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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Undermine-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Bairne  Undermine-US21199Not updated
2Softlanding Novus Ordo SeclorumUndermine-US16490Not updated
3Ktann Companions Of HonorUndermine-US16248Not updated
4Bowaton The Laughing IguanasUndermine-US15571Not updated
5Shâr RelentlessUndermine-US15440Not updated
6Terguson Protectors Of The LightUndermine-US14300Not updated
7Evilthing MisfitsUndermine-US12483Not updated
8Benome  Undermine-US12302Not updated
9Patres  Undermine-US12301Not updated
10Taikwara ReviveUndermine-US12154Not updated
11Killumall The RebellionUndermine-US11488Not updated
12Spudwink ImmortalisUndermine-US10650Not updated
13Stormbringer Extreme PrejudiceUndermine-US10609Not updated
14Korban Deviate SpawnsUndermine-US10516Not updated
15Endotoxin Get CarriedUndermine-US10345Not updated
16Elleena The RebellionUndermine-US10221Not updated
17Garguntoter Fists of RageUndermine-US10096Not updated
18Gogetlayde  Undermine-US9942Not updated
19Miira Protectors Of The LightUndermine-US9924Not updated
20Miraris Knights of DestinyUndermine-US9665Not updated
21Sinshamalama  Undermine-US9646Not updated
22Infernoo The Other GuildUndermine-US9624Not updated
23Credoespee Fists of RageUndermine-US9544Not updated
24Ctjames Deseri RoseUndermine-US9393Not updated
25Thundrbutt  Undermine-US9339Not updated
26Elch preciseUndermine-US9267Not updated
27Mcschmitty For the KillUndermine-US9111Not updated
28Mykingleo Crazy DiamondUndermine-US9035Not updated
29Shockrah  Undermine-US9019Not updated
30Chumphon The Elites Of QuebecUndermine-US8982Not updated
31Zenblossom  Undermine-US8981Not updated
32Okarri The RebellionUndermine-US8948Not updated
33Abben CREEPSHOWUndermine-US8946Not updated
34Krixi  Undermine-US8824Not updated
35Rogueane DefiantUndermine-US8762Not updated
36Mikeunzore Death MerchantsUndermine-US8617Not updated
37Scmoosethree CheckmateUndermine-US8561Not updated
38Runingmoses Like A SirUndermine-US8519Not updated
39Mcfarad RelentlessUndermine-US8394Not updated
40Athalia Better Off DeadUndermine-US8393Not updated
41Abarke The Grand ArcanumUndermine-US8381Not updated
42Becia DeceptionUndermine-US8379Not updated
43Petrosian  Undermine-US8241Not updated
44Páblo Sacred RedemptionUndermine-US8236Not updated
45Trouper Extreme PrejudiceUndermine-US8233Not updated
46Lilipad TWSSUndermine-US8227Not updated
47Durno RelentlessUndermine-US8219Not updated
48Funeral  Undermine-US8170Not updated
49Mellisandre Cake or DeathUndermine-US8133Not updated
50Typhoon  Undermine-US8092Not updated
51Glacia Protectors Of The LightUndermine-US8082Not updated
52Keekme RelentlessUndermine-US8054Not updated
53Ramset UprisingUndermine-US7991Not updated
54Sqruid Gratuitous NerdityUndermine-US7985Not updated
55Dawlton  Undermine-US7981Not updated
56Redge Lizard KingsUndermine-US7924Not updated
57Handofdeath the sweetest thingsUndermine-US7905Not updated
58Topz  Undermine-US7839Not updated
59Easterlily Undimeres MercenariesUndermine-US7835Not updated
60Jwôww Mind Your ManasUndermine-US7790Not updated
60Powrerserg Warsong LegendsUndermine-US7790Not updated
62Marrcy Fur and FuryUndermine-US7757Not updated
63Cristnarognz The Holy CrusadeUndermine-US7746Not updated
64Saigoneve HonorUndermine-US7713Not updated
65Wilya The Phantom RegimentUndermine-US7712Not updated
66Porthas StormshadowUndermine-US7675Not updated
67Odenite MutinyUndermine-US7667Not updated
68Wirhl The MetalocalypseUndermine-US7653Not updated
69Zamina EnforcersUndermine-US7648Not updated
70Arcalas  Undermine-US7644Not updated
71Firstnight Mini MinionsUndermine-US7641Not updated
72Avataar Fists of RageUndermine-US7634Not updated
73Ghega BazingaUndermine-US7621Not updated
74Talmars  Undermine-US7563Not updated
75Mangseori The MetalocalypseUndermine-US7527Not updated
76Leecher The RubiconUndermine-US7509Not updated
77Spencer The Knights of AzerothUndermine-US7444Not updated
78Wilter Post MortemUndermine-US7441Not updated
79Reverendred  Undermine-US7425Not updated
80Spankybaby HPRUndermine-US7416Not updated
81Rookinshealz Forgotten GraceUndermine-US7394Not updated
82Pryzym Sword of AzerothUndermine-US7349Not updated
83Jilian  Undermine-US7314Not updated
84Seretia  Undermine-US7298Not updated
85Badash RelentlessUndermine-US7264Not updated
86Drackmarc TetragrammatonUndermine-US7248Not updated
87Kunpaopanda Murlocks RevengeUndermine-US7216Not updated
88Saladyn The Laughing IguanasUndermine-US7211Not updated

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