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Uther-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Daeroth Edge of InsanityUther-US16689
2Tuatha The WanderersUther-US16340
3Korrigan Ring of ValorUther-US14332
4Telperion Ghosts of RetributionUther-US14300
5Gekijou Peaceful ViolenceUther-US14100
6Vlaid Røcket ScienceUther-US13990
7Chimpnzthat AtonementUther-US13938
8Misstic Akai SoubiUther-US11978Not updated
9Katsia Ghosts of RetributionUther-US11767
10Gawdly  Uther-US11664
11Corpsehunt  Uther-US11648
12Fransis Filthy HordeUther-US11615Not updated
13Murphie Chapter ZeroUther-US11070
13Adaphne Chapter ZeroUther-US11070
13Miji Chapter ZeroUther-US11070
13Persistence Chapter ZeroUther-US11070
13Mcyoinks Chapter ZeroUther-US11070
13Stormywaters Chapter ZeroUther-US11070
13Nazthea Chapter ZeroUther-US11070
20Kongju Chapter ZeroUther-US11066
20Wangja Chapter ZeroUther-US11066
20Thoggthang Chapter ZeroUther-US11066
23Capnmurphy Chapter ZeroUther-US11063
24Lakph Chapter ZeroUther-US11059
25Grimstar  Uther-US11034Not updated
26Impertinent  Uther-US11031Not updated
26Gouger Chapter ZeroUther-US11031Not updated
26Maltesa Chapter ZeroUther-US11031Not updated
29Dreadblade AtonementUther-US10808
30Pheeguh Pirates With No PantsUther-US10646
31Maraschino In Omnia ParatusUther-US10580Not updated
32Daareus Chapter ZeroUther-US10422
33Harujongil  Uther-US10374Not updated
33Myoungsu  Uther-US10374Not updated
33Mccallan  Uther-US10374Not updated
36Convectess We Hate Us TooUther-US10271
37Spector Necrotic FaithUther-US10150
38Antikytheria NotoriusUther-US10135
39Darziwdorl Legacy of PainUther-US9884
40Anastera Virtual InsanityUther-US9864Not updated
41Bryarra Ghosts of RetributionUther-US9812
42Flyntlok Kamikaze PenguinsUther-US9661
43Reynolds Chapter ZeroUther-US9421Not updated
43Tempolarry Chapter ZeroUther-US9421Not updated
43Bizzaromurph Chapter ZeroUther-US9421Not updated
43Hyoli Chapter ZeroUther-US9421Not updated
47Sambek Mything PersonsUther-US9206Not updated
48Crushedice Vita InfinitaUther-US9081
49Nadras  Uther-US8938Not updated
50Himikos The Blueberry BrigadeUther-US8869
51Rettch  Uther-US8859Not updated
52Planer HavokUther-US8837
53Totemtoter Vita InfinitaUther-US8767
54Patere I Serve No OneUther-US8651
55Tazin Epically ChallengedUther-US8650Not updated
56Grinner Vita InfinitaUther-US8605
57Kupari HavokUther-US8570Not updated
58Daniella A New AdventureUther-US8529
59Ariock Virtual InsanityUther-US8480
60Honeysparkle Zombie Harlot OnslaughtUther-US8412Not updated
61Divaa Emissary of FateUther-US8411
62Samosh Cosa NostraUther-US8394
63Sallymander AtonementUther-US8329Not updated
64Quelli The Ebon RemnantUther-US8315Not updated
65Braxe FF Horde EditionUther-US8311Not updated
66Bustty Family FirstUther-US8282
67Prism Flock of SharksUther-US8179Not updated
68Dents Family FirstUther-US8169
69Malirhonda Field of WarUther-US8079
70Irtastypanda Collected SoulsUther-US8074
71Sinidien Family FirstUther-US8071
72Siuslaw Fortunes ChildUther-US8070Not updated
73Xankou Chapter ZeroUther-US8039
74Alnair Splinter GroupUther-US7992
75Relnafir Stargaze WanderersUther-US7978
76Bigdx Legendary HeroUther-US7947
77Azzdabeast Shadows of TartarusUther-US7943
78Dragos The WanderersUther-US7934
79Barnal HavokUther-US7882
80Cailynn Kamikaze PenguinsUther-US7843
81Holyhungus Task Force DANGERUther-US7839
82Wasdf  Uther-US7819Not updated
83Winterboots AtonementUther-US7756
84Cobengeoff The Maxian EmpireUther-US7656Not updated
85Boggiebear MeltdownUther-US7622
86Twotol Sons of TirathorUther-US7605Not updated
87Bellemortte Winging ItUther-US7560
88Stampie Filthy HordeUther-US7552Not updated
89Sinzual Über AllesUther-US7536Not updated
90Agarn Ring of ValorUther-US7528
91Amron Clan DrakoniusUther-US7513
92Zenzhi The WanderersUther-US7501
93Deadula RisenUther-US7495
94Savydeville Fist of AzerothUther-US7458Not updated
95Celadore IlluminaughtyUther-US7442
96Ruthlessness Warriors of WollongongUther-US7396Not updated
97Docogre HavokUther-US7356
98Kælee Random HeroUther-US7338Not updated
99Rezen Cipher LegionUther-US7334Not updated
100Aji Chapter ZeroUther-US7316Not updated

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