arahm-EU192Not updated
57Aldoria  Arak-arahm-EU192Not updated
63Vicanel  Arak-arahm-EU191Not updated
63Draemasia  Arak-arahm-EU191Not updated
65Mydgard A G G R OArak-arahm-EU190Not updated
66Settek Danse Avec les NainsArak-arahm-EU189Not updated
66Azzoural  Arak-arahm-EU189Not updated
66Johnlerouge Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU189Not updated
69Catsumie Hell SpawnZArak-arahm-EU188Not updated
70Arafnir L armée des ténèbresArak-arahm-EU187Not updated
70Souaïna Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU187Not updated
70Supermorue Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU187Not updated
70Ophélueuert AcademyArak-arahm-EU187Not updated
74Darshani Quarantième RugissantsArak-arahm-EU186Not updated
74Gribuss  Arak-arahm-EU186Not updated
76Wxrlust Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU185Not updated
76Paratoria  Arak-arahm-EU185Not updated
76Chloroplaste EquilibriumArak-arahm-EU185Not updated
76Schizofrenia  Arak-arahm-EU185Not updated
76Achura The DreamersArak-arahm-EU185Not updated
76Antilirium  Arak-arahm-EU185Not updated
82Zerocôôl ZaebosArak-arahm-EU184Not updated
82Drarus NocturiaArak-arahm-EU184Not updated
82Stëllä The DreamersArak-arahm-EU184Not updated
82Kimeira The DreamersArak-arahm-EU184Not updated

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