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Azshara-KR Faction Only Mounts
1Mentra Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR231
2손가인짱짱걸 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR178Not updated
3Wakener Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR129Not updated
4Zic Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR125Not updated
5브리토마트 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR122Not updated
6Diablic Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR120Not updated
7나를지켜주세요 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR115Not updated
8통신망 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR105Not updated
9배수빈 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR99
9민정리 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR99Not updated
11Heesapp Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR96
12조언 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR91Not updated
13Nanuk Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR88Not updated
14명장이만수 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR83Not updated
15건게이 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR81Not updated
16양재혁 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR77Not updated
17유아잉 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR75
17무유권매국노 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR75
19화란국화 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR68
20길섹 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR66Not updated
21Schic Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR60Not updated
22김호평 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR59Not updated
23백수놀음 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR57
24쏜자 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR55Not updated
24Gelure Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR55Not updated
26Roketbase Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR54Not updated
27Bleob Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR53Not updated
28라그메인 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR52Not updated
29봉구야 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR49Not updated
29Hotchicks Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR49Not updated
31달려라피꺼솟 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR48
32Lemme Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR46Not updated
33Whosigh Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR45
34이지그 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR44Not updated
35덴칠러 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR41Not updated
36Lovelychobo Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR40Not updated
37일주일짜리 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR37Not updated
38나르샤짱짱걸 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR36
39Rocketgrap Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR35Not updated
40얌쁘 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR32Not updated
41까루이드 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR31
42꾸워어엉 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR30Not updated
42Quijote Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR30Not updated
44번둥 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR29Not updated
45킹잣까 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR26Not updated
45Antolerance Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR26Not updated
47야지걸지마시죠 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR23Not updated
47Rupin Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR23Not updated
49검은털부족 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR22Not updated
49사단변신님 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR22Not updated
51트롤이왕이여 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR16Not updated
51시즈탱구 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR16Not updated
53피나스테리드 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR15Not updated
54조인 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR12Not updated
55Longcut Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR10Not updated
56티렐로라스 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR9Not updated
56Sonofknight Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR9Not updated
58손나은짱짱걸 Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR6Not updated
59Kalhein Valar MorghulisAzshara-KR5Not updated

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