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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Winterhoof-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Octavea  Winterhoof-US19715Not updated
2Weedffardj BrothersWinterhoof-US18576Not updated
3Greasybeard Hairy Barrel Chested MenWinterhoof-US14725Not updated
4Namae  Winterhoof-US14237Not updated
5Superniceguy Wickedy WooWinterhoof-US14152Not updated
6Windstalker Death StalkerWinterhoof-US14131Not updated
7Listus  Winterhoof-US13425Not updated
8Raldor The Knights TemplarWinterhoof-US12468Not updated
9Hozz Strange BrewWinterhoof-US12449Not updated
10Jonr Ministry of DarknessWinterhoof-US12418Not updated
11Primadona BatteryOperatedBoyfriendWinterhoof-US12319Not updated
12Sekaire Ministry of TruthWinterhoof-US11749Not updated
13Estaraeyel Pain VendorWinterhoof-US11675Not updated
14Fantacy Invictus FamulusWinterhoof-US11619Not updated
15Skybrez Beast InfectionWinterhoof-US11270Not updated
16Gracious EspionageWinterhoof-US11117Not updated
17Narnìa Ministry of TruthWinterhoof-US11097Not updated
18Klincher Dead EvilWinterhoof-US11041Not updated
19Sciera Clockwork RevolutionWinterhoof-US10996Not updated
20Lrrlrrlock  Winterhoof-US10791Not updated
21Luke The MooninitesWinterhoof-US10605Not updated
22Blàckhàwk Beast InfectionWinterhoof-US10583Not updated
23Vaelean The UnguildedWinterhoof-US10466Not updated
24Anmi The UnguildedWinterhoof-US10345Not updated
25Novaistic EclipseWinterhoof-US10264Not updated
26Ysobele GoddessWinterhoof-US10234Not updated
26Niata GoddessWinterhoof-US10234Not updated
26Grainne GoddessWinterhoof-US10234Not updated
26Malurel GoddessWinterhoof-US10234Not updated
30Kerindel GoddessWinterhoof-US10198Not updated
30Thalastra GoddessWinterhoof-US10198Not updated
30Drumma GoddessWinterhoof-US10198Not updated
33Bocat Crits and GigglesWinterhoof-US10051Not updated
34Melotacat Invictus FamulusWinterhoof-US9936Not updated
35Aerowyn Sacred NightWinterhoof-US9911Not updated
36Fryelann  Winterhoof-US9910Not updated
37Jonulric DivinusWinterhoof-US9754Not updated
38Isleta Deus InvictusWinterhoof-US9720Not updated
39Reothad Im A PugWinterhoof-US9567Not updated
40Ultimatesha ZeaLWinterhoof-US9444Not updated
41Splithòóf MythosWinterhoof-US9439Not updated
42Aâce midnight cityWinterhoof-US9343Not updated
43Ateo ZeaLWinterhoof-US9122Not updated
44Huckabee Strange BrewWinterhoof-US9117Not updated
45Drofmurd The Mad CowsWinterhoof-US9059Not updated
46Samsams Knights of the ShadowsWinterhoof-US9051Not updated
47Esmeer The Riddle of SteelWinterhoof-US9022Not updated
48Tallstriker Ministry of DarknessWinterhoof-US8945Not updated
49Luvulongtyme Epic Dragon LordsWinterhoof-US8919Not updated
50Flashforge EclipseWinterhoof-US8898Not updated
51Artaxiis THE PACKWinterhoof-US8883Not updated
52Tippy EclipseWinterhoof-US8848Not updated
53Kalmor  Winterhoof-US8832Not updated
54Tankytom Ministry of DarknessWinterhoof-US8807Not updated
55Abore Rated MWinterhoof-US8781Not updated
56Ghostdancer Ministry of DarknessWinterhoof-US8640Not updated
57Brennah  Winterhoof-US8630Not updated
58Elrie  Winterhoof-US8589Not updated
59Mckenna Deus InvictusWinterhoof-US8524Not updated
60Chisper CamelotWinterhoof-US8453Not updated
61Dsparil Ebony MasksWinterhoof-US8450Not updated
62Cyna  Winterhoof-US8444Not updated
63Felony Dark Riders of WarWinterhoof-US8432Not updated
64Urukaii Dark Riders of WarWinterhoof-US8425Not updated
65Darmaqes Ministry of DarknessWinterhoof-US8417Not updated
66Magestea Ministry of TruthWinterhoof-US8379Not updated
67Gradel  Winterhoof-US8365Not updated
68Sharson ALBATROSSWinterhoof-US8320Not updated
69Principa Ministry of TruthWinterhoof-US8318Not updated
70Jelise TwistedAngelsWinterhoof-US8296Not updated
71Kissthoney Jaded RaidersWinterhoof-US8201Not updated
72Darthlogan Rated MWinterhoof-US8191Not updated
73Quicksdraw SinWinterhoof-US8180Not updated
74Myway ALBATROSSWinterhoof-US8170Not updated
75Scro Crits and GigglesWinterhoof-US8083Not updated
75Scrototom  Winterhoof-US8083Not updated
77Dactoria Cold Steel CrusadersWinterhoof-US8040Not updated
78Laro ApathyWinterhoof-US7993Not updated
79Brutalforce Strange BrewWinterhoof-US7990Not updated
80Alicenth  Winterhoof-US7985Not updated
81Trogad BlessedWinterhoof-US7975Not updated
82Dmonkman Kinship of AzerothWinterhoof-US7956Not updated
83Kylania Pretty Fly fo a SindoreiWinterhoof-US7906Not updated
84Fithgen Legends Of The HordeWinterhoof-US7895Not updated
85Aarona Travelers BaneWinterhoof-US7865Not updated
86Edwardlxi Pain VendorWinterhoof-US7859Not updated
87Bullshät Wickedy WooWinterhoof-US7857Not updated
88Apokowlypse  Winterhoof-US7815Not updated
89Zuggy Dead EvilWinterhoof-US7806Not updated
90Zithia Ministry of TruthWinterhoof-US7805Not updated
91Jhetfield The Knights TemplarWinterhoof-US7774Not updated
92Love Knights of EvermoreWinterhoof-US7762Not updated
93Wendraf The Darkest hourWinterhoof-US7753Not updated
94Kerick Crits and GigglesWinterhoof-US7656Not updated
95Uumm  Winterhoof-US7653Not updated
96Glasnost Naughty by NatureWinterhoof-US7627Not updated
97Myladylyah Night RaidersWinterhoof-US7624Not updated
98Dreadbreath Chaotic LegionWinterhoof-US7598Not updated
99Guanhwyvar CamelotWinterhoof-US7556Not updated
100Ãlldayblazer Deliriously DangerousWinterhoof-US7541Not updated

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