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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Zul'jin-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Xuggo Heroes of the HordeZul'jin-US20299Not updated
2Hedia Final UnionZul'jin-US18784Not updated
3Dragonszz Dragons of DestinyZul'jin-US18028Not updated
4Psychosócial EterniumZul'jin-US17683Not updated
5Thauronus MultibeastZul'jin-US17257Not updated
6Jorianjai Pet PeevesZul'jin-US17007Not updated
7Ryutenshu DivideZul'jin-US16997Not updated
8Velarok Pretty StandardZul'jin-US16901Not updated
9Jasonzir MightZul'jin-US16766Not updated
10Shifong Controlled AnarchyZul'jin-US16726Not updated
11Nightstrike Thats What She SaídZul'jin-US16710Not updated
12Ellappy Shadows HonorZul'jin-US16417Not updated
13Errossa  Zul'jin-US16086Not updated
14Shinii Pet PeevesZul'jin-US15890Not updated
15Corpsemerak Last SerenadeZul'jin-US15820Not updated
16Thraner CohesiveZul'jin-US15737Not updated
17Lineparent ProdigyZul'jin-US15626Not updated
18Brodonn KinesisZul'jin-US15530Not updated
19Gylgamessh Dawn of the DeadZul'jin-US15281Not updated
20Synrazor ObsessionsZul'jin-US15161Not updated
21Angrybean  Zul'jin-US15046Not updated
22Carrierwave SolaceZul'jin-US14930Not updated
23Shaylene Exiled LegionZul'jin-US14905Not updated
24Zanfu Assume The PositionZul'jin-US14900Not updated
25Vertax KinesisZul'jin-US14896Not updated
26Toxotes Unknown EntityZul'jin-US14795Not updated
27Phoenixhymn DisturbedZul'jin-US14650Not updated
28Terrgan Dawn of the DeadZul'jin-US14649Not updated
29Yeensid Out Of MobsZul'jin-US14575Not updated
30Didicow Z E I T G E I S TZul'jin-US14496Not updated
31Qquick Azeroths Most DeadlyZul'jin-US14493Not updated
32Dennhar Lys NoirZul'jin-US14479Not updated
33Kungfû K Bec KoiZul'jin-US14389Not updated
34Gunksin Anti ClockwiseZul'jin-US14345Not updated
35Mortalyse  Zul'jin-US14326Not updated
36Smionîx Behind UZul'jin-US14275Not updated
37Élias Légion Du QuébecZul'jin-US14251Not updated
37Duhaha WipefestZul'jin-US14251Not updated
39Lutes EraZul'jin-US14246Not updated
40Üngaular ShroudZul'jin-US14158Not updated
41Krakshot  Zul'jin-US14107Not updated
42Tombstone BladesongZul'jin-US14060Not updated
43Varmeil LK MafiaZul'jin-US14038Not updated
44Dartholden Crisis CoreZul'jin-US13796Not updated
45Nara Sombre HéritageZul'jin-US13779Not updated
46Zackeri MoonrunnerZul'jin-US13777Not updated
47Valna Sombre HéritageZul'jin-US13743Not updated
48Harkoa Darkest HourZul'jin-US13481Not updated
49Milkchoclate Zombie DragonsZul'jin-US13458Not updated
50Pandèmonium Team MidgettesZul'jin-US13343Not updated
51Prayprey  Zul'jin-US13225Not updated
52Zodx Gardiens du LysZul'jin-US13152Not updated
53Mokrath AuroraZul'jin-US13061Not updated
54Kurannas EntropiZul'jin-US12962Not updated
55Prôfane ImmortalisZul'jin-US12952Not updated
56Diffuse ThunderdomeZul'jin-US12948Not updated
57Leobo Sombre HéritageZul'jin-US12941Not updated
58Vanarina Dawn of the DeadZul'jin-US12739Not updated
59Furtixx  Zul'jin-US12602Not updated
60Azurenight The Dew CrewZul'jin-US12594Not updated
61Fatlenny Unparalleled BrutalityZul'jin-US12583Not updated
62Tankiettepas the kill squadZul'jin-US12539Not updated
63Zhuzi XerxesZul'jin-US12493Not updated
64Slimvirtue Mystery MenZul'jin-US12424Not updated
65Rooster CynicalZul'jin-US12398Not updated
66Ruxianna Misfit ToysZul'jin-US12380Not updated
67Gungalagunga The RefugeZul'jin-US12317Not updated
68Tinurin CynicalZul'jin-US12274Not updated
69Steadyshot EruditeZul'jin-US12200Not updated
70Dakzul SolaceZul'jin-US12195Not updated
71Dahlface HalcyonZul'jin-US12136Not updated
72Harmani HalcyonZul'jin-US12077Not updated
73Chickwrath Total RecallZul'jin-US12074Not updated
74Øutrageous  Zul'jin-US12045Not updated
74Fâcepalm  Zul'jin-US12045Not updated
76Degs Dawn of the DeadZul'jin-US12043Not updated
77Kyouko Fellowship of StormsZul'jin-US12003Not updated
78Lukrecia Wicked And HavenZul'jin-US11993Not updated
79Xeex XerxesZul'jin-US11963Not updated
80Yodathehulk Jersey HardcoreZul'jin-US11944Not updated
81Noctisequi Heroic OrderZul'jin-US11921Not updated
82Waleran Legion of the HordeZul'jin-US11914Not updated
83Elerak Untold ProphecyZul'jin-US11897Not updated
84Hùntarded Isle Of Misfit ToysZul'jin-US11873Not updated
85Riyahnasheed The Evil League of EvilZul'jin-US11845Not updated

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