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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Alleria-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Saremy All Night LongAlleria-EU274Not updated
2Djbaguetta All Night LongAlleria-EU273Not updated
3Ymeras All Night LongAlleria-EU271Not updated
4Kuscheln All Night LongAlleria-EU268Not updated
5Goldqt All Night LongAlleria-EU264Not updated
6Àsuná Last LegendsAlleria-EU259Not updated
7Shamydeluxe RejectedAlleria-EU258Not updated
8Kirito AscensionAlleria-EU256Not updated
8Aluana RejectedAlleria-EU256Not updated
10Nermal Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU255Not updated
11Diávolo Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU252Not updated
11Barbisia EldunariAlleria-EU252Not updated
13Somara Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU251Not updated
13Sophí Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU251Not updated
13Pazza Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU251Not updated
13Syrell Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU251Not updated
17Shífu Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU249Not updated
17Eupheliá Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU249Not updated
17Acinemod Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU249Not updated
20Edirah Beyond DisputeAlleria-EU245Not updated
21Palatinus All Night LongAlleria-EU244Not updated
21Lycana EldunariAlleria-EU244Not updated
23Bartlock AscensionAlleria-EU243Not updated
24Lunamoon Verteidiger AzerothsAlleria-EU241Not updated
24Tigres Verteidiger AzerothsAlleria-EU241Not updated
24Plötzlich The DaysleepersAlleria-EU241Not updated
27Felistra EldunariAlleria-EU235Not updated
28Belzibeth Loktar ogarAlleria-EU234Not updated
28Segania Beyond DisputeAlleria-EU234Not updated
30Wichita Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU233Not updated
31Vampirkater Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU232Not updated
31Auryline Loktar ogarAlleria-EU232Not updated
31Inkontinenza Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU232Not updated
31Ganya Loktar ogarAlleria-EU232Not updated
31ßpqß ContinentaL ArmYAlleria-EU232Not updated
36Boardie All Night LongAlleria-EU231Not updated
36Uumellmahaye Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU231Not updated
36Nokela All Night LongAlleria-EU231Not updated
36Zisay vom Blute des DrachenAlleria-EU231Not updated
40Cheesycrust Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU230Not updated
40April InsomnîaAlleria-EU230Not updated
40Azajoul eXCidiumAlleria-EU230Not updated
43Elnebuloso Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU229Not updated
43Zizzy RejectedAlleria-EU229Not updated
43Wackelwampe Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU229Not updated
43Eggbert Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU229Not updated
43Karlawithak Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU229Not updated
43Farbissina Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU229Not updated
43Talmai  Alleria-EU229Not updated
43Hfuhruhurr Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU229Not updated
43Bängaewuff Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU229Not updated
52Shayn Rise UpAlleria-EU228Not updated
52Karathrace AmokAlleria-EU228Not updated
52Maragonya Varieté ObscurAlleria-EU228Not updated
52Buffon Bad CompanyAlleria-EU228Not updated
56Moq Royal WarriorsAlleria-EU227Not updated
56Vargoth HordenbrecherAlleria-EU227Not updated
56Biømechanika Verteidiger AzerothsAlleria-EU227Not updated
56Kalandon OpferAlleria-EU227Not updated
60Managirl Bad CompanyAlleria-EU226Not updated
61Bushino  Alleria-EU225Not updated
61Svaela Anges NoirsAlleria-EU225Not updated
61Laon Royal WarriorsAlleria-EU225Not updated
64Rayvin vom Blute des DrachenAlleria-EU224Not updated
64Saïx HordenbrecherAlleria-EU224Not updated
64Zandra Bad CompanyAlleria-EU224Not updated
64Xenoo PegasusAlleria-EU224Not updated
68Teleria EgalAlleria-EU223Not updated
68Chiera ErzritterAlleria-EU223Not updated
68Tyndal Royal WarriorsAlleria-EU223Not updated
68Hollandjäger Krieger der ApokalypseAlleria-EU223Not updated
68Sunyelle PATRATORAlleria-EU223Not updated
68Pengpong BurningLipsAlleria-EU223Not updated
74Ghorim AsylumAlleria-EU222Not updated
74Min Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU222Not updated
74Zanya RestoredAlleria-EU222Not updated
77Angeloffwar Orden der AllianzAlleria-EU221Not updated
77Sáx ObscuritasAlleria-EU221Not updated
77Seirim Beyond DisputeAlleria-EU221Not updated
77Autohitafk Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU221Not updated
77Pesterreger  Alleria-EU221Not updated
77Verulon Bad Boys and BabesAlleria-EU221Not updated
83Pluti Pugnas RacheAlleria-EU220Not updated
83Lajuna Die LangobardenAlleria-EU220Not updated
83Grimo Krieger der ApokalypseAlleria-EU220Not updated
83Colinea PATRATORAlleria-EU220Not updated
83Galaxina Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU220Not updated
88Mytigall RAAlleria-EU219Not updated
88Labygaga PatheticAlleria-EU219Not updated
88Stef Pugnas RacheAlleria-EU219Not updated
91Arrowii AscensionAlleria-EU218Not updated
91Elcalath Die kleinen HeldenAlleria-EU218Not updated
91Twixxy Hell Knights of AzerothAlleria-EU218Not updated
91Onnes Royal WarriorsAlleria-EU218Not updated
91Awex C o r eAlleria-EU218Not updated
91Chainbrain The DaysleepersAlleria-EU218Not updated
91Tangenss Royal WarriorsAlleria-EU218Not updated
91Rijo Royal WarriorsAlleria-EU218Not updated
99Feculon HordenOldiesAlleria-EU217Not updated
99Ashrak  Alleria-EU217Not updated

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