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Turalyon-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Alanee Hordeland SecurityTuralyon-US16791
2Eclipsa  Turalyon-US15513Not updated
3Consuala The ForgottenTuralyon-US15447
4Gyrren KumpaniaTuralyon-US15436
5Ourthur EquinoxTuralyon-US15426
6Mozonee Clan Redundancy ClanTuralyon-US15204
7Tomatocheeks Happy CheeksTuralyon-US15046Not updated
8Dangerella Disciples of GabrielTuralyon-US15019Not updated
9Spellthief Stone Axe ClanTuralyon-US14803
10Marzie Comfortably NumbTuralyon-US14733
11Groggin CrowTuralyon-US14702
12Kangreil  Turalyon-US14200Not updated
13Bozgor The Phoenix RebornTuralyon-US14026
14Pearlz only the gnomelyTuralyon-US13968
15Liga MassacreTuralyon-US13900Not updated
16Hideous Care BearsTuralyon-US13724
17Prizzie Death of EverybodyTuralyon-US13614
18Labyrinthe Mostly HarmlessTuralyon-US13343Not updated
18Pudge Mostly HarmlessTuralyon-US13343Not updated
20Roheryn Mostly HarmlessTuralyon-US13304Not updated
21Chugatsubu Skulls and KrossbonesTuralyon-US12859Not updated
22Feelan Comfortably NumbTuralyon-US12806
23Papatree DaybreakTuralyon-US12791
24Xinsha Organized CrimeTuralyon-US12518Not updated
25Hoorack VividTuralyon-US12488Not updated
26Backlist NephilimTuralyon-US12445Not updated
27Mohiam TempestsTuralyon-US12378Not updated
28Lysialana The Triad AllianceTuralyon-US11954Not updated
29Whispere  Turalyon-US11750Not updated
30Wildcherry ViralTuralyon-US11736
31Chariel Fraternitas ExemplarTuralyon-US11665
32Summerbee Riders on the StormTuralyon-US11577
33Raxal Sanctum of DreamsTuralyon-US11572
34Elséy TimelessTuralyon-US11566Not updated
34Ozymondias TimelessTuralyon-US11566Not updated
36Althalos StoicTuralyon-US11387Not updated
37Juliannae Shameless OnesTuralyon-US11371
38Elsii Hordeland SecurityTuralyon-US11315
39Bojangles alien nationTuralyon-US11246Not updated
39Lockermaid alien nationTuralyon-US11246Not updated
39Tammylu alien nationTuralyon-US11246Not updated
42Kerlistan In the MountainsTuralyon-US11244
43Sareenya BeyondTuralyon-US11190
44Shadowkit Inglorious BasthordesTuralyon-US10831
45Akhmatova DawnbreakerTuralyon-US10380Not updated
46Bownie Hordeland SecurityTuralyon-US10375
47Mandiepandie ContingencyTuralyon-US10359Not updated
48Fryè Uncivilized PiratesTuralyon-US10278Not updated
49Rogelio Company of WolvesTuralyon-US10265
50Hoozurmomma Horde KountryTuralyon-US10206
51Jadessong Outcry of InsanityTuralyon-US10191
51Nitestarr Outcry of InsanityTuralyon-US10191Not updated
53Quimbee InsomniäTuralyon-US10176Not updated
54Sellys Riddle of SteelTuralyon-US10156
55Rakroth Rude AwakeningTuralyon-US10097Not updated
56Zivallia ImagineTuralyon-US10069Not updated
57Daèlm NephilimTuralyon-US10023Not updated
58Anakinra ÀbsolutionTuralyon-US9999Not updated
59Necroius KumpaniaTuralyon-US9989
60Christy Desperate Horde WivesTuralyon-US9984Not updated
60Kirstee VividTuralyon-US9984Not updated
60Chrissy VividTuralyon-US9984Not updated
63Mazikeen The Beard of ZeusTuralyon-US9971
64Dantheo  Turalyon-US9958Not updated
65Luzifer Fat Dragons Cant FlyTuralyon-US9898
66Sunyanzi PortalTuralyon-US9696Not updated
67Jaguarpaw Outcry of InsanityTuralyon-US9679
68Aranyszin Veda KuusiTuralyon-US9676
68Volpes Veda KuusiTuralyon-US9676
70Kjerstin Eats GnomesTuralyon-US9643
71Raspathe The Mortal GuardiansTuralyon-US9624Not updated
72Zyhalo VortexTuralyon-US9620Not updated
73Weathernight Death of EverybodyTuralyon-US9616
74Gallifrey The Dark KingdomTuralyon-US9578
75Paxston Ala RubraTuralyon-US9529Not updated
76Yijiao SupermassiveTuralyon-US9515
77Kindri  Turalyon-US9416Not updated
78Hereszin Veda KuusiTuralyon-US9359Not updated
79Treiszin Veda KuusiTuralyon-US9340Not updated
80Greaterchees  Turalyon-US9322
81Dirtyangel We Got ThisTuralyon-US9303
82Shadowlite Inglorious BasthordesTuralyon-US9285
83Orgami FoETuralyon-US9255Not updated
84Uchi  Turalyon-US9242
85Roszrua PortalTuralyon-US9235Not updated
86Itsmom  Turalyon-US9226
87Kolossal The Iron CrossTuralyon-US9145
88Vikter IneptTuralyon-US9139
88Vikt IneptTuralyon-US9139
90Gimdolian Dragons FangTuralyon-US9055
91Debreaux The Iron CrossTuralyon-US9008
92Stalinovich Chaotic NeutralTuralyon-US8975Not updated
93Rjakh Warlords of ChaosTuralyon-US8950Not updated
94Arconas HORDEcoreTuralyon-US8937
95Bazingapunk NephilimTuralyon-US8917
96Jasalina Stab em and Slab emTuralyon-US8884Not updated
97Allymcheal SWCTuralyon-US8872
98Sareníty Veda KuusiTuralyon-US8869
99Carianna KumpaniaTuralyon-US8866
100Gramie VindictusTuralyon-US8827

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