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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Aman'Thul-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Iruja EssentialAman'Thul-EU278Not updated
2Zelas EssentialAman'Thul-EU260Not updated
3Gauß Feuer auf RäderAman'Thul-EU247Not updated
4Hornie PandoraAman'Thul-EU245Not updated
5Artemiá NoricumAman'Thul-EU241Not updated
6Mascaren TodesgruppeAman'Thul-EU239Not updated
6Talanoise  Aman'Thul-EU239Not updated
6Nimos rushAman'Thul-EU239Not updated
9Ruffnax Einfach und EdelAman'Thul-EU238Not updated
9Megaphoenix LokTarAman'Thul-EU238Not updated
11Cástiel Orange Mocca FrappuccinoAman'Thul-EU237Not updated
12Manalor ImpulsiveAman'Thul-EU235Not updated
12Sheeba Du kommst hier net reinAman'Thul-EU235Not updated
14Ascarus Armed and AngryAman'Thul-EU234Not updated
15Rôsalîe Du kommst hier net reinAman'Thul-EU233Not updated
16Trixxz Der alte BundAman'Thul-EU232Not updated
16Zilania Du kommst hier net reinAman'Thul-EU232Not updated
18Deterior Not Dead YetAman'Thul-EU231Not updated
19Letinox LokTarAman'Thul-EU230Not updated
19Bankìer AnoryaAman'Thul-EU230Not updated
21Maxsi ImpulsiveAman'Thul-EU229Not updated
21Smashmouth Das EulennestAman'Thul-EU229Not updated
23Psycøøn SynæsthesiaAman'Thul-EU228Not updated
23Warridd  Aman'Thul-EU228Not updated
23Kyrukon SynæsthesiaAman'Thul-EU228Not updated
23Phanturya SynæsthesiaAman'Thul-EU228Not updated
27Northeria rushAman'Thul-EU227Not updated
28Makarena  Aman'Thul-EU226Not updated
29Hellsknight Fighters of JusticeAman'Thul-EU225Not updated
29Darksaviour  Aman'Thul-EU225Not updated
29Schai  Aman'Thul-EU225Not updated
29Scate Last ChanceAman'Thul-EU225Not updated
33Sahtra Der Dunkle PfadAman'Thul-EU224Not updated
34Chien AnoryaAman'Thul-EU223Not updated
34Toyotires EssentialAman'Thul-EU223Not updated
34Kakiyo Zum Glücklichen AnglerAman'Thul-EU223Not updated
37Wolvies Imba XAman'Thul-EU222Not updated
37Iruel Destiny of LifeAman'Thul-EU222Not updated
39Sievert ChaotenteamAman'Thul-EU221Not updated
39Darkwitcher  Aman'Thul-EU221Not updated
41Maríschká Death and RebirthAman'Thul-EU220Not updated
42Muglash Der alte BundAman'Thul-EU219Not updated
42Calimbeth The Golden DawnAman'Thul-EU219Not updated
42Schnusel Monki IslandAman'Thul-EU219Not updated
45Joliena TodesgruppeAman'Thul-EU218Not updated
45Chíarâ No LimitsAman'Thul-EU218Not updated
45Tharunka Celestial DawnAman'Thul-EU218Not updated
48Bübchen TodesgruppeAman'Thul-EU217Not updated
48Sanfterjäger PandoraAman'Thul-EU217Not updated
48Perridur Monki IslandAman'Thul-EU217Not updated
48Sénn rushAman'Thul-EU217Not updated
48Kadria KrähenAman'Thul-EU217Not updated
53Teandril Der alte BundAman'Thul-EU216Not updated
53Unimar TodesgruppeAman'Thul-EU216Not updated
53Wynardtage Immortal SanctumAman'Thul-EU216Not updated
56Tecla Der alte BundAman'Thul-EU215Not updated
56Envinyata BlackEmpireAman'Thul-EU215Not updated
56Naire NegotiumAman'Thul-EU215Not updated
59Ciska In Dark FaithAman'Thul-EU214Not updated
59Thôran OdemMortisAman'Thul-EU214Not updated
61Artîo EssentialAman'Thul-EU213Not updated
61Hicaru Mortem AngelusAman'Thul-EU213Not updated
61Yoran AnoryaAman'Thul-EU213Not updated
61Epenex Confused PsychoticsAman'Thul-EU213Not updated
61Ejiara  Aman'Thul-EU213Not updated
61Wonxyâ Fairplay HerosAman'Thul-EU213Not updated
61Shiraleah Furor et SanguisAman'Thul-EU213Not updated
68Blondero From Dusk Till DawnAman'Thul-EU212Not updated
68Illyrie ImpulsiveAman'Thul-EU212Not updated
68Miyusu Not Dead YetAman'Thul-EU212Not updated
68Traumblüte TodesgruppeAman'Thul-EU212Not updated
68Nockenwelle Only TheoryAman'Thul-EU212Not updated
68Lynore WächterordenAman'Thul-EU212Not updated
68Kromu Die Hexer von RivaAman'Thul-EU212Not updated
68Ysiel WächterordenAman'Thul-EU212Not updated
76Indriadsson AnoryaAman'Thul-EU211Not updated
76Madmos Celestial DawnAman'Thul-EU211Not updated
78Kübra BlackEmpireAman'Thul-EU210Not updated
78Crimbell Destiny of LifeAman'Thul-EU210Not updated
78Avi The Golden DawnAman'Thul-EU210Not updated
78Werum TodesgruppeAman'Thul-EU210Not updated
78Imnatu DesertStormAman'Thul-EU210Not updated
83Leodorya AnoryaAman'Thul-EU209Not updated
83Tumorrou Custodes NoctisAman'Thul-EU209Not updated
83Delïlah Samtige StubentigerAman'Thul-EU209Not updated
83Todesgobo TodesgruppeAman'Thul-EU209Not updated

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