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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

US (ES) Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Waluu Crit Happens LEGQuel'Thalas-US24775Not updated
2Acerdote Guardia de la AlianzaQuel'Thalas-US18792Not updated
3Ðiosares EvolutiønRagnaros-US16644Not updated
4Jheny Rez PleaseRagnaros-US16208
4Ghamazon Asgard WarriorsQuel'Thalas-US16208Not updated
6Lilbax Viva La HuevaQuel'Thalas-US16036Not updated
7Bokkrug Ashes of ChampionsRagnaros-US15410Not updated
8Kambl AnonymousRagnaros-US15356Not updated
9Zhephtte UnstoppableQuel'Thalas-US14820Not updated
9Mithridates  Quel'Thalas-US14820Not updated
9Dørmak The Burning BloodQuel'Thalas-US14820Not updated
12Urnkal AsesinoSDrakkari-US14391Not updated
13Ruftari  Quel'Thalas-US14378Not updated
14Borlonx Los Campeones SupremosDrakkari-US14189
15Stgo ParadigmaQuel'Thalas-US14062
16Gcrunch Dientes de lavaRagnaros-US12970
17Mettatron The last avengersQuel'Thalas-US12890Not updated
18Brujitokr Pezón de AceroRagnaros-US12537Not updated
19Novaton DarklightQuel'Thalas-US12451Not updated
20Darkit Caballeros de EbanoQuel'Thalas-US12335Not updated
21Klodike Los Herøes de AzerothQuel'Thalas-US12255Not updated
22Nyana UthopicDrakkari-US12222Not updated
23Nahuált LOK TARQuel'Thalas-US12219Not updated
24Gádi  Quel'Thalas-US12189Not updated
25Jäduken  Ragnaros-US12007Not updated
26Jaggedshami Seven year old TwinkiesQuel'Thalas-US11928Not updated
27Nefertiabet Chiefs of The RealmDrakkari-US11673Not updated
28Musse BetrayerRagnaros-US11644Not updated
29Zuhj Centinelas de AzerothQuel'Thalas-US11543
30Squichelle  Quel'Thalas-US11527Not updated
31Lesantraxsa  Quel'Thalas-US11500
32Rädamantiz Kether HokhmahQuel'Thalas-US11496Not updated
33Hunterberry Pain and PleasureQuel'Thalas-US11415Not updated
34Drakimortal  Quel'Thalas-US11409Not updated
35Monzt Frostwolf ClanDrakkari-US11388Not updated
36Ampu ApotheosisRagnaros-US11218
37Altloc Fratres BellumQuel'Thalas-US11197Not updated
38Marcomc UltraViolenciaQuel'Thalas-US11182Not updated
39Jeilyn Dragon KnightsRagnaros-US11119Not updated
40Roguetan Me tienen envidiaRagnaros-US11066Not updated
40Missakiy Me tienen envidiaRagnaros-US11066Not updated
42Tatahe Rest In PiecesRagnaros-US10907
42Trollmcclure Rest In PiecesRagnaros-US10907
44Røcøtø Rest In PiecesRagnaros-US10878Not updated
44Tataswinger Rest In PiecesRagnaros-US10878Not updated
46Tatastone Rest In PiecesRagnaros-US10877Not updated
47Nazco Celestial BeingDrakkari-US10795Not updated
48Bishouteresa BlackHeavenRagnaros-US10768Not updated
49Tanki Defender of the AncientRagnaros-US10743
50Sagemi  Ragnaros-US10722Not updated
51Finiskan Berserker RageRagnaros-US10659Not updated
52Krowlie Me Persigue un MurlocQuel'Thalas-US10575Not updated
53Elmasshodo ChatafakasRagnaros-US10569Not updated
54Darkmelody The Dark PactDrakkari-US10562Not updated
55Zannor Warriors of SpartaQuel'Thalas-US10556Not updated
56Katarina OutRun MeRagnaros-US10527
57Arcangelrafi Centinelas de AzerothQuel'Thalas-US10393
58Siglind ÁngeleZ Ðe La NøcheRagnaros-US10387Not updated
59Kartu SangrealDrakkari-US10378Not updated
60Gzmaximo Revenge of the NerdsQuel'Thalas-US10348Not updated
61Ingrid Shidai HitokiriDrakkari-US10339Not updated
62Valley Rest In PiecesRagnaros-US10336Not updated
63Wâlkêr Third WarQuel'Thalas-US10334Not updated
64Trosbaar Be Right BackQuel'Thalas-US10287Not updated
65Vævictüs  Quel'Thalas-US10233Not updated
66Demonna Another PlanetRagnaros-US10226Not updated
67Uddin Altabarda FansQuel'Thalas-US10201Not updated
68Hassanaro Argent CrusadeQuel'Thalas-US10178
69Zaken Scimitar Of DarknessQuel'Thalas-US10168
70Muertah Ad InferusQuel'Thalas-US10131Not updated
70Ricohutchman Warriors of SpartaQuel'Thalas-US10131Not updated
72Akeri  Drakkari-US10094Not updated
73Akrolita BlackHeavenRagnaros-US10077Not updated
74Shamajin High Class GentlemenRagnaros-US10057
75Javierrl LegendsDrakkari-US10030Not updated
75Aktmato LegendsDrakkari-US10030Not updated
77Maxtrol Titanes ÆsirQuel'Thalas-US10019Not updated
78Taoren Hording SchoolRagnaros-US9994Not updated
79Yade PrimeQuel'Thalas-US9988Not updated
80Magénta PrimeQuel'Thalas-US9984Not updated
81Shaaxa Lok tar OgarRagnaros-US9977Not updated
81Meselin Dientes de lavaRagnaros-US9977Not updated
83Juanitaviale Fairy TaiIRagnaros-US9974
84Lumingerir  Quel'Thalas-US9960Not updated
85Nopewpew LegendariosRagnaros-US9920Not updated
86Zuegra A New LevelRagnaros-US9858Not updated
87Nostra La Legion de la LuzQuel'Thalas-US9854Not updated
87Warmaster The Forgotten HeroesRagnaros-US9854Not updated
89Kamyla ZarpadosQuel'Thalas-US9850Not updated
90Mazzimo Burst IncomingQuel'Thalas-US9849Not updated
91Tribeca Voljin for WarchiefRagnaros-US9834
92Armagedøn Caballerøs LegiønariøsRagnaros-US9812Not updated
93Xulpico EnclaveRagnaros-US9767
94Jaya BetrayerRagnaros-US9764
95Phantomcat BetrayerRagnaros-US9755
96Demonaz BlitzkriegRagnaros-US9747Not updated
97Kölitas ÁngeleZ Ðe La NøcheRagnaros-US9744
98Lhotaar Asgard WarriorsQuel'Thalas-US9738Not updated
98Maryyel Asgard WarriorsQuel'Thalas-US9738Not updated
100Bíanca Draenor WolvesQuel'Thalas-US9731Not updated

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