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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Anub'arak-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Chîlos RedhandsAnub'arak-EU258Not updated
2Mynomias RedhandsAnub'arak-EU256Not updated
3Antazidum OblivionAnub'arak-EU253Not updated
4Høtté OblivionAnub'arak-EU248Not updated
5Deneir RedhandsAnub'arak-EU247Not updated
6Nàmine ElatiønAnub'arak-EU245Not updated
7Elyadme Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU244Not updated
8Aveena OblivionAnub'arak-EU243Not updated
8Ongell OblivionAnub'arak-EU243Not updated
10Tierpixx RedhandsAnub'arak-EU241Not updated
11Exxtreme OblivionAnub'arak-EU240Not updated
11Carteralan The Crazy BrainsAnub'arak-EU240Not updated
13Brokdul RedhandsAnub'arak-EU239Not updated
13Âlmøøûû  Anub'arak-EU239Not updated
15Zacczakk HypeAnub'arak-EU238Not updated
15Mánû Die Knatzl FiddlerAnub'arak-EU238Not updated
17Succy InglouriusBasterdsAnub'arak-EU236Not updated
18Amonath OblivionAnub'arak-EU234Not updated
19Fletchi RedhandsAnub'arak-EU233Not updated
19Shafeya Boten des WahnsinnsAnub'arak-EU233Not updated
19Goldchen Orgrimmars CowboysAnub'arak-EU233Not updated
22Ubuku RedhandsAnub'arak-EU232Not updated
23Mysticdark RedhandsAnub'arak-EU231Not updated
23Ñel HeroesAnub'arak-EU231Not updated
23Lampenmann Schlächter des WichtsAnub'arak-EU231Not updated
26Fyeina The Crazy BrainsAnub'arak-EU230Not updated
26Myrthar RedhandsAnub'arak-EU230Not updated
28Carboxylat  Anub'arak-EU228Not updated
29Juniarius RedhandsAnub'arak-EU226Not updated
29Maquisard Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU226Not updated
31Noola RedhandsAnub'arak-EU225Not updated
31Samanilak For The SheepAnub'arak-EU225Not updated
31Xoraya For The SheepAnub'arak-EU225Not updated
31Nigginuss HeroesAnub'arak-EU225Not updated
35Callaghan Lunatic PandoraAnub'arak-EU223Not updated
35Epidermis Boten des WahnsinnsAnub'arak-EU223Not updated
35Káná HeroesAnub'arak-EU223Not updated
38Kanu HeroesAnub'arak-EU222Not updated
38Trotula Boten des WahnsinnsAnub'arak-EU222Not updated
40Káisha RedhandsAnub'arak-EU221Not updated
40Yelims  Anub'arak-EU221Not updated
42Pyroxion Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU220Not updated
43Noctura For The SheepAnub'arak-EU219Not updated
43Plock OblivionAnub'arak-EU219Not updated
43Taururus ist totAnub'arak-EU219Not updated
46Dyni RedhandsAnub'arak-EU218Not updated
46Tayanna For The SheepAnub'arak-EU218Not updated
48Epicus OblivionAnub'arak-EU217Not updated
48Aknaroth Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU217Not updated
48Staid HypeAnub'arak-EU217Not updated
51Fluttershy OblivionAnub'arak-EU216Not updated
51Dernéttemann Legion Astramentum SolAnub'arak-EU216Not updated
51Bâxton Sua sponteAnub'arak-EU216Not updated
51Kizumi Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU216Not updated
55Fynvola Semper FidelisAnub'arak-EU215Not updated
55Arriana Secret ServiceAnub'arak-EU215Not updated
55Aquilone EnrâgeAnub'arak-EU215Not updated
55Kalyria HypeAnub'arak-EU215Not updated
59Drognur OblivionAnub'arak-EU214Not updated
59Fîver TwinkelsAnub'arak-EU214Not updated
59Shandara StormcatcherAnub'arak-EU214Not updated
59Xantana Fejn KaszabiAnub'arak-EU214Not updated
59Hetja Club der dichten TöterAnub'arak-EU214Not updated
64Moldrak RedhandsAnub'arak-EU213Not updated
64Scyllua RedhandsAnub'arak-EU213Not updated
64Dragonslayêr HeroesAnub'arak-EU213Not updated
64Soktara Der wütende MobAnub'arak-EU213Not updated
64Loûi Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU213Not updated
64Tateros OblivionAnub'arak-EU213Not updated
64Xandaron Der wütende MobAnub'arak-EU213Not updated
71Xardaxs Orgrimmars CowboysAnub'arak-EU212Not updated
71Aju  Anub'arak-EU212Not updated
71Savs Der wütende MobAnub'arak-EU212Not updated
74Constance Fejn KaszabiAnub'arak-EU211Not updated
74Zilliso Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU211Not updated
74Grimes Der wütende MobAnub'arak-EU211Not updated
74Xasor Der wütende MobAnub'arak-EU211Not updated
78Gornacon Drei passen immerAnub'arak-EU210Not updated
79Lyora OblivionAnub'arak-EU209Not updated
79Bâdgirl Schlächter des WichtsAnub'arak-EU209Not updated
79Eddna OblivionAnub'arak-EU209Not updated
79Seyo HeroesAnub'arak-EU209Not updated
79Warón MortíferusAnub'arak-EU209Not updated
84Krysthal Born to PlayAnub'arak-EU208Not updated
84Thérry Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU208Not updated
84Selberwolf EnrâgeAnub'arak-EU208Not updated
84Hypernova For The SheepAnub'arak-EU208Not updated
84Citizen Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU208Not updated
84Lussy Herrschaft des ChaosAnub'arak-EU208Not updated
84Bigsteak Herrschaft des ChaosAnub'arak-EU208Not updated
84Ikarios CARNAGEAnub'arak-EU208Not updated
84Ärna Nice FailAnub'arak-EU208Not updated
84Minidot RedhandsAnub'arak-EU208Not updated
84Xastura Thunderbluff BasejumpersAnub'arak-EU208Not updated
84Dqp Drinks per SecondAnub'arak-EU208Not updated
84Knubbelbart Wipe OutAnub'arak-EU208Not updated
84Tibbers For The SheepAnub'arak-EU208Not updated

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