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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Aggramar-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Hitandrun E X O D U SAggramar-EU262
2Zomboy WogacoAggramar-EU261
3Gazhel QUEEN LOLOAggramar-EU255Not updated
4Booey Shadows ReprisalAggramar-EU254
5Assassia  Aggramar-EU250Not updated
6Onyxiàkiller Death In The ShadowsAggramar-EU245
7Raichi VIS HONORAggramar-EU242
8Lexuspala Soldiers of AzerothAggramar-EU241
9Gerusama VIS HONORAggramar-EU238
9Morganna  Aggramar-EU238
11Dharling WTB LifeAggramar-EU237Not updated
12Mirotvorac Final EquilibriumAggramar-EU233Not updated
13Darkfallenn Anger ManagementAggramar-EU232
13Semli BjörnbröderAggramar-EU232Not updated
15Paxymus Final EquilibriumAggramar-EU231Not updated
15Stufur The GarrisonAggramar-EU231Not updated
15Prozit Unleashed ChaosAggramar-EU231Not updated
18Nevalus InsanityAggramar-EU230
18Floppydog Auditor Fortuna JuvatAggramar-EU230
18Jézrael The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU230
21Aripolli E X O D U SAggramar-EU228
22Pusheen NefaríousAggramar-EU227
23Traven E X O D U SAggramar-EU226
23Greyøwl E X O D U SAggramar-EU226
25Marsisuplani E X O D U SAggramar-EU222
25Twoflowers Ex OblivioneAggramar-EU222
27Koryz DreamweaversAggramar-EU221
27Damarrus The GarrisonAggramar-EU221Not updated
29Tryy Final EquilibriumAggramar-EU220Not updated
29Smifnwessun Ex OblivioneAggramar-EU220
29Lexusdrood  Aggramar-EU220Not updated
29Rincewinned Ex OblivioneAggramar-EU220
33Atuad The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU219
33Druff VIS HONORAggramar-EU219
33Tephlon Ex OblivioneAggramar-EU219
33Incite Tempest WrathAggramar-EU219Not updated
33Revolutions Ex OblivioneAggramar-EU219
38Dawnwalkér HeraAggramar-EU217
38Midea The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU217
38Tenro Tempest WrathAggramar-EU217Not updated
38Fearfearlol E X O D U SAggramar-EU217
42Sangor The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU216
42Smithersdk The New World HordersAggramar-EU216
42Drialla NevermindAggramar-EU216Not updated
42Wigheal Soldiers of AzerothAggramar-EU216
46Två InsanityAggramar-EU215
46Guinnéss  Aggramar-EU215Not updated
46Vardlokkur  Aggramar-EU215Not updated
46Hâdes VIS HONORAggramar-EU215Not updated
46Kakela E X O D U SAggramar-EU215
51Ayuumu The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU214
51Wivel CasualAggramar-EU214Not updated
51Celebra The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU214
51Diddles E X O D U SAggramar-EU214
51Confusehed VertigoAggramar-EU214Not updated
56Pandafrisör F R E DAggramar-EU213Not updated
56Bughuul The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU213
58Legato The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU212
58Ammeg The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU212
58Fenor VIS HONORAggramar-EU212
58Rosca Unleashed ChaosAggramar-EU212Not updated
58Lornaa The AscensionAggramar-EU212Not updated
58Inunabe  Aggramar-EU212Not updated
58Darktest  Aggramar-EU212Not updated
65Zæphix ReigniteAggramar-EU211
65Undeadzdk The AscensionAggramar-EU211Not updated
65Litenogsøt VIS HONORAggramar-EU211
65Dragontino Final EquilibriumAggramar-EU211Not updated
65Zuurpruim Carpe NoctemAggramar-EU211Not updated
65Karmanjaka E X O D U SAggramar-EU211
71Ciacco  Aggramar-EU210Not updated
72Opachey E X O D U SAggramar-EU209
72Ezran VIS HONORAggramar-EU209
72Faithless Cult of the Old OnesAggramar-EU209
72Parkus RisingAggramar-EU209Not updated
72Atargatis BlackmoonzAggramar-EU209Not updated
72Xender Relax We Got ThisAggramar-EU209Not updated
72Leavingashes E N I G M AAggramar-EU209Not updated

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