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Twisting Nether-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Rizlak BlackRavensTwisting Nether-EU17500
2Itzuc Twisted ROTwisting Nether-EU15883
3Thorzak Magister dixitTwisting Nether-EU15790
4Shazzila ArtifexTwisting Nether-EU15149
5Miladael ClarityTwisting Nether-EU14828
6Mioniel BlackRavensTwisting Nether-EU14750
7Lunapie  Twisting Nether-EU14695Not updated
8Elledain ClarityTwisting Nether-EU14525
9Tomwelling  Twisting Nether-EU14522Not updated
10Gabzz MethodTwisting Nether-EU14500
11Llothie ApexTwisting Nether-EU14480
12Skorpionex WyborowaTwisting Nether-EU14435Not updated
13Veltarius B r e t h r e nTwisting Nether-EU14125
14Azarael Hellenic HordeTwisting Nether-EU14076
15Fidolly ClarityTwisting Nether-EU14065
16Dakamia World In FlamesTwisting Nether-EU14056Not updated
17Zaatox OutcastsTwisting Nether-EU14048
18Phishy OutcastsTwisting Nether-EU14041
19Lianhua InfestationTwisting Nether-EU13977Not updated
20Abushir LibertyTwisting Nether-EU13600
21Ghostyrogue Potential customersTwisting Nether-EU12716
22Nanessa Puppet ShowTwisting Nether-EU12538Not updated
23Crisius NoMTwisting Nether-EU12537
24Taneath The EquinoxTwisting Nether-EU12517Not updated
25Jawie SKYLIGHTTwisting Nether-EU12468
26Oisarabaeru Burning LeavesTwisting Nether-EU12385Not updated
27Qontes TurquazTwisting Nether-EU12288Not updated
28Apophís Mishra from the ClöbTwisting Nether-EU12240
29Anakîin  Twisting Nether-EU12202Not updated
30Thundérbølt GhazaTwisting Nether-EU11869
31Heywood ClarityTwisting Nether-EU11833Not updated
32Budderlord ChampionzTwisting Nether-EU11664Not updated
33Taryak HellbentTwisting Nether-EU11646
34Darthlady Flaring NightingaleTwisting Nether-EU11502
35Forster Lux LucisTwisting Nether-EU11358
36Equinoxxe Clouds of DarknessTwisting Nether-EU11285
37Ndidi Forsaken LightTwisting Nether-EU11231Not updated
38Katarsis Bleeding HatredTwisting Nether-EU11046
39Aédon The NoobTwisting Nether-EU10947
39Phóbós The NoobTwisting Nether-EU10947
41Kinuski TalotaikuritTwisting Nether-EU10875
42Ceiria Why NótTwisting Nether-EU10794Not updated
43Fearlessheal AntipathyTwisting Nether-EU10657
44Bluekit GhazaTwisting Nether-EU10595
45Syre Crusader HaterTwisting Nether-EU10465
46Foetina Fallen KomraydsTwisting Nether-EU10419Not updated
47Aymer  Twisting Nether-EU10418Not updated
48Nr GhazaTwisting Nether-EU10392
49Solsikké QWERTZYTwisting Nether-EU10375
50Vâgus Burning LeavesTwisting Nether-EU10374
51Squeegee BlacklightTwisting Nether-EU10351
52Useenbolt B r e t h r e nTwisting Nether-EU10332Not updated
53Holyswamp BetaTwisting Nether-EU10326
54Dángerous Archaic OrderTwisting Nether-EU10218
55Lhappi THE ILLUMINAUGHTYTwisting Nether-EU10181
56Nihilim  Twisting Nether-EU10155Not updated
57Kamandag BingBAngTwisting Nether-EU10134
58Blackdomina InnominatumTwisting Nether-EU9973
59 Cold WinterTwisting Nether-EU9955Not updated
60Odios Twisted ROTwisting Nether-EU9929
61Scilla Arrogant and ElitistTwisting Nether-EU9906Not updated
62Luvprincess BlackRavensTwisting Nether-EU9883
63Zaqqum SKYLIGHTTwisting Nether-EU9826
64Anvilandy MethodTwisting Nether-EU9739Not updated
65Warthrøne Bleeding HatredTwisting Nether-EU9693Not updated
66Skypilot AudacityTwisting Nether-EU9692
67Psygon FragileTwisting Nether-EU9682
68Aweli Archaic OrderTwisting Nether-EU9675
69Mumus NecrochurchTwisting Nether-EU9609
70Selsi Enemies of RealityTwisting Nether-EU9510Not updated
71Ráyburn IncandescentTwisting Nether-EU9505
72Deathhammer SoulTwisting Nether-EU9476
72Orcblood SoulTwisting Nether-EU9476
74Theholm ParadigmaTwisting Nether-EU9455
75Pwnance InfestationTwisting Nether-EU9426
76Auryell Storm LordsTwisting Nether-EU9382
77Röck InnominatumTwisting Nether-EU9379
78Sappér Buster CallTwisting Nether-EU9355
79Thumberin Twisted ROTwisting Nether-EU9347
80Phoßos BlackRavensTwisting Nether-EU9316
81Maleficarium MethodTwisting Nether-EU9248
82Dragut TaléntTwisting Nether-EU9240
83Zronay  Twisting Nether-EU9237
84Fiolla  Twisting Nether-EU9236Not updated
85Tranp UnrealityTwisting Nether-EU9208
86Sugarlíps Club DFRTwisting Nether-EU9152Not updated
87Åççëñtpártõù HellbentTwisting Nether-EU9151
88Pricy World In FlamesTwisting Nether-EU9140
89Aralynn Twisted ROTwisting Nether-EU9136
89Xtzi The DragonslayersTwisting Nether-EU9136

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