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Warsong-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Redcrow XarxetWarsong-US15180
2Anaesthesia XarxetWarsong-US12501
3Galantin The Storm of AzerothWarsong-US9191Not updated
4Jinxx Obsidianus LapisWarsong-US8812
5Baroth Failed ExperimentWarsong-US8711Not updated
6Wando You Shall Not PassWarsong-US8573
7Vassourona Failed ExperimentWarsong-US8364Not updated
8Zenurio XarxetWarsong-US8150
9Tyrandee WAZWarsong-US8149Not updated
10Dharius CofreWarsong-US8086Not updated
11Darkconquer CofreWarsong-US7952Not updated
12Kithe Gotz StyleWarsong-US7920
13Krunx EspadasWarsong-US7728Not updated
14Shugotenshi XarxetWarsong-US7668
15Eleniko XarxetWarsong-US7603
16Sydtrapz  Warsong-US7326Not updated
17Tapa Horde Population ZeroWarsong-US7318Not updated
18Yuki XarxetWarsong-US7096Not updated
19Linia SpectrumWarsong-US7094Not updated
20Brahman XarxetWarsong-US6930Not updated
21Ðesajustado Failed ExperimentWarsong-US6741Not updated
22Dorfazuda SpectrumWarsong-US6680Not updated
23Loggles DiscoKillerWarsong-US6643
24Scigh The Storm of AzerothWarsong-US6590Not updated
25Sókaki Glory HolyWarsong-US6496Not updated
26Selggol DiscoKillerWarsong-US6469Not updated
27Ishmail DiscoKillerWarsong-US6381Not updated
28Kalaßan EspadasWarsong-US6363Not updated
29Mokuru  Warsong-US6283Not updated
30Floggins  Warsong-US6171Not updated
31Lillian XarxetWarsong-US6159
32Swissbank Gotz StyleWarsong-US6045
33Desrohzinha SpectrumWarsong-US6005Not updated
34Cletus Failed ExperimentWarsong-US5948
35Levichan DiscoKillerWarsong-US5769Not updated
36Patolinoßr WAZWarsong-US5765Not updated
37Kwukgaah Banana PatrolWarsong-US5764
38Cyrock XarxetWarsong-US5758
39Kiwwi ChoppWarsong-US5738Not updated
40Belzaebull  Warsong-US5734Not updated
41Arthusdrake  Warsong-US5733Not updated
42Mythor The Storm of AzerothWarsong-US5697
43Reubin The Storm of AzerothWarsong-US5664Not updated
44Aleriia Knights of ArmagedonWarsong-US5517Not updated
45Pasture Clearly OutplayedWarsong-US5454Not updated
46Nemlihs XarxetWarsong-US5437
47Lunaticsshot SpectrumWarsong-US5426Not updated
48Catfisher Game of RaidsWarsong-US5397Not updated
49Grontok Failed ExperimentWarsong-US5344Not updated
50Kalianna Gangue do DominóWarsong-US5310Not updated
51Thalissa XarxetWarsong-US5264
52Nekkoh Clearly OutplayedWarsong-US5235Not updated
53Missÿ Failed ExperimentWarsong-US5214Not updated
54Shugotenshii XarxetWarsong-US5177
55Zaletha DeathbringerWarsong-US5172Not updated
56Keluss Failed ExperimentWarsong-US5147Not updated
57Maxmonter Horde Population ZeroWarsong-US5115Not updated
58Galgen NêmesisWarsong-US5061Not updated
59Keondra OrbitWarsong-US5055
60Joobies Dark AssociationWarsong-US5020
61Xiaowugui  Warsong-US4862Not updated
62Ujo  Warsong-US4843Not updated
63Yogurtdspnsr Clearly OutplayedWarsong-US4820Not updated
64Weggy XarxetWarsong-US4743
65Soulhunters Dark AssociationWarsong-US4687
66Lanest Failed ExperimentWarsong-US4675Not updated
67Ohohho CofreWarsong-US4638Not updated
68Zibat EspadasWarsong-US4577Not updated
69Allumni Failed ExperimentWarsong-US4551Not updated
70Vesuvie SpectrumWarsong-US4517Not updated
71Daroesh Failed ExperimentWarsong-US4516
72Baitolos  Warsong-US4501Not updated
73Powershifter God of WarsongWarsong-US4486Not updated
74Verminardy Dark AssociationWarsong-US4439
75Amberxo Failed ExperimentWarsong-US4355Not updated
76Sassie XarxetWarsong-US4346
77Diablomonk SpectrumWarsong-US4260Not updated
78Tchecaverde Failed ExperimentWarsong-US4169Not updated
79Kuruminha  Warsong-US4168Not updated
80Sassiegirl  Warsong-US4052Not updated
81Hornlok OrbitWarsong-US4017
82Goethe The Storm of AzerothWarsong-US4012Not updated
83Curø  Warsong-US3927Not updated
84Alasttair CofreWarsong-US3870Not updated
85Ðeathknight Dark AssociationWarsong-US3830Not updated
86Veracruz Justice For AllWarsong-US3679Not updated
87Dudecodk Dark AssociationWarsong-US3629
88Torjin XarxetWarsong-US3626Not updated
89Steb  Warsong-US3583
90Zookz  Warsong-US3505Not updated
91Wëll The Storm of AzerothWarsong-US3486Not updated
92Unjust Justice For AllWarsong-US3464Not updated
93Nrage DiscoKillerWarsong-US3334Not updated
94Bombatta Dark AssociationWarsong-US3295Not updated
95Linyel Dark AssociationWarsong-US3251
96Zorrana  Warsong-US3217Not updated
97Riphoof Failed ExperimentWarsong-US3186Not updated
98Legendàiry  Warsong-US3183Not updated
99Cítera CofreWarsong-US3164Not updated
100Xifeng Doth Thou Even HoistWarsong-US3154Not updated

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