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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Al'Akir-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Chupacabrahz CrimsonAl'Akir-EU268Not updated
2Iri ApexAl'Akir-EU264Not updated
3Smutsfläcken ApexAl'Akir-EU262Not updated
4Evnana AtieshAl'Akir-EU253Not updated
5Erilyn CrimsonAl'Akir-EU252Not updated
6Volcannon ApathiaAl'Akir-EU251Not updated
7Aegar HalcyonAl'Akir-EU249Not updated
8Swweetty AtieshAl'Akir-EU248Not updated
8Minieiwo RavensAl'Akir-EU248Not updated
8Bizzie Resurrected to DieAl'Akir-EU248Not updated
11Bízar ApexAl'Akir-EU247Not updated
12Umpahpahh Laid BackAl'Akir-EU245Not updated
12Himena  Al'Akir-EU245Not updated
14Infierno FaithlessAl'Akir-EU243Not updated
15Ravengar ApexAl'Akir-EU240Not updated
15Kifla DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU240Not updated
17Newsom ApexAl'Akir-EU239Not updated
17Oi  Al'Akir-EU239Not updated
17Qw Fluffy BunniesAl'Akir-EU239Not updated
20Archol The Forsaken WarlordsAl'Akir-EU236Not updated
20Onuno GifuAl'Akir-EU236Not updated
22Smithwick Echo of AgesAl'Akir-EU235Not updated
23Saakyqt Dunder MifflinAl'Akir-EU234Not updated
23Daxidax Local TalentAl'Akir-EU234Not updated
25Ironhidè SynergyAl'Akir-EU233Not updated
26Repriever CrimsonAl'Akir-EU232Not updated
27Yenka The Chosen FewAl'Akir-EU230Not updated
27Itsturam V v VAl'Akir-EU230Not updated
27Pirioñ  Al'Akir-EU230Not updated
27Fangtax  Al'Akir-EU230Not updated
31Chinesechef GifuAl'Akir-EU229Not updated
31Danderfluff Clearly BoostedAl'Akir-EU229Not updated
31Keo Local TalentAl'Akir-EU229Not updated
31Evitaerc Weapons of FateAl'Akir-EU229Not updated
35Chupacabra LiquidAl'Akir-EU228Not updated
35Veve Next TimeAl'Akir-EU228Not updated
35Signalwarloc EndGameAl'Akir-EU228Not updated
35Ohscurse Laid BackAl'Akir-EU228Not updated
35Waxie FacelessAl'Akir-EU228Not updated
40Xzyrian Septem UndecimAl'Akir-EU227Not updated
41Taerina DSVAl'Akir-EU226Not updated
41Soldsoul Living LegendsAl'Akir-EU226Not updated
43Németon GLADIATORS OF ROMEAl'Akir-EU225Not updated
43Marowak HereticAl'Akir-EU225Not updated
45Sinistraza Weapons of FateAl'Akir-EU224Not updated
46Kaazul ApexAl'Akir-EU222Not updated
46Alexino R O M AAl'Akir-EU222Not updated
46Cloudstrifee Septem UndecimAl'Akir-EU222Not updated
46Brontide InvidusAl'Akir-EU222Not updated
46Duplox ImpulsiveAl'Akir-EU222Not updated
51Deathsaga LiquidAl'Akir-EU221Not updated
51Fedlolz FaithlessAl'Akir-EU221Not updated
51Olgan Next TimeAl'Akir-EU221Not updated
51Exterminator LiquidAl'Akir-EU221Not updated
51Rolax WhyOhWhyAl'Akir-EU221Not updated
51Octaaf AztecsAl'Akir-EU221Not updated
51Calîppo ImpulsiveAl'Akir-EU221Not updated
58Rîzla RevenantAl'Akir-EU220Not updated
58Peredur  Al'Akir-EU220Not updated
58Kithia Local TalentAl'Akir-EU220Not updated
58Qatardragon ROFLKARTOFFELAl'Akir-EU220Not updated
58Vilkey  Al'Akir-EU220Not updated
63Nimor AscendencyAl'Akir-EU219Not updated
63Skexis AztecsAl'Akir-EU219Not updated
63Cintor Laid BackAl'Akir-EU219Not updated
63Soulcut FaithlessAl'Akir-EU219Not updated
63Darksaga LiquidAl'Akir-EU219Not updated
68Slasla FaithlessAl'Akir-EU218Not updated
69Crashtest RevenantAl'Akir-EU217Not updated
69Malm ApexAl'Akir-EU217Not updated
69Mgrace GifuAl'Akir-EU217Not updated
69Dakarnu ImpulsiveAl'Akir-EU217Not updated
73Nikthas CrimsonAl'Akir-EU216Not updated
73Plaguefetch InvidusAl'Akir-EU216Not updated
73Rêve RequiemAl'Akir-EU216Not updated
73Woppy IONAl'Akir-EU216Not updated
77Allexinno R O M AAl'Akir-EU215Not updated
77Kinslaughter WhyOhWhyAl'Akir-EU215Not updated
77Lightfox HellraizersAl'Akir-EU215Not updated
77Moarkittehs CrimsonAl'Akir-EU215Not updated
77Sabraina ApexAl'Akir-EU215Not updated
82Timoni GifuAl'Akir-EU214Not updated
82Pickaipo Filthy FewAl'Akir-EU214Not updated
82Maybeh KalevlasedAl'Akir-EU214Not updated
82Bijoux Rage and GraceAl'Akir-EU214Not updated
82Nondonky DesdemonaAl'Akir-EU214Not updated
82Xhanon SlashFlexAl'Akir-EU214Not updated
82Lyssía  Al'Akir-EU214Not updated

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