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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Uther-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Galthariel Dark Dragon MinistryUther-US20697Not updated
2Daeroth Edge of InsanityUther-US16689Not updated
3Tuatha The WanderersUther-US16476Not updated
4Vlaid  Uther-US16053Not updated
4Baiynne Competent CasualsUther-US16053Not updated
6Kdee  Uther-US15217Not updated
7Keatile Sharp Pointy TeethUther-US14976Not updated
8Pheeguh Pirates With No PantsUther-US14638Not updated
9Telperion Red FiveUther-US14593Not updated
10Gekijou Peaceful ViolenceUther-US14400
11Bryarra Ghosts of RetributionUther-US14351Not updated
12Gardakan  Uther-US14335Not updated
13Magoofus Reign From HellUther-US14053
14Nyqzoo AtonementUther-US14017Not updated
15Misstic Akai SoubiUther-US13763Not updated
16Vickie Kung Fu TreacheryUther-US13721Not updated
17Okron Mything PersonsUther-US13119Not updated
18Easybutton Untouchable Wow PlayersUther-US13061
19Gentlehorn Filthy HordeUther-US12125Not updated
20Convectess We Hate Us TooUther-US12003Not updated
21Patere I Serve No OneUther-US11252Not updated
22Holyhungus Task Force DANGERUther-US11180Not updated
23Aji Chapter ZeroUther-US11119Not updated
24Miji Chapter ZeroUther-US11099Not updated
24Lakph Chapter ZeroUther-US11099Not updated
24Michinnom Chapter ZeroUther-US11099Not updated
24Kongju Chapter ZeroUther-US11099Not updated
24Nazthea Chapter ZeroUther-US11099Not updated
24Hyoli Chapter ZeroUther-US11099Not updated
24Gouger Chapter ZeroUther-US11099Not updated
24Maltesa Chapter ZeroUther-US11099Not updated
32Murphie Chapter ZeroUther-US11098Not updated
32Wangja Chapter ZeroUther-US11098Not updated
32Stormywaters Chapter ZeroUther-US11098Not updated
32Reynolds Chapter ZeroUther-US11098Not updated
36Grimstar InsensitiveUther-US11086Not updated
37Capnmurphy Chapter ZeroUther-US11084Not updated
37Khaafenn Chapter ZeroUther-US11084Not updated
37Mcyoinks Chapter ZeroUther-US11084Not updated
37Thoggthang Chapter ZeroUther-US11084Not updated
41Adaphne Chapter ZeroUther-US11069Not updated
41Myoungsu InsensitiveUther-US11069Not updated
43Jege InsensitiveUther-US11067Not updated
43Recalcitrant InsensitiveUther-US11067Not updated
43Harujongil InsensitiveUther-US11067Not updated
46Bizzaromurph Chapter ZeroUther-US11066Not updated
47Tinibubbles HavokUther-US10962Not updated
48Aenigma AtonementUther-US10932Not updated
49Kurkai The Irken EmpireUther-US10902Not updated
50Darziwdorl Legacy of PainUther-US10829Not updated
51Daareus Chapter ZeroUther-US10380Not updated
52Spector Necrotic FaithUther-US10339Not updated
53Zarkus LethalUther-US10321Not updated
54Pandarius Living LegendsUther-US10256Not updated
55Bigdx Legendary HeroUther-US10240Not updated
56Anastera Virtual InsanityUther-US10219Not updated
57Ariock Virtual InsanityUther-US10209Not updated
58Bigdittle Legendary HeroUther-US10084Not updated
59Serenitti Cobra Kai EliteUther-US9800Not updated
60Blkorchid War is WagedUther-US9756Not updated
61Emien MystiqueUther-US9713Not updated
62Lilyanna  Uther-US9557Not updated
63Kerryann No MercyUther-US9497Not updated
64Anjandia  Uther-US9474Not updated
65Tempolarry Chapter ZeroUther-US9421Not updated
66Xephyr Dark Dragon MinistryUther-US9366Not updated
67Nadras  Uther-US9357Not updated
68Arctus Unsympathetic KillersUther-US9304Not updated
69Tescatlipoca The Hordes EliteUther-US9208Not updated
70Sahtrana Flock of SharksUther-US9191Not updated
71Nickdanger AscendanceUther-US9168
72Eirya EquilibriumUther-US9150
73Crushedice Vita InfinitaUther-US9108Not updated
74Relnafir Stargaze WanderersUther-US9097Not updated
75Adorina The Blueberry BrigadeUther-US9030Not updated
76Astraa Emissary of FateUther-US9005Not updated
77Bustty Family FirstUther-US8992Not updated
77Dents Family FirstUther-US8992Not updated
79Kriissia THE FORGOTTEN TRINITYUther-US8870Not updated
80Planer HavokUther-US8866Not updated
81Collogen The UnwantedUther-US8837Not updated
82Analt ApathyUther-US8770Not updated
83Tasender The UnguildedUther-US8734Not updated
84Evilcore Peaceful ViolenceUther-US8700Not updated
85Marlee The Irken EmpireUther-US8694Not updated
86Grinner Vita InfinitaUther-US8605Not updated
87Daniella Family FirstUther-US8550Not updated
88Sallymander AtonementUther-US8480Not updated
89Samosh Cosa NostraUther-US8474Not updated
90Xcrom  Uther-US8450Not updated
91Soldoldor Disorderly ConductUther-US8430Not updated
92Honeysparkle Zombie Harlot OnslaughtUther-US8412Not updated
93Rozy AtonementUther-US8368Not updated
94Vyris Chapter ZeroUther-US8358Not updated
95Wolfsspirit The Ebon RemnantUther-US8344Not updated
96Shadowi Necrotic FaithUther-US8335Not updated
97Xankou Chapter ZeroUther-US8329Not updated
98Aquanniana DecimationUther-US8324Not updated

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