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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Wrathbringer-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Arthuro  Wrathbringer-EU14573Not updated
2Leahlynn Samurai Pizza CatsWrathbringer-EU14520Not updated
3Baria Wächter der NaturWrathbringer-EU14312Not updated
4Majkiro Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU13436Not updated
5Poom Not Enough SWAGWrathbringer-EU12853Not updated
6Alexior Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU12501Not updated
7Belïar Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU12288Not updated
8Linneah BloodhuntersWrathbringer-EU12214Not updated
9Shenyen Garde der DrachenWrathbringer-EU10625Not updated
10Schwellheim Reckless DevotionWrathbringer-EU9913Not updated
11Miranos Royal EntertainmentWrathbringer-EU9673Not updated
12Idra Dead BallerinasWrathbringer-EU9568Not updated
13Takdor Dumpf ist TrumpfWrathbringer-EU9119Not updated
14Alicedae  Wrathbringer-EU9030Not updated
15Aarathas ScytheWrathbringer-EU8965Not updated
16Wotakaat intactilisWrathbringer-EU8832Not updated
17Prunella Garde der DrachenWrathbringer-EU8826Not updated
18Enize Reckless DevotionWrathbringer-EU8788Not updated
19Moarte UnbeugsamWrathbringer-EU8681Not updated
20Pantherl CybOrcsWrathbringer-EU8623Not updated
21Vijec StonetreesWrathbringer-EU8582Not updated
22Gubly  Wrathbringer-EU8540Not updated
23Zêljko Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU8468Not updated
24Razalina MezcalWrathbringer-EU8389Not updated
25Zettka ImpressiveWrathbringer-EU8354Not updated
26Kuuhladin damals aufn BlackrockWrathbringer-EU8330Not updated
27Faballa Wächter der NaturWrathbringer-EU8170Not updated
28Shìn TROJANERWrathbringer-EU8063Not updated
29Blackbeat Memento MorìWrathbringer-EU7944Not updated
30Mufius Die Söhne ThrallsWrathbringer-EU7928Not updated
31Tashondra intactilisWrathbringer-EU7888Not updated
32Ryndiira HarlequinWrathbringer-EU7770Not updated
32Ulb intactilisWrathbringer-EU7770Not updated
34Murky StonetreesWrathbringer-EU7710Not updated
35Niroxia  Wrathbringer-EU7693Not updated
36Studentin Dark Tears of AbaddonWrathbringer-EU7662Not updated
37Wyrmkje whackWrathbringer-EU7625Not updated
38Vendrell Carpe diemWrathbringer-EU7612Not updated
39Forensic Politically IncorrectWrathbringer-EU7529Not updated
40Alinnus MezcalWrathbringer-EU7504Not updated
41Escarya Samurai Pizza CatsWrathbringer-EU7486Not updated
42Ramîrez Wächter der NaturWrathbringer-EU7395Not updated
43Amur Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU7376Not updated
44Cayetano SynergieWrathbringer-EU7372Not updated
45Gramarye I Am LegendWrathbringer-EU7166Not updated
46Tamyko HarbingerWrathbringer-EU7139Not updated
47Pfeiline Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU7124Not updated
48Mantycore UnionWrathbringer-EU7083Not updated
49Kasdeja Dark MinistryWrathbringer-EU7081Not updated
50Aita Qualis rex talis grexWrathbringer-EU7047Not updated
51Ghulemie Why MeWrathbringer-EU6980Not updated
52Skare VendettaWrathbringer-EU6979Not updated
53Meistertot Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU6965Not updated
54Néssy I Legendary IWrathbringer-EU6915Not updated
55Bifidk BloodhuntersWrathbringer-EU6902Not updated
56Flawléss I Legendary IWrathbringer-EU6845Not updated
57Zalzanus StonetreesWrathbringer-EU6829Not updated
58Segathor BloodhuntersWrathbringer-EU6827Not updated
59Moodys BloodhuntersWrathbringer-EU6826Not updated
60Baló  Wrathbringer-EU6816Not updated
61Killyu Cataclysm Leveling ZweiWrathbringer-EU6790Not updated
62Guínness BLUTMONDWrathbringer-EU6776Not updated
63Nylani  Wrathbringer-EU6760Not updated
64Cassiopeia Legion of DoomWrathbringer-EU6745Not updated
64Shivas Legion of DoomWrathbringer-EU6745Not updated
66Endorphine intactilisWrathbringer-EU6711Not updated
67Pebbo  Wrathbringer-EU6676Not updated
68Briony Weekend WarriorsWrathbringer-EU6650Not updated
69Syrya Têars of BloodWrathbringer-EU6646Not updated
70Wîlma Wächter der NaturWrathbringer-EU6612Not updated
71Trao Why MeWrathbringer-EU6611Not updated
72Soulsave Band of BrotherZWrathbringer-EU6586Not updated
73Câlimero Why MeWrathbringer-EU6571Not updated
74Ishî The Ghost RaiderWrathbringer-EU6548Not updated
75Øcta  Wrathbringer-EU6466Not updated
76Toscar Der Pakt der HordeWrathbringer-EU6421Not updated
77Gromni Wächter der NaturWrathbringer-EU6412Not updated
78Vásh UnionWrathbringer-EU6336Not updated
79Xantcha Ancients of AzerothWrathbringer-EU6297Not updated
80Bloodson Memento MorìWrathbringer-EU6286Not updated
81Calìa  Wrathbringer-EU6232Not updated
82Zazuke whackWrathbringer-EU6229Not updated
82Kopierninja whackWrathbringer-EU6229Not updated
84Susinix STARS OF WOWWrathbringer-EU6208Not updated
85Worolg AustriaWrathbringer-EU6160Not updated
86Saja Why MeWrathbringer-EU6146Not updated
87Gorgel Dark MinistryWrathbringer-EU6105Not updated
88Pandura IndependenceWrathbringer-EU6081Not updated
89Hayató Vibe TribeWrathbringer-EU6077Not updated
90Exodarius UnionWrathbringer-EU6069Not updated
91Zeldî Dark EvolutionWrathbringer-EU6043Not updated
92Olos Impressive RampageWrathbringer-EU6021Not updated
93Keshi Not Enough SWAGWrathbringer-EU6016Not updated
94Kempo ImmortalisWrathbringer-EU6009Not updated

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