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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Alexstrasza-US Faction Only Mounts
1Heaveñ Dragon ArmyAlexstrasza-US266Not updated
2Rukario Nomnom and FriendsAlexstrasza-US262Not updated
3Katzya  Alexstrasza-US260Not updated
4Incapable ContingencyAlexstrasza-US242Not updated
5Nemmolation ContingencyAlexstrasza-US237Not updated
6Tripcheez DéfianceAlexstrasza-US235Not updated
6Emily TwìlíghtAlexstrasza-US235Not updated
8Newaahh ContingencyAlexstrasza-US232Not updated
8Ultramagus Raging ApathyAlexstrasza-US232Not updated
10Niakall The Axis of AnarchyAlexstrasza-US231Not updated
11Opheliastar KineticAlexstrasza-US230Not updated
11Olgann ContingencyAlexstrasza-US230Not updated
13Malcador DéfianceAlexstrasza-US229Not updated
14Faraad Dark TideAlexstrasza-US227Not updated
15Lillierose ContingencyAlexstrasza-US226Not updated
15Roughhouse Hordes Of HellAlexstrasza-US226Not updated
15Voodooknight balloons on mailboxAlexstrasza-US226Not updated
15Chickyqt ContingencyAlexstrasza-US226Not updated
19Callisto Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US224Not updated
20Terdferguson Dark TideAlexstrasza-US223Not updated
20Rustyrazors Post Nerf KillAlexstrasza-US223Not updated
22Nagios Post Nerf KillAlexstrasza-US222Not updated
22Stirfry SynthesisAlexstrasza-US222Not updated
22Mograiine  Alexstrasza-US222Not updated
22Coupdegrace LogicalAlexstrasza-US222Not updated
22Hearthledger InvíctusAlexstrasza-US222Not updated
27Evilwalks  Alexstrasza-US221Not updated
27Darkrumors Impending DarknessAlexstrasza-US221Not updated
27Oxhorn Post Nerf KillAlexstrasza-US221Not updated
30Alekksiaa Gypsies of DraenorAlexstrasza-US220Not updated
30Lucineve KineticAlexstrasza-US220Not updated
30Bloodrâven Mobarks ClubAlexstrasza-US220Not updated
33Keghan Post Nerf KillAlexstrasza-US219Not updated
33Cerberus Post Nerf KillAlexstrasza-US219Not updated
35Nekiday ContingencyAlexstrasza-US218Not updated
35Xcruiser LogicalAlexstrasza-US218Not updated
35Saviourself KineticAlexstrasza-US218Not updated
35Carnihoar SynthesisAlexstrasza-US218Not updated
35Cruxius The Odds Favor UsAlexstrasza-US218Not updated
40Divr ContingencyAlexstrasza-US217Not updated
40Juduspriest InvíctusAlexstrasza-US217Not updated
40Jartaan KineticAlexstrasza-US217Not updated
40Restriction KineticAlexstrasza-US217Not updated
40Mopac ContingencyAlexstrasza-US217Not updated
45Mortuo The Odds Favor UsAlexstrasza-US216Not updated
46Aksana LogicalAlexstrasza-US215Not updated
46Lliandrin ContingencyAlexstrasza-US215Not updated
46Skorpyon X VainGloryAlexstrasza-US215Not updated
46Krystalix Elysian DreamsAlexstrasza-US215Not updated
50Itybityballs ZAFIRAHAlexstrasza-US213Not updated
50Mable Order of the BuffaloHeadAlexstrasza-US213Not updated
50Iridessah Mortal CoilAlexstrasza-US213Not updated
53Derpoftime Post Nerf KillAlexstrasza-US212Not updated
53Kittindra Agents Of ChangeAlexstrasza-US212Not updated
53Kaelthorn X VainGloryAlexstrasza-US212Not updated
53Loobee Renewed HopeAlexstrasza-US212Not updated
57Ravynstörm Pretty Hate MachineAlexstrasza-US211Not updated
57Nerdfighter Post Nerf KillAlexstrasza-US211Not updated
57Trunkenstein All BUSINESSAlexstrasza-US211Not updated
60Cøsmo The Drunken PiratesAlexstrasza-US210Not updated
60Ridamark LogicalAlexstrasza-US210Not updated
60Stabzurankle KineticAlexstrasza-US210Not updated
60Hðpe InvíctusAlexstrasza-US210Not updated
64Phylliss FacepalmAlexstrasza-US209Not updated
64Merudore LegionnairesAlexstrasza-US209Not updated
64Sylvanoria Dark TideAlexstrasza-US209Not updated
67Malefucis LegionnairesAlexstrasza-US208Not updated
67Thanoss Legion of NosgothAlexstrasza-US208Not updated
67Grimdy InvíctusAlexstrasza-US208Not updated
67Lmcphearsome Dark TideAlexstrasza-US208Not updated
67Djedefre ThugzAlexstrasza-US208Not updated
67Latech Pretty Hate MachineAlexstrasza-US208Not updated
73Bloodrain LogicalAlexstrasza-US207Not updated
73Grendeel TwìlíghtAlexstrasza-US207Not updated
73Syver Workiñg as IntendedAlexstrasza-US207Not updated
73Alissatasari Spawn More OverlordsAlexstrasza-US207Not updated
73Drízzít Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US207Not updated
73Treehuggerss Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US207Not updated
73Stelmaria ContingencyAlexstrasza-US207Not updated
80Sylanthus Dark TideAlexstrasza-US206Not updated
80Justíce Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US206Not updated
80Kíng KineticAlexstrasza-US206Not updated
80Elayna DéfianceAlexstrasza-US206Not updated
80Lotranis SanctiusAlexstrasza-US206Not updated
80Warmoir Warriors of VirtueAlexstrasza-US206Not updated
80Kifo Circle of SevenAlexstrasza-US206Not updated
80Xhade IlluminatiAlexstrasza-US206Not updated
80Skullysdead SãnctuaryAlexstrasza-US206Not updated
89Ciraeyna Dark TideAlexstrasza-US205Not updated
89Omerice KamuyAlexstrasza-US205Not updated
89Sofsexeh Euphoria DreamAlexstrasza-US205Not updated
89Velyn TwìlíghtAlexstrasza-US205Not updated
89Tôrnadô  Alexstrasza-US205Not updated
94Talc KineticAlexstrasza-US204Not updated
94Desiree DéfianceAlexstrasza-US204Not updated
94Paprica KamuyAlexstrasza-US204Not updated
94Rãdiance Ministry of DarknessAlexstrasza-US204Not updated

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