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Akama-US Faction Only Mounts
1Thaneroland Simple MechanicsAkama-US275
2Mekaara  Akama-US241
3Wence  Akama-US232
4Shampoo Du Vrangr GataAkama-US229
5Mysticfour WarpathAkama-US227
6Tordar Dark RidersAkama-US222
7Nädd Rage QuitAkama-US221
7Zøddy WarpathAkama-US221
9Coal Chaotic OrderAkama-US220Not updated
10Anto  Akama-US219
11Whitebooty Midnight IllusionAkama-US218
12Luceous Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US217
12Jassiel GuerrerosAkama-US217
14Droodzilla Rainbow Team AlphaAkama-US215
15Azean Seriously CasualAkama-US214
15Hellsing TerribleAkama-US214Not updated
15Olorii WulfenAkama-US214
15Kinkykelly WulfenAkama-US214
19Eldaar Chaotic OrderAkama-US212Not updated
20Dannykin PhenomAkama-US211
20Homogenized PhenomAkama-US211
22Auru ChupathingyAkama-US210
23Convic Natural Born KillerAkama-US209Not updated
23Booton FlaccidAkama-US209
23Judication WarpathAkama-US209Not updated
23Dantebian PhenomAkama-US209Not updated
23Geshtar ChupathingyAkama-US209
23Jâz GuerrerosAkama-US209Not updated
29Denkil ChupathingyAkama-US208Not updated
29Kandypls Acquired TasteAkama-US208Not updated
31Growlin Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US207
31Zymosan PhenomAkama-US207Not updated
33Rottenryan WarpathAkama-US206
33Bonesaber Dark RidersAkama-US206Not updated
33Äurelius Midnight IllusionAkama-US206
36Wamba Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US205
36Trust Renatus Ex FavillaAkama-US205
38Smacklepuffs WorldEaterAkama-US204
38Renée  Akama-US204Not updated
38Sónny  Akama-US204Not updated
38Lizbee OmnipresentAkama-US204
38Blackmâgic Raiders Of Cake TownAkama-US204Not updated
38Flappy WorldEaterAkama-US204
44Mandraake  Akama-US203
44Bighotdog ut elitesAkama-US203Not updated
44Marker The Big Brain SocietyAkama-US203Not updated
47Quackie  Akama-US202
47Tresi WarpathAkama-US202Not updated
49Miyori Always DTFAkama-US201
49Laeh Midnight IllusionAkama-US201Not updated
51Illiad PhenomAkama-US200Not updated
52Xelion SingularityAkama-US199
53Cowbearlion Akamaz Most WantedAkama-US195
53Alighieris HúbrisAkama-US195
55Uurukaitwo JudgmentAkama-US194
56Socalskillz Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US192
56Zabada Renatus Ex FavillaAkama-US192
56Fadain Du Vrangr GataAkama-US192Not updated
59North Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US191Not updated
59Kinnslayer Vulgar Display of PowerAkama-US191
59Etoiles  Akama-US191Not updated
62Relena Du Vrangr GataAkama-US190
62Natendall WarpathAkama-US190Not updated
62Samcrow Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US190
65Angryduck WulfenAkama-US189
65Wolpherton Du Vrangr GataAkama-US189Not updated
65Jekod Du Vrangr GataAkama-US189Not updated
68Thanos Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US188
68Dylandog  Akama-US188Not updated
70Marock TerribleAkama-US187
71Magallo PhenomAkama-US186Not updated
71Gino  Akama-US186
71Veedor The ForbiddenAkama-US186
71Climax PhenomAkama-US186
71Candari Dyslexics UntieAkama-US186
76Locrocket Simple MechanicsAkama-US185
76Solarhun  Akama-US185Not updated
76Malhandir Dyslexics UntieAkama-US185
79Rytndaface Rainbow Team AlphaAkama-US184

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