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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Azralon-US Faction Only Mounts
1Lar The Witching HourAzralon-US246Not updated
2Natx The Witching HourAzralon-US232Not updated
3Lømbreirø The Witching HourAzralon-US227Not updated
4Chatoshot The Witching HourAzralon-US226Not updated
5Scøt The Witching HourAzralon-US225Not updated
6Rakshas The Witching HourAzralon-US219Not updated
7Merywen The Witching HourAzralon-US218Not updated
8Kílp The Witching HourAzralon-US215Not updated
9Ayrios The Witching HourAzralon-US211Not updated
10Engettsu The Witching HourAzralon-US207Not updated
11Lóryen The Witching HourAzralon-US205Not updated
12Joanie The Witching HourAzralon-US204Not updated
13Sanikiller The Witching HourAzralon-US201Not updated
14Sindëll The Witching HourAzralon-US200Not updated
15Deathbeef The Witching HourAzralon-US197Not updated
15Goblish The Witching HourAzralon-US197Not updated
17Murtagão The Witching HourAzralon-US192Not updated
17Grys The Witching HourAzralon-US192Not updated
17Blackbeard The Witching HourAzralon-US192Not updated
20Yjjial The Witching HourAzralon-US191Not updated
21Armagedown The Witching HourAzralon-US190Not updated
22Stormtropper The Witching HourAzralon-US186Not updated
22Pixel The Witching HourAzralon-US186Not updated
24Grimhell The Witching HourAzralon-US183Not updated
24Huntermaluko The Witching HourAzralon-US183Not updated
26Bawzzer The Witching HourAzralon-US180Not updated
27Aleluya The Witching HourAzralon-US179Not updated
28Dontzerlok The Witching HourAzralon-US178Not updated
29Morf The Witching HourAzralon-US176Not updated
30Exordiun The Witching HourAzralon-US175Not updated
31Lumynee The Witching HourAzralon-US173Not updated
32Marconde The Witching HourAzralon-US171Not updated
33Beastmode The Witching HourAzralon-US169Not updated
34Rishely The Witching HourAzralon-US166Not updated
34Srkapeta The Witching HourAzralon-US166Not updated
34Minduin The Witching HourAzralon-US166Not updated
37Schnitter The Witching HourAzralon-US165Not updated
37Katulu The Witching HourAzralon-US165Not updated
39Magnanimouz The Witching HourAzralon-US160Not updated
39Dmadnun The Witching HourAzralon-US160Not updated
41Stárbuck The Witching HourAzralon-US157Not updated
42Viviene The Witching HourAzralon-US156Not updated
43Kitteye The Witching HourAzralon-US155Not updated
43Pwanda The Witching HourAzralon-US155Not updated
45Thelight The Witching HourAzralon-US152Not updated
46Hyrouzen The Witching HourAzralon-US151Not updated
47Muitømal The Witching HourAzralon-US149Not updated
48Kazâmen The Witching HourAzralon-US148Not updated
49Carbonite The Witching HourAzralon-US146Not updated
49Darkkill The Witching HourAzralon-US146Not updated
51Maunce The Witching HourAzralon-US145Not updated
51Melchiør The Witching HourAzralon-US145Not updated
53Magnetø The Witching HourAzralon-US144Not updated
53Martzul The Witching HourAzralon-US144Not updated
55Birutta The Witching HourAzralon-US143Not updated
56Ozama The Witching HourAzralon-US141Not updated
57Hexxus The Witching HourAzralon-US138Not updated
58Valletnegro The Witching HourAzralon-US137Not updated
59Caradhras The Witching HourAzralon-US136Not updated
60Aghator The Witching HourAzralon-US134Not updated
60Drax The Witching HourAzralon-US134Not updated
62Diamondblack The Witching HourAzralon-US131Not updated
62Tifäo The Witching HourAzralon-US131Not updated
64Nanzinha The Witching HourAzralon-US129Not updated
65Robdragon The Witching HourAzralon-US128Not updated
65Xakaos The Witching HourAzralon-US128Not updated
67Zebulgado The Witching HourAzralon-US127Not updated
68Sidoré The Witching HourAzralon-US126Not updated
68Yuukix The Witching HourAzralon-US126Not updated
70Frömhëll The Witching HourAzralon-US122Not updated
71Azurous The Witching HourAzralon-US119Not updated
71Perryhotter The Witching HourAzralon-US119Not updated
73Prixs The Witching HourAzralon-US117Not updated
73Jøhm The Witching HourAzralon-US117Not updated
73Dinosawr The Witching HourAzralon-US117Not updated
76Veledar The Witching HourAzralon-US116Not updated
76Abracadabra The Witching HourAzralon-US116Not updated
76Frizzyles The Witching HourAzralon-US116Not updated
76Wermeling The Witching HourAzralon-US116Not updated
80Oneshotx The Witching HourAzralon-US115Not updated
80Windiga The Witching HourAzralon-US115Not updated
82Psychomantis The Witching HourAzralon-US114Not updated
82Briannor The Witching HourAzralon-US114Not updated
82Looduslik The Witching HourAzralon-US114Not updated
85Survivör The Witching HourAzralon-US113Not updated
85Zullak The Witching HourAzralon-US113Not updated
85Shïrö The Witching HourAzralon-US113Not updated
85Allenney The Witching HourAzralon-US113Not updated
89Edlouco The Witching HourAzralon-US110Not updated
90Jenovaroth The Witching HourAzralon-US109Not updated
91Midnattsol The Witching HourAzralon-US108Not updated
92Ichtudirweh The Witching HourAzralon-US107Not updated
92Wolverimix The Witching HourAzralon-US107Not updated
94Solen The Witching HourAzralon-US106Not updated
94Burkhardt The Witching HourAzralon-US106Not updated
96Thargo The Witching HourAzralon-US105Not updated
96Harylla The Witching HourAzralon-US105Not updated
96Kamyria The Witching HourAzralon-US105Not updated
99Jinoroc The Witching HourAzralon-US104Not updated
99Niú The Witching HourAzralon-US104Not updated

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