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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

TW Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Debian Onyxia EmbassySkywall-TW24825Not updated
2星湖藍莓 雷神Dragonmaw-TW24095Not updated
3清水薰 BalnazzarLight's Hope-TW22116Not updated
4宇少 碧落之歌Light's Hope-TW20086Not updated
5Radical 皇者歸來Zealot Blade-TW19568Not updated
6一最後希望一 淚徑Sundown Marsh-TW19461Not updated
7棉花虎 不朽Bleeding Hollow-TW19285Not updated
7棉花兔 小黑貓俱樂部Arygos-TW19285Not updated
9棉花豹 不朽Bleeding Hollow-TW19198Not updated
10妖也  Hellscream-TW19183Not updated
11Phip 曾經的高玩Arygos-TW19121Not updated
11Philipgsg 曾經的高玩Arygos-TW19121Not updated
13Brit 曾經的高玩Arygos-TW19067Not updated
14棉花獅 榮耀天下World Tree-TW19051Not updated
15一三食  Arygos-TW18742Not updated
16一雁一 春天的故事Quel'dorei-TW18368Not updated
17月色如蘭 風華學園Quel'dorei-TW18291Not updated
18Nafion 縱橫八極Spirestone-TW17666Not updated
19一身正氣 HWChillwind Point-TW17575Not updated
20心上沒有心 絕境異域Stormscale-TW17343Not updated
21Clala Immortal ArmageddonDragonmaw-TW17258Not updated
22風小舞  Chillwind Point-TW17172Not updated
23悲歌莫斷腸 SomnusWrathbringer-TW17147Not updated
24情楓夢痕 紫竹楓Chillwind Point-TW17113Not updated
25海公主  Whisperwind-TW17052Not updated
26紫鶴 Final DawnFrostmane-TW17014Not updated
27金色浪花 心之悸動Skywall-TW16980Not updated
28不要啊  Bleeding Hollow-TW16972Not updated
29Amina 同班同學Light's Hope-TW16966Not updated
30水之靜 天使與魔鬼Skywall-TW16857Not updated
31狂風戀舞 倦鳥旅館World Tree-TW16775Not updated
32沐雨煙 神樣Wrathbringer-TW16751Not updated
33乂小樂樂乂 流星花園Dragonmaw-TW16590Not updated
33Bani  Shadowmoon-TW16590Not updated
33短腿迴旋踢  Shadowmoon-TW16590Not updated
33我不是你的頭  Shadowmoon-TW16590Not updated
37白衣小修女 冷月Dragonmaw-TW16557Not updated
38天殺星 惡魔的秘密Spirestone-TW16529Not updated
39不痛疫苗  Shadowmoon-TW16513Not updated
40術宇 夜巡者Silverwing Hold-TW16473Not updated
41怎樣都很怪 萌牛特攻隊Dragonmaw-TW16446Not updated
42甘之如飴  Shadowmoon-TW16339Not updated
43神鬼羅煞 天使與魔鬼Skywall-TW16322Not updated
44八玄斬魂劍  Silverwing Hold-TW16282Not updated
45銀翎 MADAOSilverwing Hold-TW16256Not updated
46別跟豬吵架  Shadowmoon-TW16250Not updated
46狂野蘑菇  Shadowmoon-TW16250Not updated
46碧璽  Shadowmoon-TW16250Not updated
49妖魅魅 Sky castleChillwind Point-TW16130Not updated
50妖妖魅 不一樣的格調Chillwind Point-TW16084Not updated
51Nwo 雪月凋零Silverwing Hold-TW15942Not updated
52神奇怪蜀黍 極光之地Menethil-TW15936Not updated
53Gandolf 浩劫重生Demon Fall Canyon-TW15931Not updated
54惑岳 你再嘰嘰歪歪我就揍你World Tree-TW15824Not updated
55德魯熊 心之永恆Skywall-TW15748Not updated
56銀月血影 雅仕俠風Quel'dorei-TW15609Not updated
57郭老師 GladiatorArthas-TW15587Not updated
58蕾菲亞 Evolution XCrystalpine Stinger-TW15571Not updated
59漫漫花舞 滅團旅行同好會Light's Hope-TW15562Not updated
60水寧芙 琉璃心Wrathbringer-TW15520Not updated
61刀鋒聖騎  Stormscale-TW15449Not updated
62路西法暗焰 殤愛Crystalpine Stinger-TW15442Not updated
63傲劍江湖 台灣魔獸總會Skywall-TW15377Not updated
64奈奈格敻迪 天空殿Light's Hope-TW15333Not updated
65天空致遠 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW15325Not updated
66吼力靠 Peace of FormosaArthas-TW15291Not updated
67有備而來  Chillwind Point-TW15289Not updated
68Kuonet 神樣Wrathbringer-TW15272Not updated
69猛妞抱抱  Spirestone-TW15204Not updated
70可洛娜 一口一喔喔一喔喔一喔喔一喔喔一喔喔一喔喔一爪爪Sundown Marsh-TW15178Not updated
71奧妮克 夜語之歌Skywall-TW15160Not updated
72胖達竟然 四個甜蜜寶貝Shadowmoon-TW15139Not updated
73天野之瀰 Diamond of heartZealot Blade-TW15125Not updated
73Coronus  Zealot Blade-TW15125Not updated
73京極童萌 Diamond of heartZealot Blade-TW15125Not updated
73Kournikova  Zealot Blade-TW15125Not updated
73Velociraptor  Zealot Blade-TW15125Not updated
73魔羯嘯天 NationaL HeHe ChanneLSilverwing Hold-TW15125Not updated
73Meteor  Silverwing Hold-TW15125Not updated
80墮天使 永恆Light's Hope-TW15121Not updated
80死要騎 永恆Light's Hope-TW15121Not updated
80卡陰 永恆Light's Hope-TW15121Not updated
83刺狐 永恆Light's Hope-TW15118Not updated
84咬尾巴 永恆Light's Hope-TW15117Not updated
85瘋魔貓熊妹 軟妹子部落World Tree-TW15116Not updated
86刺魚 抬狼棒會Light's Hope-TW15115Not updated
87砂子 永恆Light's Hope-TW15102Not updated
87恩淇 永恆Light's Hope-TW15102Not updated
87曉薔 永恆Light's Hope-TW15102Not updated
90喵兒朵朵 雷神Dragonmaw-TW15086Not updated
91森下千里 Diamond of heartZealot Blade-TW15076Not updated
92埃雷波尼 看見聯盟一聲吼 連殺帶守就不走Arthas-TW15065Not updated
93小島驚魂 powersourceSkywall-TW15034Not updated
94Akma  Chillwind Point-TW15012Not updated
95髮蝨 Daybreak DawnWorld Tree-TW15011Not updated
96鶴野雲閒 Diamond of heartZealot Blade-TW15009Not updated
96吉澤瞳 Diamond of heartZealot Blade-TW15009Not updated
98沃康 艾澤拉斯聯邦倒茶局Sundown Marsh-TW14996Not updated
99霧隱修羅 Diamond of heartZealot Blade-TW14970Not updated
100村雨純夏 AQUACrystalpine Stinger-TW14903Not updated

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