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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Wildhammer-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Hoowiz Blood Wolves of the MoonWildhammer-EU16710Not updated
2Lifli TeamworkDKWildhammer-EU16233Not updated
3Wilanora  Wildhammer-EU15980Not updated
4Diocese Posledni hlidkaWildhammer-EU15351Not updated
5Fortytwo Amor EternisWildhammer-EU15049Not updated
6Stygea knights of wowWildhammer-EU14831Not updated
7Aramie Casual GamersWildhammer-EU14461Not updated
8Nordar La ResistanceWildhammer-EU14425Not updated
9Zenya EvadeWildhammer-EU13938Not updated
10Elliese Casual GamersWildhammer-EU13903Not updated
10Tikani Casual GamersWildhammer-EU13903Not updated
10Verri Casual GamersWildhammer-EU13903Not updated
10Evanne Casual GamersWildhammer-EU13903Not updated
10Wrenna Casual GamersWildhammer-EU13903Not updated
15Acr The Braveheart SquadWildhammer-EU13698Not updated
16Torcho Lux PerpetuaWildhammer-EU13477Not updated
17Flisbeth Casual GamersWildhammer-EU13312Not updated
17Morgan Casual GamersWildhammer-EU13312Not updated
17Kathala Casual GamersWildhammer-EU13312Not updated
17Aleandra Casual GamersWildhammer-EU13312Not updated
17Kaylen Casual GamersWildhammer-EU13312Not updated
22Cbapal iPutOnMyRobeAndWizardHatWildhammer-EU13246Not updated
23Bras  Wildhammer-EU12761Not updated
24Daimi TeamworkDKWildhammer-EU12449Not updated
25Béba  Wildhammer-EU12441Not updated
26Malie just having funWildhammer-EU12287Not updated
27Ningnangnong La FamiliaWildhammer-EU11743Not updated
28Anyt La ResistanceWildhammer-EU11661Not updated
29Ragnvald NightshiftWildhammer-EU11590Not updated
30Zusi I Need A TargetWildhammer-EU11355Not updated
31Solvei LegionWildhammer-EU11310Not updated
32Thesoulless  Wildhammer-EU11230Not updated
33Waif legion of the flameWildhammer-EU11133Not updated
34Neilikka Fire BearsWildhammer-EU11125Not updated
35Upemall Legionaires of wowWildhammer-EU11081Not updated
36Stsunniva Fallen AngelsWildhammer-EU11070Not updated
37Seanski AnimaWildhammer-EU11053Not updated
38Artego Aeria GlorisWildhammer-EU10965Not updated
39Isopanda Mieron TietäjätWildhammer-EU10914Not updated
40Wakaru Da VooDooWildhammer-EU10870Not updated
41Victoriabeck AwakeningWildhammer-EU10835Not updated
42Bán RavenswingWildhammer-EU10771Not updated
43Darkdudu AnimaWildhammer-EU10701Not updated
44Smilwa High HopesWildhammer-EU10612Not updated
45Artekketra Lux PerpetuaWildhammer-EU10498Not updated
46Kukkanen Mieron TietäjätWildhammer-EU10425Not updated
47Vinha KovisjengiWildhammer-EU10305Not updated
48Spekoun Bratrstvo kocici tlapkyWildhammer-EU10262Not updated
49Zaxxon the dutchlionsWildhammer-EU10085Not updated
50Bloemeke just having funWildhammer-EU9826Not updated
51Magtrol ThunderdomeWildhammer-EU9810Not updated
51Flixotide just having funWildhammer-EU9810Not updated
53Psychoneil The Iron KnightsWildhammer-EU9700Not updated
54Zgaga Silent FuryWildhammer-EU9697Not updated
55Xema Heart of EuropeWildhammer-EU9686Not updated
56Celts AdunatumWildhammer-EU9685Not updated
57Sponti Raging BeastsWildhammer-EU9683Not updated
58Nefernefer Power GirlsWildhammer-EU9664Not updated
59Seexynka Bratri v trikuWildhammer-EU9652Not updated
60Tuttifrutti For FunWildhammer-EU9531Not updated
61Hoppic The DreamersWildhammer-EU9444Not updated
62Boomkin The Ninth CircleWildhammer-EU9367Not updated
63Ginazan JosekiWildhammer-EU9359Not updated
64Huntta Unity Is PowerWildhammer-EU9288Not updated
65Travel BankruptWildhammer-EU9274Not updated
66Milczy  Wildhammer-EU9245Not updated
67Runasutaru Men of HonourWildhammer-EU9244Not updated
68Shakaetar The Royal KnightsWildhammer-EU9182Not updated
69Eliize  Wildhammer-EU9179Not updated
70Ilusions NightshiftWildhammer-EU9084Not updated
71Kiyokoe  Wildhammer-EU9081Not updated
72Mobutudruidu Soul SeparatorsWildhammer-EU9037Not updated
73Moonwraithe  Wildhammer-EU9028Not updated
74Mikiri  Wildhammer-EU8988Not updated
75Shnizzle DivineSWildhammer-EU8856Not updated
76Warbaby Herbalism Ruined My LifeWildhammer-EU8835Not updated
77Arix  Wildhammer-EU8760Not updated
78Ryda Amor EternisWildhammer-EU8756Not updated
79Pastinak  Wildhammer-EU8701Not updated
80Eori Mieron TietäjätWildhammer-EU8683Not updated
81Leser Lej Horde W MordeWildhammer-EU8682Not updated
82Anhhaicao United CarebearsWildhammer-EU8659Not updated
83Finnordre Asylum Of InsanityWildhammer-EU8638Not updated
84Anicka FrostburnWildhammer-EU8635Not updated
85Okchu RaikoWildhammer-EU8617Not updated
86Danzingwolf Sudden GloryWildhammer-EU8536Not updated
87Bloodprinces The Dragon of WildhammerWildhammer-EU8509Not updated
88Freetibet JosekiWildhammer-EU8498Not updated
89Ooósh FUBARWildhammer-EU8496Not updated
90Jonkco JuvernautSWildhammer-EU8423Not updated
91Alunari No skill just luckWildhammer-EU8407Not updated
92Reiven RESILIENCE WILL FIX ITWildhammer-EU8401Not updated
93Draaz The Royal KnightsWildhammer-EU8350Not updated
94Nypala Just UsWildhammer-EU8316Not updated
95Uqrokk Hellscreams HooligansWildhammer-EU8303Not updated
96Atherion Busy FacerollingWildhammer-EU8265Not updated
97Druntarr Silent FuryWildhammer-EU8233Not updated
98Krzyq Lux PerpetuaWildhammer-EU8221Not updated
99Julia La ResistanceWildhammer-EU8220Not updated
100Ivontone Twisted UKWildhammer-EU8199Not updated

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