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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Twilight's Hammer-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Czarina NeedjaZTwilight's Hammer-EU15064Not updated
2Séreméla Drastic MeasuresTwilight's Hammer-EU14825Not updated
2Jiandao Drastic MeasuresTwilight's Hammer-EU14825Not updated
4Salazar Order And ChaosTwilight's Hammer-EU14419Not updated
5Zandria The Spectral TigerTwilight's Hammer-EU14233Not updated
6Tinytankadin Chillers IncTwilight's Hammer-EU12448Not updated
7Damarok MistbornTwilight's Hammer-EU11474Not updated
8Rangedimpact Chillers IncTwilight's Hammer-EU11442Not updated
9Lamphs Lost OriginTwilight's Hammer-EU10967Not updated
10Eightone The Nights WatchTwilight's Hammer-EU10836Not updated
11Grizly Lost OriginTwilight's Hammer-EU10458Not updated
12Comemore InfernumTwilight's Hammer-EU9812Not updated
13Lightbluee HellasTwilight's Hammer-EU9660Not updated
14Nightfurie I Stab Your FaceTwilight's Hammer-EU9521Not updated
15Gnosky ReapersTwilight's Hammer-EU9432Not updated
16Mwra oOTwilight's Hammer-EU9411Not updated
17Lillebrum  Twilight's Hammer-EU9385Not updated
18Deathbint Eis NeinTwilight's Hammer-EU9343Not updated
19Kazehiro Azure LuminumTwilight's Hammer-EU9198Not updated
20Zerbra SorrowTwilight's Hammer-EU9187Not updated
21Micromaten SorrowTwilight's Hammer-EU9179Not updated
22Ladda SorrowTwilight's Hammer-EU9050Not updated
23Quelsar PurgatoriumTwilight's Hammer-EU8974Not updated
24Tiarra AkadiansTwilight's Hammer-EU8901Not updated
25Bheilah PsychopathZTwilight's Hammer-EU8885Not updated
26Gretell  Twilight's Hammer-EU8753Not updated
27Rhus Band Of BrothersTwilight's Hammer-EU8746Not updated
28Eluria Vae VictisTwilight's Hammer-EU8681Not updated
29Allaniára  Twilight's Hammer-EU8662Not updated
30Crazzybeach Lost OriginTwilight's Hammer-EU8648Not updated
31Mpoultozas  Twilight's Hammer-EU8633Not updated
32Ypøptøs KineticTwilight's Hammer-EU8629Not updated
33Asximias Order Of Gul danTwilight's Hammer-EU8600Not updated
34Quantumleapr AkvavitTwilight's Hammer-EU8590Not updated
35Lauryl ResurgenceTwilight's Hammer-EU8570Not updated
36Fntinos OI BARBAROITwilight's Hammer-EU8566Not updated
37Artlock The MyrmidonesTwilight's Hammer-EU8563Not updated
37Fxxntinos OI BARBAROITwilight's Hammer-EU8563Not updated
39Stetheleh PRIMORDIALTwilight's Hammer-EU8480Not updated
40Tamiyó NinjaDolphs DojoTwilight's Hammer-EU8470Not updated
41Kanwoloto  Twilight's Hammer-EU8403Not updated
42Vrajitoarea The PrimesTwilight's Hammer-EU8401Not updated
43Dim Shadow of the Last OrderTwilight's Hammer-EU8342Not updated
44Rhoswên VoltageTwilight's Hammer-EU8337Not updated
45Mitrux Circle of NerzhulTwilight's Hammer-EU8296Not updated
46Dwanedibbly No Guns BlazingTwilight's Hammer-EU8281Not updated
47Salamance Order And ChaosTwilight's Hammer-EU8214Not updated
48Babløg Danish ImmortalTwilight's Hammer-EU8171Not updated
49Drephard NinjaDolphs DojoTwilight's Hammer-EU8146Not updated
50Strack SamuraiTwilight's Hammer-EU8144Not updated
50Beliál ALLSTARSTwilight's Hammer-EU8144Not updated
52Irinim NinjaDolphs DojoTwilight's Hammer-EU8140Not updated
52Noreak NinjaDolphs DojoTwilight's Hammer-EU8140Not updated
54Deathsuitsme Chillers IncTwilight's Hammer-EU8102Not updated
55Kruxien Sinister MinistryTwilight's Hammer-EU8053Not updated
56Kahlae PerniciousTwilight's Hammer-EU8051Not updated
57Uglyxdk Danish ImmortalTwilight's Hammer-EU8044Not updated
58Magzey AeonTwilight's Hammer-EU8030Not updated
59Nazuke Bro CodeTwilight's Hammer-EU7972Not updated
60Handfaste NidhöggTwilight's Hammer-EU7920Not updated
61Jordris Vae VictisTwilight's Hammer-EU7826Not updated
62Lightguided Order And ChaosTwilight's Hammer-EU7721Not updated
62Turbòx Order And ChaosTwilight's Hammer-EU7721Not updated
64Shadowangie  Twilight's Hammer-EU7684Not updated
65Shutien  Twilight's Hammer-EU7675Not updated
66Grumma Shadow OpsTwilight's Hammer-EU7668Not updated
67Royxlas Shadow of the Last OrderTwilight's Hammer-EU7666Not updated
68Solensi gank and ill get my mainTwilight's Hammer-EU7650Not updated
69Silveraxe Eternal ShadowsTwilight's Hammer-EU7634Not updated
70Flúx Blood and ThunderTwilight's Hammer-EU7583Not updated
71Devadoris  Twilight's Hammer-EU7577Not updated
72Madwitch Noca lectorTwilight's Hammer-EU7574Not updated
73Narany The TemptedTwilight's Hammer-EU7569Not updated
74Malwynn  Twilight's Hammer-EU7566Not updated
75Beldak NinjaDolphs DojoTwilight's Hammer-EU7561Not updated
76Shew Team KickassTwilight's Hammer-EU7550Not updated
77Sháme Wear The Fox HatTwilight's Hammer-EU7520Not updated
78Vargohoat LEGITTwilight's Hammer-EU7442Not updated
79Gromaxe Insane In The MembraneTwilight's Hammer-EU7422Not updated
80Mamiko Circle of NerzhulTwilight's Hammer-EU7277Not updated
81Opsofimhs MistbornTwilight's Hammer-EU7245Not updated
82Loveinacan Vikings From HellTwilight's Hammer-EU7199Not updated
83Strangé Drastic MeasuresTwilight's Hammer-EU7182Not updated
84Mugur No Matter The CostTwilight's Hammer-EU7166Not updated
85Ochila SHACTwilight's Hammer-EU7157Not updated
86Bimbou Bloodthirsty ClanTwilight's Hammer-EU7105Not updated
87Shamtaurus European Social ClubTwilight's Hammer-EU7054Not updated
88Khren Epd UnitedTwilight's Hammer-EU7043Not updated
89Faytality FearTwilight's Hammer-EU7037Not updated
90Mammamuul ResurgenceTwilight's Hammer-EU7008Not updated
91Zazaloom ReapersTwilight's Hammer-EU7005Not updated
92Ziwax Cursed GuardiansTwilight's Hammer-EU7004Not updated
93Nesi ALTSRUSTwilight's Hammer-EU6985Not updated
94Killerloop ELLHNESTwilight's Hammer-EU6977Not updated
95Fetvev NidhöggTwilight's Hammer-EU6937Not updated
96Namelia LucidityTwilight's Hammer-EU6922Not updated
97Kniferider  Twilight's Hammer-EU6918Not updated

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