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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Zuluhed-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Esme Hamburger JungZZuluhed-EU16557Not updated
2Schnieke Hamburger JungZZuluhed-EU16056Not updated
3Magnificent ÆthroxZuluhed-EU14975Not updated
4Chardin GloriousZuluhed-EU13950Not updated
5Máluga UprisingZuluhed-EU12688Not updated
6Covie InYaFaceZuluhed-EU11084Not updated
7Santra SchattensyndikatZuluhed-EU10942Not updated
8Lamont Dunkles BlutZuluhed-EU10911Not updated
9Kardozz UprisingZuluhed-EU10580Not updated
10Kratov easYplaYZuluhed-EU10547Not updated
11Simkel Little WhoopZuluhed-EU10420Not updated
12Lolendeböe Stärke und EhreZuluhed-EU10395Not updated
13Harac Legion des ChaosZuluhed-EU10381Not updated
14Allomere Stärke und EhreZuluhed-EU10210Not updated
15Ôllum UprisingZuluhed-EU9793Not updated
16Boofix red dragonsZuluhed-EU9398Not updated
17Orctobre Pain of LifeZuluhed-EU9245Not updated
18Nananae Semper FidelisZuluhed-EU8767Not updated
19Tenamari SchattenvolkZuluhed-EU8696Not updated
20Nakto NobodysZuluhed-EU8692Not updated
21Wirbels BacardíZuluhed-EU8590Not updated
22Icelle red dragonsZuluhed-EU8530Not updated
23Nit Slaves To DarknessZuluhed-EU8482Not updated
24Nervensäge Das ZwergenkommandoZuluhed-EU8419Not updated
25Imina Die LettantenZuluhed-EU8274Not updated
26Freakon LEGiON of D O O MZuluhed-EU8223Not updated
27Ithryn whatZuluhed-EU8109Not updated
28Justcute easYplaYZuluhed-EU8077Not updated
29Atmozfearz  Zuluhed-EU8004Not updated
30Karano Virtual DeathZuluhed-EU7997Not updated
31Farana Zuluhed WacheZuluhed-EU7914Not updated
32Linnus Rated RZuluhed-EU7862Not updated
33Sêki From Darkness to LifeZuluhed-EU7720Not updated
34Flintstone Family GuysZuluhed-EU7715Not updated
35Pumpenheini DownfallZuluhed-EU7679Not updated
36Rayla easYplaYZuluhed-EU7643Not updated
37Pummelínchen No CommentZuluhed-EU7621Not updated
38Shazrra  Zuluhed-EU7575Not updated
39Phosphora Legio NoctisZuluhed-EU7538Not updated
40Exarchzwoti SchattenvolkZuluhed-EU7465Not updated
41Dawne Nie wieder GildeZuluhed-EU7408Not updated
42Zaurion  Zuluhed-EU7394Not updated
43Vargand Die LettantenZuluhed-EU7384Not updated
44Afix HordecoreZuluhed-EU7363Not updated
45Ricco  Zuluhed-EU7334Not updated
46Phentom GloriousZuluhed-EU7242Not updated
46Æon  Zuluhed-EU7242Not updated
48Blacknurse Gilde von ZayneZuluhed-EU7177Not updated
49Nimrielle Legacy of the GuardianZuluhed-EU7099Not updated
50Fraysi infinityZuluhed-EU7092Not updated
51Bigmc VantageZuluhed-EU7083Not updated
52Salfenia DownfallZuluhed-EU7076Not updated
53Diares dreiZehnZuluhed-EU7038Not updated
54Myrha Helden aus zweiter ReiheZuluhed-EU7008Not updated
55Jéan Back To HellZuluhed-EU6990Not updated
56Gesra TwixZuluhed-EU6936Not updated
57Gattsu FruchtGummiZuluhed-EU6916Not updated
58Øpi Stärke und EhreZuluhed-EU6867Not updated
59Andromache Kreaturen der NachtZuluhed-EU6843Not updated
60Kunó Tales of AzerothZuluhed-EU6825Not updated
61Vrust acuteZuluhed-EU6806Not updated
62Bamundwech InYaFaceZuluhed-EU6802Not updated
63Donquichotte UprisingZuluhed-EU6796Not updated
64Friesennerz Nie wieder GildeZuluhed-EU6760Not updated
65Krolk  Zuluhed-EU6757Not updated
66Terrack  Zuluhed-EU6728Not updated
67Exactshot  Zuluhed-EU6697Not updated
68Shinthar UprisingZuluhed-EU6654Not updated
69Xallimah  Zuluhed-EU6613Not updated
70Mcgee No CommentZuluhed-EU6589Not updated
71Stonemonk Little WhoopZuluhed-EU6581Not updated
72Robbio  Zuluhed-EU6576Not updated
73Guta KenseidenZuluhed-EU6561Not updated
74Deathappel KenseidenZuluhed-EU6558Not updated
75Komet DownfallZuluhed-EU6552Not updated
76Shadowganya Bereits bekanntZuluhed-EU6492Not updated
77Nachtige Drachen der DämmerungZuluhed-EU6479Not updated
78Skorbud Drachen der DämmerungZuluhed-EU6452Not updated
79Robirgendwer Helden aus zweiter ReiheZuluhed-EU6404Not updated
80Lumôs Kriegsfürsten des KönigsZuluhed-EU6403Not updated
81Darksani Kreaturen der NachtZuluhed-EU6398Not updated
82Castorfelix Zorn der Toten ArmeeZuluhed-EU6392Not updated
83Kaouro UprisingZuluhed-EU6352Not updated
84Nagun RevolutiønZuluhed-EU6345Not updated
85Huntil  Zuluhed-EU6339Not updated
86Avis  Zuluhed-EU6336Not updated
87Dankrundudu Helden der SchattenZuluhed-EU6331Not updated
88Thranduuiil Gegen jede RegelZuluhed-EU6324Not updated
89Lindoron Kriegsfürsten des KönigsZuluhed-EU6319Not updated
90Baleys GloriousZuluhed-EU6297Not updated
91Popi Bursting with FlavourZuluhed-EU6283Not updated
92Newra Verteidiger der RitenZuluhed-EU6261Not updated
93Carmestra Schwarze AjahsZuluhed-EU6249Not updated
93Magnolie Gib uns dein MilchgeldZuluhed-EU6249Not updated
93Huhn StrangeZuluhed-EU6249Not updated
96Waldwandler Lets fetzZuluhed-EU6224Not updated
97Wandalus InYaFaceZuluhed-EU6213Not updated
98Câlimâr SchattenvolkZuluhed-EU6193Not updated
99Shlachter Ka TetZuluhed-EU6192Not updated
100Blockmonstær KenseidenZuluhed-EU6189Not updated

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