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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Aggramar-US Faction Only Mounts
1Cebrelas  Aggramar-US270Not updated
2Cannonjumper Nothing FancyAggramar-US253Not updated
3Dusken Eternal HatredAggramar-US248Not updated
4Hawk ExpiationAggramar-US246Not updated
4Samatra ExpiationAggramar-US246Not updated
4Razgriz ExpiationAggramar-US246Not updated
4Echnaton Eternal HatredAggramar-US246Not updated
4Metallicdawn ExpiationAggramar-US246Not updated
4Arvanche Eternal HatredAggramar-US246Not updated
10Kamah CovetousAggramar-US241Not updated
11Kelebek Exalted OrderAggramar-US239Not updated
12Koldunya Faux PasAggramar-US236Not updated
13Jaedenn HavocAggramar-US234Not updated
14Shintorg ExpiationAggramar-US233Not updated
14Equetsuocha RoyaltyAggramar-US233Not updated
14Galsarrus The Super heroesAggramar-US233Not updated
17Khyra CovetousAggramar-US232Not updated
17Kylraen  Aggramar-US232Not updated
17Myttwo The RemnantAggramar-US232Not updated
20Midogobucci Children of KronosAggramar-US230Not updated
20Reigram Morbid AngelsAggramar-US230Not updated
20Erufleed The Last CommandAggramar-US230Not updated
23Shayarace ExpiationAggramar-US229Not updated
24Dalgust Children of KronosAggramar-US228Not updated
24Doknen Children of KronosAggramar-US228Not updated
26Dusen Nothing FancyAggramar-US226Not updated
26Kerplunck The EnclaveAggramar-US226Not updated
26Redeamor  Aggramar-US226Not updated
26Privhunter  Aggramar-US226Not updated
30Ezrahm Morbid AngelsAggramar-US225Not updated
30Khadic Forgotten OnesAggramar-US225Not updated
32Deelit ExpiationAggramar-US223Not updated
32Dayderper  Aggramar-US223Not updated
34Crystallyn ExpiationAggramar-US220Not updated
34Mightydk CovetousAggramar-US220Not updated
36Wulfgar ExpiationAggramar-US219Not updated
36Hellriss The ButchersAggramar-US219Not updated
38Allusion Nothing FancyAggramar-US218Not updated
38Sasoky ApexAggramar-US218Not updated
38Daisy Drunken MonkeyAggramar-US218Not updated
38Mosaic Nothing FancyAggramar-US218Not updated
42Dimples Blood of HeroesAggramar-US217Not updated
42Amelika  Aggramar-US217Not updated
44Shiro Nothing FancyAggramar-US216Not updated
44Yunyuuzhan Exalted OrderAggramar-US216Not updated
44Cortana Nothing FancyAggramar-US216Not updated
44Illice ExpiationAggramar-US216Not updated
44Lumbahjack Order of the RavenAggramar-US216Not updated
49Hilljack The EnclaveAggramar-US215Not updated
49Adelindae Nothing FancyAggramar-US215Not updated
51Flodo Exiled IncAggramar-US214Not updated
51Bitis Nothing FancyAggramar-US214Not updated
51Jessra Slayers of DarknessAggramar-US214Not updated
51Messiahbolic  Aggramar-US214Not updated
51Beavisdruid Evil Deeds IncAggramar-US214Not updated
56Noobstick UnbrokenAggramar-US213Not updated
56Fringar CovetousAggramar-US213Not updated
56Turbina The CommittedAggramar-US213Not updated
59Tarancalime Slayers of DarknessAggramar-US212Not updated
59Golocone Anduins LegacyAggramar-US212Not updated
59Zear The ButchersAggramar-US212Not updated
59Pogogo intentAggramar-US212Not updated
59Shadowpali CovetousAggramar-US212Not updated
64Durm FoederatiAggramar-US211Not updated
64Theused  Aggramar-US211Not updated
64Trish Drunken MonkeyAggramar-US211Not updated
67Malditoloco Nothing FancyAggramar-US210Not updated
67Chickenchin Slayers of DarknessAggramar-US210Not updated
67Soillse All The Way Turned UpAggramar-US210Not updated
67Tanneseph The TribeAggramar-US210Not updated
67Suntory Southern TenacityAggramar-US210Not updated
72Melon Too Soon ExecutusAggramar-US209Not updated
72Phïnïo Nothing FancyAggramar-US209Not updated
72Nemesister Q u i d d i t yAggramar-US209Not updated
75Efritdel Slayers of DarknessAggramar-US208Not updated
75Crulle The Forlorn HopeAggramar-US208Not updated
75Dabombmom The Super heroesAggramar-US208Not updated
78Pallypolly Slayers of DarknessAggramar-US207Not updated
78Keezu The Super heroesAggramar-US207Not updated
78Malfurrion Bottums UpAggramar-US207Not updated
78Tökà Malevolent DissentAggramar-US207Not updated
78Amorte CautionAggramar-US207Not updated
78Aladgavis RoyaltyAggramar-US207Not updated
78Beyankin Nothing FancyAggramar-US207Not updated
78Foto DefiancesAggramar-US207Not updated
78Phooker Nothing FancyAggramar-US207Not updated
78Alludes  Aggramar-US207Not updated

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