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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Zangarmarsh-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Littlejohnny Fire ClawZangarmarsh-US18467Not updated
2Diannia DiscordZangarmarsh-US16554Not updated
3Sorcery VerbotenZangarmarsh-US15118Not updated
4Tang Roll for BlameZangarmarsh-US14736Not updated
5Ruzihao Roll for BlameZangarmarsh-US14625Not updated
6Vaudoux Argus ImperiousZangarmarsh-US14455Not updated
7Tzcy No RemorseZangarmarsh-US14450Not updated
8Crawdaddy Roll for BlameZangarmarsh-US14346Not updated
9Vampiro Fire ClawZangarmarsh-US13989Not updated
10Kamarolynn  Zangarmarsh-US12978Not updated
11Broskey RoninZangarmarsh-US12860Not updated
12Baerus Dvergar eliteZangarmarsh-US12780Not updated
13Pelotas Fear ItselfZangarmarsh-US12289Not updated
14Gromtar Lagoon CompanyZangarmarsh-US12252Not updated
15Paedrig  Zangarmarsh-US11498Not updated
16Zhunter TMNTZangarmarsh-US11367Not updated
17Pandasea VerbotenZangarmarsh-US11148Not updated
18Jacob MartyrsZangarmarsh-US10609Not updated
19Oldsmobile DIRTY HORDEZangarmarsh-US10575Not updated
20Dartagnian Lords and Ladies UnitedZangarmarsh-US10032Not updated
21Tytun  Zangarmarsh-US10009Not updated
22Damper Apocalypse PwniesZangarmarsh-US10007Not updated
23Elleariel Temporary LegendsZangarmarsh-US9947Not updated
24Zoek Girls Gone WoWZangarmarsh-US9792Not updated
25Flopsyhunt Roll for BlameZangarmarsh-US9768Not updated
26Baggons CanticleZangarmarsh-US9767Not updated
27Matolius Fear ItselfZangarmarsh-US9722Not updated
28Nikomax Guardians of the LightZangarmarsh-US9658Not updated
29Celyris HammerZangarmarsh-US9564Not updated
30Ougahot Legion of AngelsZangarmarsh-US9496Not updated
31Boomop  Zangarmarsh-US9472Not updated
32Nembus SanctifyZangarmarsh-US9328Not updated
33Prymor SanctifyZangarmarsh-US9245Not updated
34Senseev Temporary LegendsZangarmarsh-US9223Not updated
35Snar Believe The HypeZangarmarsh-US9213Not updated
36Aqurrin Temporary LegendsZangarmarsh-US9210Not updated
37Thuvandin QUETZALCOATL SONSZangarmarsh-US9191Not updated
38Treebark iwsriggerZangarmarsh-US9063Not updated
39Gagger iwsriggerZangarmarsh-US9047Not updated
39Konfounded iwsriggerZangarmarsh-US9047Not updated
39Seekerofwar iwsriggerZangarmarsh-US9047Not updated
42Boscoe CheersZangarmarsh-US8969Not updated
43Powerplay Just us LeagueZangarmarsh-US8810Not updated
44Shrunk Essence of deathZangarmarsh-US8782Not updated
45Dranathor MartyrsZangarmarsh-US8727Not updated
46Misscitti Guardians of the LightZangarmarsh-US8705Not updated
47Goryo Fire ClawZangarmarsh-US8703Not updated
48Veeger Bada BingZangarmarsh-US8692Not updated
49Putzz Eye of AzerothZangarmarsh-US8632Not updated
49Manstan Eye of AzerothZangarmarsh-US8632Not updated
51Moosetaffa Bäd CompanyZangarmarsh-US8612Not updated
52Aminà  Zangarmarsh-US8608Not updated
53Sweetwisp the kings assassinsZangarmarsh-US8509Not updated
54Greendream the kings assassinsZangarmarsh-US8497Not updated
55Gnosea Fear ItselfZangarmarsh-US8421Not updated
56Jådê Screaming For VengeanceZangarmarsh-US8344Not updated
57Blyzgar ConquestZangarmarsh-US8341Not updated
58Darksaemage Righteous ChaosZangarmarsh-US8336Not updated
59Churan Legion of LightZangarmarsh-US8316Not updated
59Naimon Legion of LightZangarmarsh-US8316Not updated
61Bozzio Mission of MercyZangarmarsh-US8260Not updated
62Moonrising NapalmZangarmarsh-US8232Not updated
62Silkstalker NapalmZangarmarsh-US8232Not updated
64Luckyséven Guardians of the LightZangarmarsh-US8224Not updated
65Redbuzz DIRTY HORDEZangarmarsh-US8220Not updated
66Calaxandra Roll for BlameZangarmarsh-US8200Not updated
67Lingen Roll for BlameZangarmarsh-US8156Not updated
68Samanthha The Left BehindZangarmarsh-US8129Not updated
69Olur ImaginaerumZangarmarsh-US8095Not updated
70Gwynith  Zangarmarsh-US8086Not updated
71Viixxen  Zangarmarsh-US8083Not updated
72Easypull CrimsonZangarmarsh-US8063Not updated
73Aeshza EnthronedZangarmarsh-US8051Not updated
74Solidchamois Swords of InsurrectionZangarmarsh-US8025Not updated
75Nittany DIRTY HORDEZangarmarsh-US8023Not updated
76Altonsteel Knight Owls of WoWZangarmarsh-US7982Not updated
77Supertankk Dingo Ate My BabyZangarmarsh-US7970Not updated
78Vik NapalmZangarmarsh-US7957Not updated
78Yiadn ProdigyZangarmarsh-US7957Not updated
80Sargrath Lagoon CompanyZangarmarsh-US7934Not updated
81Zulmojo Mission of MercyZangarmarsh-US7876Not updated
82Tmage LegendäryZangarmarsh-US7812Not updated
83Hellslinger Temporary LegendsZangarmarsh-US7788Not updated
84Fierydawn Riders of PernZangarmarsh-US7742Not updated
85Wretchen Beyond the ShadowsZangarmarsh-US7736Not updated
86Aquilas SanctifyZangarmarsh-US7724Not updated
87Genneva The CircusZangarmarsh-US7723Not updated
87Aven The CircusZangarmarsh-US7723Not updated
89Sakan SanctifyZangarmarsh-US7721Not updated
90Magnilda Alliance Füneral CömpanyZangarmarsh-US7665Not updated
91Morgos Freedom FightersZangarmarsh-US7628Not updated
92Mish  Zangarmarsh-US7622Not updated
93Lykara Military IntelligenceZangarmarsh-US7621Not updated
94Gorgenius Legendary herosZangarmarsh-US7608Not updated
95Lutece DreamweaverZangarmarsh-US7593Not updated
96Pathora The UnspokenZangarmarsh-US7588Not updated
97Yaknslash Just us LeagueZangarmarsh-US7587Not updated
98Weirdbeard Freedom FightersZangarmarsh-US7578Not updated

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