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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Vek'lor-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Justfun Miliz der HordeVek'lor-EU14529Not updated
2Yeltfad  Vek'lor-EU10015Not updated
3Hôrax MimimiVek'lor-EU8905Not updated
4Dawosh DPoRVek'lor-EU8832Not updated
5Helvetica Bia AvijlVek'lor-EU8765Not updated
6Mardira  Vek'lor-EU8324Not updated
7Taskim InsanityVek'lor-EU7776Not updated
8Djoser TeddybärenclubVek'lor-EU7755Not updated
9Accounta Endless eXecutionVek'lor-EU7511Not updated
10Ulama MavericksVek'lor-EU7011Not updated
11Kameko von den TodeshändlernVek'lor-EU6844Not updated
11Kirajin von den TodeshändlernVek'lor-EU6844Not updated
13Knicks VendêttaVek'lor-EU6806Not updated
14Banned  Vek'lor-EU6756Not updated
15Póllymolly  Vek'lor-EU6681Not updated
16Théa Storm Earth and FireVek'lor-EU6634Not updated
17Elementium The Dark ShadowVek'lor-EU6594Not updated
18Kramana MavericksVek'lor-EU6291Not updated
19Tirit Army of the HordeVek'lor-EU6283Not updated
20Aledora Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU6247Not updated
21Brastafal Storm Earth and FireVek'lor-EU6171Not updated
22Ayni hangsterVek'lor-EU6133Not updated
23Synai hangsterVek'lor-EU6131Not updated
23Sunes hangsterVek'lor-EU6131Not updated
23Ekasu hangsterVek'lor-EU6131Not updated
26Morcain  Vek'lor-EU6127Not updated
27Semera Army of the HordeVek'lor-EU6029Not updated
28Menandra  Vek'lor-EU5956Not updated
29Domíník Stoned Raiders from HellVek'lor-EU5900Not updated
30Greenhunter Storm Earth and FireVek'lor-EU5860Not updated
31Kazradal  Vek'lor-EU5759Not updated
32Peeq Licht der AllianzVek'lor-EU5744Not updated
33Schrumpfine  Vek'lor-EU5617Not updated
34Vásh Miliz der HordeVek'lor-EU5544Not updated
35Vickramelot l Unholy lVek'lor-EU5529Not updated
36Kíco  Vek'lor-EU5512Not updated
37Netazon Terror of PerditionVek'lor-EU5466Not updated
38Âra CashVek'lor-EU5448Not updated
39Seach XII MonkeysVek'lor-EU5437Not updated
40Illunia InsanityVek'lor-EU5431Not updated
41Cloè Proelium CerfixVek'lor-EU5400Not updated
42Wildfires  Vek'lor-EU5245Not updated
43Umlaitung MimimiVek'lor-EU5226Not updated
44Rampatam The Hunters Of DarknessVek'lor-EU5132Not updated
45Revengé  Vek'lor-EU5104Not updated
46Screwed  Vek'lor-EU5103Not updated
47Âkirâ EvocatiVek'lor-EU5084Not updated
48Sánny EvocatiVek'lor-EU5082Not updated
49Sýrenetý the cuddleVek'lor-EU5078Not updated
50Rammsteìn  Vek'lor-EU5010Not updated
51Impure CashVek'lor-EU4975Not updated
52Madmagè Straight outta EschVek'lor-EU4946Not updated
53Pretty InsanityVek'lor-EU4940Not updated
53Notna Miliz der HordeVek'lor-EU4940Not updated
55Masika XII MonkeysVek'lor-EU4931Not updated
56Envihra NightbullsVek'lor-EU4927Not updated
57Todesknödel Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU4901Not updated
58Veneticâ  Vek'lor-EU4881Not updated
59Arianwen The Hunters Of DarknessVek'lor-EU4803Not updated
60Chackanooga FrostwölfeVek'lor-EU4717Not updated
61Nástý  Vek'lor-EU4702Not updated
62Barjun The Hateful ArtVek'lor-EU4696Not updated
63Kromlèk  Vek'lor-EU4684Not updated
64Talaa Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU4671Not updated
65Ünicorn  Vek'lor-EU4652Not updated
66Venages InviolabilisVek'lor-EU4629Not updated
67Magics X treme TwinksVek'lor-EU4589Not updated
68Blackdéath Die NaaruVek'lor-EU4522Not updated
69Baldbull A HAPPY DAYVek'lor-EU4512Not updated
70Deadscream  Vek'lor-EU4475Not updated
71Zorkin Stoned Raiders from HellVek'lor-EU4426Not updated
72Diocane DrunkenStylerVek'lor-EU4386Not updated
73Avena Storm Earth and FireVek'lor-EU4346Not updated
74Timeus  Vek'lor-EU4308Not updated
75Drîna Terror of PerditionVek'lor-EU4289Not updated
76Liarani Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU4255Not updated
77Peaceman ExitVek'lor-EU4196Not updated
78Confidence Farm ItVek'lor-EU4181Not updated
79Blueray HeadBangerVek'lor-EU4176Not updated
80Caeroline  Vek'lor-EU4084Not updated
81Renate Straight outta EschVek'lor-EU4078Not updated
82Lenajo InsanityVek'lor-EU3997Not updated
83Stinky  Vek'lor-EU3945Not updated
84Camron AequinoctiumVek'lor-EU3921Not updated
85Deepx Mercenaries of the HordeVek'lor-EU3910Not updated
86Aurat Die GummibärenbandeVek'lor-EU3900Not updated
87Charmin Templars of SteelVek'lor-EU3842Not updated
88Bríný  Vek'lor-EU3756Not updated
89Lahja InviolabilisVek'lor-EU3719Not updated
90Cravy High FiveVek'lor-EU3685Not updated
91Gâmbit Rising StarVek'lor-EU3673Not updated
92Pula  Vek'lor-EU3605Not updated
93Ciius MavericksVek'lor-EU3597Not updated
94Kêsirâ X tremeVek'lor-EU3583Not updated
95Dannyliene ChaosCraftVek'lor-EU3435Not updated
96Hatred  Vek'lor-EU3431Not updated
97Júnx Spawn of HatredVek'lor-EU3306Not updated
98Brakk LustyBirdsVek'lor-EU3231Not updated
99Módmaster Farm ItVek'lor-EU3200Not updated
100Jilli Die HappyVek'lor-EU3133Not updated

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