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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Anetheron-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Saray Never to dieAnetheron-EU280Not updated
2Bintrollibör Verplant und paniertAnetheron-EU249Not updated
3Risîngdoom Nice OneAnetheron-EU241Not updated
4Romie CarnivøresAnetheron-EU238Not updated
5Toffeetogo EVIL DEADAnetheron-EU235Not updated
6Leilameda xDAnetheron-EU234Not updated
6Rímháng odiumAnetheron-EU234Not updated
6Vey  Anetheron-EU234Not updated
6Sacredwrath Ohne LimitAnetheron-EU234Not updated
10Moomooland Yokohama Sushi ClubAnetheron-EU233Not updated
10Uageu  Anetheron-EU233Not updated
12Püppii  Anetheron-EU232Not updated
13Zahmara Dark CrusadersAnetheron-EU231Not updated
13Donrohk NephilimAnetheron-EU231Not updated
15Dunora  Anetheron-EU230Not updated
15Burnson ResistanceAnetheron-EU230Not updated
17Alerión Seven StarsAnetheron-EU228Not updated
18Jaxis Nice OneAnetheron-EU225Not updated
19Lirani hominis noctisAnetheron-EU223Not updated
20Damada odiumAnetheron-EU222Not updated
20Haegtesse purityAnetheron-EU222Not updated
22Veash ResistanceAnetheron-EU221Not updated
22Tschok OH was SüßesAnetheron-EU221Not updated
22Câsandro Voice of NeltharionAnetheron-EU221Not updated
25Sobieskii  Anetheron-EU219Not updated
25Aurôra CarnivøresAnetheron-EU219Not updated
27Taroi organised confusionAnetheron-EU216Not updated
27Toadisritter JuggernautAnetheron-EU216Not updated
27Lumbridge Voice of NeltharionAnetheron-EU216Not updated
30Olisabix  Anetheron-EU215Not updated
31Haagén Voice of NeltharionAnetheron-EU214Not updated
32Scarewitch Verplant und paniertAnetheron-EU213Not updated
32Fëanor  Anetheron-EU213Not updated
32Selenê Schwarze DrachenAnetheron-EU213Not updated
35Tríopalis Schwarze DrachenAnetheron-EU212Not updated
36Callêy organised confusionAnetheron-EU211Not updated
36Nìtika Youll Never Walk AloneAnetheron-EU211Not updated
36Kaibyo  Anetheron-EU211Not updated
36Littlebig  Anetheron-EU211Not updated
40Jenewein Still AliveAnetheron-EU210Not updated
40Bigmác The BIG BangAnetheron-EU210Not updated
40Wakko Bambi Klopfer und CoKGAnetheron-EU210Not updated
40Kamjo  Anetheron-EU210Not updated
40Irêlîa odiumAnetheron-EU210Not updated
40Ganjupaluva  Anetheron-EU210Not updated
46Certus xDAnetheron-EU209Not updated
46Opulentus xDAnetheron-EU209Not updated
46Leonídás ResistanceAnetheron-EU209Not updated
49Noxoris spiritAnetheron-EU208Not updated
49Kuhldan odiumAnetheron-EU208Not updated
49Príska Voice of NeltharionAnetheron-EU208Not updated
49Azrael Youll Never Walk AloneAnetheron-EU208Not updated
49Sacklaus organised confusionAnetheron-EU208Not updated
54Ladira odiumAnetheron-EU207Not updated
54Crâzý xDAnetheron-EU207Not updated
54Thaires odiumAnetheron-EU207Not updated
54Sunshiney Red DevilsAnetheron-EU207Not updated
54Drstyx  Anetheron-EU207Not updated
54Grizzlý Schwarze DrachenAnetheron-EU207Not updated
54Fruchtquark I Reckless IAnetheron-EU207Not updated
61Blackmailer Verplant und paniertAnetheron-EU206Not updated
61Alkatrana Still AliveAnetheron-EU206Not updated
61Merlê No Choices LeftAnetheron-EU206Not updated
61Dacalicia hominis noctisAnetheron-EU206Not updated
61Kasshern  Anetheron-EU206Not updated
66Regler odiumAnetheron-EU205Not updated
66Daii the dêstrôyêrAnetheron-EU205Not updated
66Kuhlschi odiumAnetheron-EU205Not updated
66Insignia CelticCrossAnetheron-EU205Not updated
66Tødesazzin Never to dieAnetheron-EU205Not updated
66Allistair spiritAnetheron-EU205Not updated
66Sanglie  Anetheron-EU205Not updated
73Treffi VerminAnetheron-EU204Not updated
73Letz Never to dieAnetheron-EU204Not updated
73Pandaziege  Anetheron-EU204Not updated
73Curri Still AliveAnetheron-EU204Not updated
73Kòkosnuss  Anetheron-EU204Not updated
73Lucilectric Ritter der DungeonsAnetheron-EU204Not updated
79Mêrlyn Yokohama Sushi ClubAnetheron-EU203Not updated
79Hyllos odiumAnetheron-EU203Not updated
79Nidra  Anetheron-EU203Not updated
82Ryò purityAnetheron-EU202Not updated
82Tunoto RetiredAnetheron-EU202Not updated
82Atem ShadowStoneAnetheron-EU202Not updated
85Alvardaroude ChupacabraAnetheron-EU201Not updated
85Kazuna SmoveAttackAnetheron-EU201Not updated
85Martín OblivionAnetheron-EU201Not updated
85Beulchen  Anetheron-EU201Not updated
85Gonac Project WOWAnetheron-EU201Not updated

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