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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Draenor-EU Faction Only Mounts
1Cashpower HereticDraenor-EU248Not updated
2Smrtni HereticDraenor-EU228Not updated
3Stormbréaker HereticDraenor-EU225Not updated
4Kaleie HereticDraenor-EU214Not updated
5Captwrath HereticDraenor-EU212Not updated
6Ncp HereticDraenor-EU210Not updated
7Uraha HereticDraenor-EU204Not updated
8Turr HereticDraenor-EU188Not updated
9Kozgrob HereticDraenor-EU186Not updated
10Icehand HereticDraenor-EU183Not updated
11Hemethan HereticDraenor-EU180Not updated
12Duram HereticDraenor-EU167Not updated
13Hellbell HereticDraenor-EU166Not updated
14Krøllz HereticDraenor-EU162Not updated
15Deepremorse HereticDraenor-EU154Not updated
16Zefera HereticDraenor-EU151Not updated
17Lilbinx HereticDraenor-EU145Not updated
18Qtcat HereticDraenor-EU144Not updated
19Rebôrndudu HereticDraenor-EU143Not updated
20Tabs HereticDraenor-EU142Not updated
21Littlepanda HereticDraenor-EU141Not updated
22Disastêr HereticDraenor-EU139Not updated
23Tarji HereticDraenor-EU137Not updated
24Devilprayer HereticDraenor-EU129Not updated
24Shikiyo HereticDraenor-EU129Not updated
24Raynoth HereticDraenor-EU129Not updated
24Sephshoot HereticDraenor-EU129Not updated
24Smokingbull HereticDraenor-EU129Not updated
24Panoranix HereticDraenor-EU129Not updated
30Blacknei HereticDraenor-EU125Not updated
31Genjyo HereticDraenor-EU119Not updated
32Combolois HereticDraenor-EU113Not updated
33Ratharoth HereticDraenor-EU112Not updated
34Salucas HereticDraenor-EU109Not updated
35Zeno HereticDraenor-EU108Not updated
36Pandooken HereticDraenor-EU107Not updated
37Ramisha HereticDraenor-EU106Not updated
38Coldbane HereticDraenor-EU104Not updated
38Elitescrub HereticDraenor-EU104Not updated
38Junaazko HereticDraenor-EU104Not updated
38Melanos HereticDraenor-EU104Not updated
42Slixy HereticDraenor-EU101Not updated
42Mynthesis HereticDraenor-EU101Not updated
44Papastrike HereticDraenor-EU97Not updated
45Shents HereticDraenor-EU95Not updated
46Zulkeh HereticDraenor-EU91Not updated
47Onlyblue HereticDraenor-EU89Not updated
47Greencannon HereticDraenor-EU89Not updated
49Ailde HereticDraenor-EU88Not updated
49Rángér HereticDraenor-EU88Not updated
49Baardman HereticDraenor-EU88Not updated
52Benaflok HereticDraenor-EU87Not updated
53Phantomrange HereticDraenor-EU85Not updated
54Crystalflamé HereticDraenor-EU83Not updated
55Elemmakil HereticDraenor-EU81Not updated
56Raízon HereticDraenor-EU79Not updated
57Novabreak HereticDraenor-EU77Not updated
57Popos HereticDraenor-EU77Not updated
59Jaylyn HereticDraenor-EU76Not updated
59Foxspirit HereticDraenor-EU76Not updated
59Kiyohime HereticDraenor-EU76Not updated
62Retardbot HereticDraenor-EU75Not updated
62Cruelentity HereticDraenor-EU75Not updated
64Yungue HereticDraenor-EU73Not updated
65Fex HereticDraenor-EU72Not updated
66Plagueblade HereticDraenor-EU71Not updated
67Steelheal HereticDraenor-EU69Not updated
68Acidity HereticDraenor-EU67Not updated
69Soken HereticDraenor-EU65Not updated
70Fluffybelf HereticDraenor-EU64Not updated
71Helltoupee HereticDraenor-EU61Not updated
72Hashtag HereticDraenor-EU59Not updated
73Sypherlock HereticDraenor-EU53Not updated
74Rukia HereticDraenor-EU52Not updated
75Spanos HereticDraenor-EU51Not updated
76Drehadaxa HereticDraenor-EU47Not updated
77Zeraf HereticDraenor-EU43Not updated
78Ragefilled HereticDraenor-EU39Not updated
79Adeloth HereticDraenor-EU38Not updated
79Zomgar HereticDraenor-EU38Not updated
81Kerkyion HereticDraenor-EU36Not updated
81Valx HereticDraenor-EU36Not updated
81Moobearpig HereticDraenor-EU36Not updated
84Kich HereticDraenor-EU35Not updated
84Loketman HereticDraenor-EU35Not updated
86Flammende HereticDraenor-EU34Not updated
87Zoppi HereticDraenor-EU31Not updated
87Remmorke HereticDraenor-EU31Not updated
89Islana HereticDraenor-EU30Not updated
90Skeeple HereticDraenor-EU27Not updated
91Grimslick HereticDraenor-EU23Not updated
92Zlády HereticDraenor-EU22Not updated
93Valantino HereticDraenor-EU20Not updated
93Khalisy HereticDraenor-EU20Not updated
95Marlor HereticDraenor-EU17Not updated
95Nemessiz HereticDraenor-EU17Not updated
97Vanatorulbun HereticDraenor-EU16Not updated
98Violadi HereticDraenor-EU15Not updated
99Piromanzu HereticDraenor-EU14Not updated
99Vitalize HereticDraenor-EU14Not updated

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