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Zuluhed-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Goinrogue  Zuluhed-US14938Not updated
2Lahapsung DefiantZuluhed-US14400Not updated
3Matterhornik Beyond ReasonZuluhed-US11893
4Tempiera UnrivaledZuluhed-US11794Not updated
5Linds Alliance Task ForceZuluhed-US11668Not updated
6Rukuris Seven Deadly SinsZuluhed-US10890Not updated
7Eigernin the silent nightmareZuluhed-US10337
8Scarecrows Last ChapterZuluhed-US9960
9Ranni  Zuluhed-US9891Not updated
10Angelofdeàth Crimson AngelzZuluhed-US9469Not updated
11Schon Cute IncZuluhed-US9369Not updated
12Daweed ExódusZuluhed-US9165
13Urthwrath Lebowski Urban AchieversZuluhed-US8775Not updated
14Cujjo  Zuluhed-US8704Not updated
15Manymoons  Zuluhed-US8626Not updated
16Jackjackson Leaders of the HordeZuluhed-US8493Not updated
17Begotten Last ChapterZuluhed-US8390
18Impchobama  Zuluhed-US8349Not updated
19Hellminion CamelotZuluhed-US8312
20Heavenpie BadAngelsZuluhed-US8174
21Egglintine Dumbledores ArmyZuluhed-US8128Not updated
22Xanedina Last ChapterZuluhed-US8049Not updated
23Katelynmonke SKILLZONEZuluhed-US7866Not updated
24Barganzobean Cute IncZuluhed-US7773Not updated
25Yunlingmi SKILLZONEZuluhed-US7765Not updated
26Wilenator SanctuaryZuluhed-US7627Not updated
27Baalzebul TaintedZuluhed-US7618
28Smitefinger TaintedZuluhed-US7592Not updated
29Dragonfairie Lebowski Urban AchieversZuluhed-US7589
29Lilita  Zuluhed-US7589Not updated
31Mystr Leading to HellZuluhed-US7570
32Terrabull TaintedZuluhed-US7547Not updated
33Odinthor The BlessedZuluhed-US7491Not updated
34Verit SniperZuluhed-US7486Not updated
35Imzadidax ÉxplicitZuluhed-US7459
36Oleh DiplomacyZuluhed-US7436Not updated
37Drunkénmonk CamelotZuluhed-US7377Not updated
38Arooc Lebowski Urban AchieversZuluhed-US7348
39Opaco OverratedZuluhed-US7320Not updated
40Willshaman CamelotZuluhed-US7288
41Tiddledeath Beyond ReasonZuluhed-US7228
42Sparkelpony UndefeatedZuluhed-US7160Not updated
43Warlan JamboysZuluhed-US7116
44Epicdeathofu  Zuluhed-US7101Not updated
45Jamesuruz Shadow Of The DarksideZuluhed-US7034Not updated
46Elyelol BlowPonyZuluhed-US7010Not updated
47Hatemydots ÉxplicitZuluhed-US7004
48Harm No SkillzZuluhed-US6986Not updated
49Solsmonk Lebowski Urban AchieversZuluhed-US6964
50Ozznax Order Of The FlameZuluhed-US6963Not updated
51Retrø Willful MisconductZuluhed-US6946Not updated
52Exaltedbound NecromongersZuluhed-US6931Not updated
53Shenequa  Zuluhed-US6855Not updated
54Phobophobia Dynamic DevastationZuluhed-US6851Not updated
55Destrudo  Zuluhed-US6806Not updated
56Stärbreeze Titans ShadowZuluhed-US6728Not updated
57Yubnub War of the DeadZuluhed-US6726Not updated
58Smockel ArchangelsZuluhed-US6685Not updated
59Kickndahead  Zuluhed-US6634Not updated
60Aqudarind AlsaectionZuluhed-US6582Not updated
61Karmacoma PlagueZuluhed-US6499
62Twema Not One But Two PotatoZuluhed-US6445Not updated
62Injecht Blood BrothersZuluhed-US6445Not updated
64Alorra Dardani VigescoZuluhed-US6439Not updated
65Jacklowry Order Of The FlameZuluhed-US6433Not updated
66Papåbear Virtus et HonorZuluhed-US6431
67Garomokin  Zuluhed-US6376Not updated
68Garym  Zuluhed-US6374Not updated
69Kyalynn KNIGHT HUNTERSZuluhed-US6363Not updated
70Yinglow Energy gamingZuluhed-US6310Not updated
71Magervision Warsong OutridersZuluhed-US6281
72Ducky Asserting DominanceZuluhed-US6266Not updated
73Hirø Relax and Just DieZuluhed-US6265
74Venencio CamelotZuluhed-US6188
75Caona ÉternityZuluhed-US6162Not updated
76Glenshiels Test of TimeZuluhed-US6155Not updated
77Hasturr BloodBath And BeyondZuluhed-US6131Not updated
78Mûrasame Vital StrikeZuluhed-US6120Not updated
79Lamps ExódusZuluhed-US6076
80Looktokid  Zuluhed-US6063Not updated
81Knal Morituri te SalutantZuluhed-US6050Not updated
82Reyvin Lebowski Urban AchieversZuluhed-US6049
83Akelldama Elite PwnageZuluhed-US6020Not updated
84Panteo Cute IncZuluhed-US5948Not updated
85Mistywarr PlagueZuluhed-US5937Not updated
86Goongo We Are All Going to DieZuluhed-US5928Not updated
87Bäsh Lords of WarZuluhed-US5924
88Kíttypurry Relax and Just DieZuluhed-US5919Not updated
88Aurëlia HordeLordsZuluhed-US5919Not updated
88Cufaoil SwoggerZuluhed-US5919Not updated
91Emaet ARESZuluhed-US5917Not updated
92Sliceyou HellraisersZuluhed-US5897Not updated
93Juliouz Blood BrothersZuluhed-US5884
93Saltra Blood BrothersZuluhed-US5884Not updated
95Lilsnak PwnzillaZuluhed-US5877Not updated
96Octahedron CamelotZuluhed-US5851
97Hanson Last ChapterZuluhed-US5816
98Bhrat  Zuluhed-US5813Not updated
99Iroi  Zuluhed-US5776Not updated
100Vathkol OverratedZuluhed-US5762

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