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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Turalyon-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Mòón Rage QuitTuralyon-US17654Not updated
2Alanee Hordeland SecurityTuralyon-US16948Not updated
3Gyrren KumpaniaTuralyon-US15887Not updated
4Ourthur ThrowdowNTuralyon-US15684Not updated
5Rabelle The ForgottenTuralyon-US15523Not updated
6Eclipsa  Turalyon-US15513Not updated
7Mozonee Clan Redundancy ClanTuralyon-US15325Not updated
8Spellthief Stone Axe ClanTuralyon-US15207Not updated
9Roheryn Mostly HarmlessTuralyon-US15100Not updated
10Avish Disciples of GabrielTuralyon-US15085Not updated
11Tomatocheeks Happy CheeksTuralyon-US15046Not updated
12Marzie Comfortably NumbTuralyon-US14940Not updated
13Slowhip The ForgottenTuralyon-US14855Not updated
14Pearlz only the gnomelyTuralyon-US14666Not updated
15Serhawk NevermoreTuralyon-US14476Not updated
16Kangreil  Turalyon-US14200Not updated
17Bozgor The Phoenix RebornTuralyon-US14035Not updated
18Jourgensen MassacreTuralyon-US13931Not updated
19Wirewolf Care BearsTuralyon-US13852Not updated
20Papatree DaybreakTuralyon-US13514Not updated
21Labyrinthe Mostly HarmlessTuralyon-US13343Not updated
21Pudge Mostly HarmlessTuralyon-US13343Not updated
23Feelan Comfortably NumbTuralyon-US12976Not updated
24Althalos StoicTuralyon-US12880Not updated
25Chugatsubu Skulls and KrossbonesTuralyon-US12859Not updated
26Zinsha Organized CrimeTuralyon-US12797Not updated
27Thorgan  Turalyon-US12488Not updated
28Backlist NephilimTuralyon-US12445Not updated
29Mstress Fraternitas ExemplarTuralyon-US12203Not updated
30Lysialana The Triad AllianceTuralyon-US11954Not updated
31Juliannae Shameless OnesTuralyon-US11801Not updated
32Ilsea Hordeland SecurityTuralyon-US11761Not updated
33Whispere  Turalyon-US11750Not updated
34Wildcherry ViralTuralyon-US11748Not updated
35Klarq Sanctum of DreamsTuralyon-US11591Not updated
36Kayleana NocturnalTuralyon-US11579Not updated
37Elséy TimelessTuralyon-US11566Not updated
37Ozymondias TimelessTuralyon-US11566Not updated
39Jadessong Outcry of InsanityTuralyon-US11507Not updated
39Phaun Outcry of InsanityTuralyon-US11507Not updated
41Djali OnslaughtTuralyon-US11373Not updated
42Nitestarr Outcry of InsanityTuralyon-US11347Not updated
43Kerlistan In the MountainsTuralyon-US11274Not updated
44Bojangles alien nationTuralyon-US11246Not updated
44Lockermaid alien nationTuralyon-US11246Not updated
44Tammylu alien nationTuralyon-US11246Not updated
47Shadowpuss Inglorious BasthordesTuralyon-US11232Not updated
48Sareana Higher EvolutionTuralyon-US11196Not updated
48Sarlayna Scarlet CrusaderTuralyon-US11196Not updated
50Anakinra ÀbsolutionTuralyon-US11195Not updated
51Vivitroll Death and DecayTuralyon-US11051Not updated
52Rogelio Company of WolvesTuralyon-US10936Not updated
53Shincha DragonsbaneTuralyon-US10927Not updated
54Iliara MassacreTuralyon-US10687Not updated
55Moramatil ThrowdowNTuralyon-US10555Not updated
56Bownie Hordeland SecurityTuralyon-US10423Not updated
57Akhmatova DawnbreakerTuralyon-US10380Not updated
58Naughtyspice Shake Weight RaidersTuralyon-US10349Not updated
59Hoozurmomma Horde KountryTuralyon-US10302Not updated
60Fryè Uncivilized PiratesTuralyon-US10278Not updated
61Rjakh Warlords of ChaosTuralyon-US10242Not updated
62Necroius KumpaniaTuralyon-US10206Not updated
63Rakroth Rude AwakeningTuralyon-US10097Not updated
64Zivallia ImagineTuralyon-US10069Not updated
65Hangrywench The Beard of ZeusTuralyon-US10068Not updated
66Soli SWCTuralyon-US10047Not updated
67Daèlm NephilimTuralyon-US10023Not updated
68Minicookies Dark SummitTuralyon-US9971Not updated
69Dantheo  Turalyon-US9958Not updated
70Boropwns The MistakenTuralyon-US9909Not updated
71Raspathe Vanguard of TuralyonTuralyon-US9901Not updated
72Zyhalo VortexTuralyon-US9862Not updated
73Hereszin Veda KuusiTuralyon-US9798Not updated
74Maulsith Stab em and Slab emTuralyon-US9794Not updated
75Roszrua PortalTuralyon-US9793Not updated
76Pandamizer Outcry of InsanityTuralyon-US9773Not updated
77Knellszin The MistakenTuralyon-US9772Not updated
78Eyereen Veda KuusiTuralyon-US9746Not updated
78Dengshi Veda KuusiTuralyon-US9746Not updated
78Prodeus Veda KuusiTuralyon-US9746Not updated
78Treiszin Veda KuusiTuralyon-US9746Not updated
78Baeldorian Veda KuusiTuralyon-US9746Not updated
83Aranyszin Veda KuusiTuralyon-US9745Not updated
83Volpes Veda KuusiTuralyon-US9745Not updated
85Mortlorica Veda KuusiTuralyon-US9737Not updated
86Jeschalen PortalTuralyon-US9731Not updated
87Weathernight Death of EverybodyTuralyon-US9673Not updated
88Krymorious Server Maintenance CrewTuralyon-US9672Not updated
88Dirtyangel We Got ThisTuralyon-US9672Not updated
90Kjerstin Eats GnomesTuralyon-US9643Not updated
91Milkmeifucan GooniesTuralyon-US9631Not updated
92Gallifrey The Dark KingdomTuralyon-US9581Not updated
93Tuben FoETuralyon-US9551Not updated
94Paxston Ala RubraTuralyon-US9529Not updated
95Yijiao  Turalyon-US9516Not updated
96Shadowmooid Inglorious BasthordesTuralyon-US9469Not updated
97Kaedori  Turalyon-US9468Not updated
98Mystiqué insomniaTuralyon-US9435Not updated

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