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Ysera-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Rigamorticia HSIOWYsera-US21892
2Anaomin Red LoreYsera-US15667Not updated
3Darthtodd DraumalessYsera-US14294Not updated
4Jarlocky Mixed ReactionYsera-US14256Not updated
5Decasia Silent LucidityYsera-US13975
6Cendil SÿndicåtëYsera-US12981
7Alderson SÿndicåtëYsera-US12966
8Deanere Impending Doom IIYsera-US12751
9Elektriska Red DevilsYsera-US12069Not updated
10Wigwamshi UndyingYsera-US11953
11Blackrickard Relax Its Just A GameYsera-US11950Not updated
12Shaszam The Dark CrusadersYsera-US11279
13Zanji Brutes of AmericaYsera-US11246
14Shiverina AdvancedTacticalSoldiersYsera-US10965
15Morelda Drunken HordeYsera-US10575Not updated
16Nachomama PrivilegeYsera-US10567
17Angmaran Omega Res NovaeYsera-US10352
18Valeara The ClairvoyantYsera-US10243Not updated
19Duston Chaotic CrusadersYsera-US10178Not updated
20Tamsyn TyrantsYsera-US10171Not updated
21Agisa Para BellumYsera-US10140
22Muffinman Legendary RebelsYsera-US10125
23Rendigar RevelryYsera-US9980Not updated
24Ojna The Nights WatchYsera-US9925Not updated
25Elexxia Thay tuk mah jerbYsera-US9867Not updated
26Marosh The ClairvoyantYsera-US9788Not updated
27Pashira Knights Of The NineYsera-US9783Not updated
28Bluthunder ExodeYsera-US9625
29Cricklechass Bound for GløryYsera-US9533Not updated
30Mirakela Eternal ForceYsera-US9503
31Unruly  Ysera-US9420
32Shaggystark HavocYsera-US9328
33Rogueniteelf holy animal houseYsera-US9006
34Mirrog SynergyYsera-US9003
35Circe The Dreamers WardsYsera-US8989
36Pharus SyndicationYsera-US8946Not updated
37Ellanore Friday KnightsYsera-US8899Not updated
38Pepiny CorsairsYsera-US8895Not updated
39Angelblade Anam CaraYsera-US8821Not updated
40Olokhan Impending Doom IIYsera-US8784
41Draggo WardYsera-US8770
42Aelixis  Ysera-US8761
43Warstar Deadly IntentYsera-US8726
44Geise Queen Annes RevengeYsera-US8630
45Ahrue Silent LucidityYsera-US8626Not updated
45Necrima Controlled ChaosYsera-US8626Not updated
47Skitskat Para BellumYsera-US8603Not updated
48Cutbaitbass Breach of FaithYsera-US8545
49Reenez We Stand in Bone StormYsera-US8426Not updated
50Jaddzia HavocYsera-US8398
51Xau  Ysera-US8300Not updated
52Trendeetwo  Ysera-US8261Not updated
53Jellochic Tea TimeYsera-US8239Not updated
54Aqueenay HSIOWYsera-US8209
54Sadely  Ysera-US8209Not updated
56Djia  Ysera-US8203
57Noobslay  Ysera-US8135
58Kleapatrah Eternal ForceYsera-US8080
59Arrie RevelryYsera-US8051Not updated
60Pwnsaw Friday KnightsYsera-US8027Not updated
61Jendessa Impending Doom IIYsera-US8026
62Ggrinderr The ClairvoyantYsera-US8025Not updated
63Wellspring RevelryYsera-US8005Not updated
64Chanderjeet Order of the InfiniteYsera-US7970Not updated
65Daydreams PáradigmYsera-US7918
65Bunny Shadowed SoulYsera-US7918Not updated
67Darqlord  Ysera-US7905
68Nem Impending Doom IIYsera-US7891
68Abbil Lowered ExpectationsYsera-US7891
70Siivud The OverlordsYsera-US7872Not updated
71Moosaurus VitiateYsera-US7848Not updated
72Grue Lowered ExpectationsYsera-US7829
73Yaadra The Dreamers WardsYsera-US7813
74Deepelf Caster LewtzYsera-US7778
75Ultrin Lowered ExpectationsYsera-US7759
76Macobi NO QUARTERYsera-US7714
77Benighted Lowered ExpectationsYsera-US7705
78Dimitrï NO QUARTERYsera-US7695
79Tårlår Defenders of the FaithYsera-US7689Not updated
80Dâyea Lords of ShadowYsera-US7681
81Cethem InfectusYsera-US7673Not updated
82Nizzre Lowered ExpectationsYsera-US7616
83Zyltok  Ysera-US7611Not updated
84Krokoliver Bound for GløryYsera-US7588Not updated
85Mooscles Lowered ExpectationsYsera-US7516Not updated
86Sivakar Lowered ExpectationsYsera-US7495
87Chiwhiz Lowered ExpectationsYsera-US7490Not updated
88Brasill PrivilegeYsera-US7448
89Thrulk Chaotic DestinyYsera-US7440Not updated
90Kyorl Lowered ExpectationsYsera-US7423Not updated
91Maricah Dark VisageYsera-US7402Not updated
92Phyllene The Knights of LettersYsera-US7397
93Bruttis The Dragon TeethYsera-US7394
94Grazing VindicationYsera-US7385Not updated
95Wolfka The ExodusYsera-US7360
96Zughzugh XcessiveYsera-US7335Not updated
97Trickle Para BellumYsera-US7333
98Murdross Executive OrderYsera-US7282
99Shuturpihole The Dreamers WardsYsera-US7273
100Tressla  Ysera-US7238

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