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Uldaman-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Myfists The Phoenix ElitesUldaman-US22674Not updated
2Goorn El Pollo DiabloUldaman-US14701
3Pdori MillenniumUldaman-US14442Not updated
4Gigglecups NexusUldaman-US13667
5Rabad Lost and FoundUldaman-US12591
5Zydah Lost and FoundUldaman-US12591
7Bigbootyhous NexusUldaman-US12376
8Hulkize OzUldaman-US12205
8Carnagé AuxileUldaman-US12205
10Rarz Immortal WarlordsUldaman-US11651
10Razfity Legacy Of CarnageUldaman-US11651
12Kaidanani  Uldaman-US11570Not updated
13Lexiecas Misfit ArmyUldaman-US11087Not updated
14Milåmber Blooded DragonsUldaman-US11046Not updated
15Slaith Shattered SoulsUldaman-US10538Not updated
16Khisanthe DingUldaman-US10303Not updated
17Pawbird Known to Cause DeathUldaman-US10186
18Teshmach DingUldaman-US10102
19Zulamon ITargetablesUldaman-US10074Not updated
20Roarey Misfit MayhemUldaman-US10053
21Belladonna Two PercentUldaman-US9766
22Toontang DragonwraithUldaman-US9665
23Capitalj  Uldaman-US9584Not updated
24Àri Demonic PlagueUldaman-US9570Not updated
25Darkhuntres Technical DifficultiesUldaman-US9546
26Feredìr Candy and a VanUldaman-US9511
27Tamahagane Legacy of DoomUldaman-US9463
28Hrumn Toy BoxUldaman-US9442
29Odithana SkazkaUldaman-US9416Not updated
30Vaxin Leaders of AzerothUldaman-US9299Not updated
31Ayin Haven of AlacrityUldaman-US9177Not updated
32Uthers Ludicrous SpeedUldaman-US9164
33Gryste Legend of PongoUldaman-US9153Not updated
34Kyuketsuki The Big Red OneUldaman-US8911Not updated
35Selini GloriousUldaman-US8906
36Killerkathy  Uldaman-US8827
37Oonamar The Big Red OneUldaman-US8780Not updated
38Seafood Candy and a VanUldaman-US8708
39Ileah LithiumUldaman-US8703Not updated
40Crepitus OzUldaman-US8686Not updated
41Teletubby Demonic PlagueUldaman-US8650Not updated
42Meanbeard Forty TwoUldaman-US8645
43Shaylawna Magic MomentUldaman-US8575Not updated
44Allocute OzUldaman-US8459
45Amadiora  Uldaman-US8406Not updated
46Adianah OzUldaman-US8403
47Moobastank OzUldaman-US8387
48Lauriania One Last StandUldaman-US8362Not updated
49Allumbra OzUldaman-US8351
50Lilpatriot Legend of PankoUldaman-US8324Not updated
51Ubahsgoblin OzUldaman-US8259Not updated
52Navalgazzer VisalusUldaman-US8237
53Vicódin Ancestral CurseUldaman-US8209Not updated
54Meds CasualtyUldaman-US8175Not updated
55Ezzel NexusUldaman-US8120
56Løve MillenniumUldaman-US8097
57Altfiftyfour Set Sail For Epic FailUldaman-US7980
58Temarihatake  Uldaman-US7847Not updated
59Mortouk Dirty HordesUldaman-US7844Not updated
60Happyhour My Life For AiurUldaman-US7821
60Afterhours My Life For AiurUldaman-US7821Not updated
62Happyhourz HEADHUNTER CREWUldaman-US7805Not updated
63Mizzdecay  Uldaman-US7783Not updated
64Zizzerzoop Forty TwoUldaman-US7775
65Littleherz OzUldaman-US7765Not updated
66Liebmich OzUldaman-US7763Not updated
67Asbestos OzUldaman-US7757Not updated
68Eikenella JuiceUldaman-US7753Not updated
69Pandamoniûm ForgivenUldaman-US7668Not updated
70Minilock Who Put That ThereUldaman-US7655
71Abitbatty The SyndicateUldaman-US7642Not updated
72Savet DragonwraithUldaman-US7630
73Karrensdk HEADHUNTER CREWUldaman-US7586Not updated
74Itda Uldaman RaidersUldaman-US7574Not updated
75Ripolamorg  Uldaman-US7563Not updated
76Azlian Knights of FortuneUldaman-US7543
77Laiser Two PercentUldaman-US7533Not updated
78Knobknee Dread HogsUldaman-US7517
79Taldiian Uldaman RaidersUldaman-US7502Not updated
80Exanimis Candy and a VanUldaman-US7487Not updated
81Koldfyre Misfit MayhemUldaman-US7481
82Cyssi Dark KnightsUldaman-US7379Not updated
83Caelar Psionic DeathUldaman-US7369
84Cawnie AirBorneUldaman-US7357Not updated
85Stormhand OzUldaman-US7327
86Redmist AuxileUldaman-US7299
87Jumbi Breath of dragonUldaman-US7270
88Slashdelete  Uldaman-US7264Not updated
89Beliayeva Technical DifficultiesUldaman-US7203
90Ðotz Primal SinUldaman-US7200

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