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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Trollbane-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Pakmax Shadow StalkersTrollbane-US16389
2Britnee No HelpTrollbane-US16373
3Khimaira Irrefutably InsaneTrollbane-US16325
4Ookerdooker  Trollbane-US15032
5Gooseduece  Trollbane-US13901Not updated
6Ookdasta  Trollbane-US12448Not updated
7Deathlok Praetorian VigilesTrollbane-US12021
8Wylderia  Trollbane-US11659Not updated
9Aliesa Bless The FallTrollbane-US11570
9Prissey Bless The FallTrollbane-US11570
11Liesa House of ZionTrollbane-US11547Not updated
11Zoan House of ZionTrollbane-US11547Not updated
11Pook House of ZionTrollbane-US11547Not updated
14Pooksqueal Bless The FallTrollbane-US11523
15Colddawn House of ZionTrollbane-US11486Not updated
15Blacksin House of ZionTrollbane-US11486Not updated
15Falisa House of ZionTrollbane-US11486Not updated
15Fineboo House of ZionTrollbane-US11486Not updated
15Bloodboo House of ZionTrollbane-US11486Not updated
20Dreaðpirate ExcessumTrollbane-US11473Not updated
21Lilykins Into the WildTrollbane-US11450
22Cowslip Team VentureTrollbane-US11270
23Uriziel AddictionTrollbane-US11231
24Rawpriest The Nathalian OrderTrollbane-US11217Not updated
25Itchytasty No HelpTrollbane-US11110Not updated
26Tantrica  Trollbane-US10863Not updated
27Xugna Down with the SicknessTrollbane-US10845Not updated
28Philatånus The Electric MayhemTrollbane-US10777Not updated
29Jimmyo DeathHoodTrollbane-US10664
30Lanstorm ProgressionTrollbane-US10438Not updated
31Winterfire Guardians of EternityTrollbane-US10412Not updated
32Feldegast The New RepublicTrollbane-US10338Not updated
33Shaor Dark VengeanceTrollbane-US10310Not updated
34Cindelia CensoredTrollbane-US10156
35Vivitrix The Electric MayhemTrollbane-US10146Not updated
36Vinblade Hand of the ReaperTrollbane-US10068Not updated
37Varda The Hellfire ClubTrollbane-US9994
38Ozze DenialTrollbane-US9789
39Taipans Relentless DestructionTrollbane-US9728Not updated
40Leandro Vingadores de TrollbaneTrollbane-US9716Not updated
41Wolflock Shadow StalkersTrollbane-US9673Not updated
42Gobdamnya Awakened LegendsTrollbane-US9620Not updated
43Stoneface EvoluçãoTrollbane-US9602
44Ralios Knights of the DragonsTrollbane-US9589Not updated
45Qevvin Mentally UnstableTrollbane-US9472
46Woknroll  Trollbane-US9452Not updated
47Shaucca ImpendingTrollbane-US9451
48Kaalar Irrefutably InsaneTrollbane-US9384
49Amasbeast CensoredTrollbane-US9356
50Brayja Duck Tales WoohooTrollbane-US9348Not updated
51Genisi Slightly TwistedTrollbane-US9328Not updated
52Talalara Acquired NobilityTrollbane-US9322
53Healsglyndur Tower of InsolenceTrollbane-US9282
54Samvimes The Army of the LordTrollbane-US9232Not updated
55Gamil LostonesTrollbane-US9217Not updated
56Tangu ManaBurners IncTrollbane-US9182Not updated
57Indago The BeguiledTrollbane-US9011Not updated
58Hurgg Barrens Landscaping CoTrollbane-US8831Not updated
59Nossavia Dark VengeanceTrollbane-US8825Not updated
60Abrahsteve DEMIGODSTrollbane-US8794Not updated
61Thesith EntourageTrollbane-US8786Not updated
62Itsuru does not like youTrollbane-US8783Not updated
62Mihuna does not like youTrollbane-US8783Not updated
64Xstasy Sinister SanctumTrollbane-US8760Not updated
65Deathswipe Waterboarding HordeTrollbane-US8756
66Reeid Xtrème FusionTrollbane-US8713
67Skinn Shades of DecayTrollbane-US8664
68Howlhunt Fly Like A G SixTrollbane-US8584Not updated
69Daarknrahl Barrens Landscaping CoTrollbane-US8579
70Afena Dark IntentionsTrollbane-US8566Not updated
71Icÿblûd Forever InfamousTrollbane-US8548Not updated
72Hawkalicious Castle BláckTrollbane-US8532
73Colony OnslaughtTrollbane-US8502
74Hanza  Trollbane-US8480Not updated
75Nightslasher vindictiveTrollbane-US8475Not updated
76Avassa ProphècyTrollbane-US8452Not updated
77Dianamoss Nuclear Launch DetectedTrollbane-US8446Not updated
78Runicpower EvoluçãoTrollbane-US8423
79Herrmien Shades of DecayTrollbane-US8422
80Holyhitz PariahTrollbane-US8416Not updated
80Gaeroth Shades of DecayTrollbane-US8416
82Saeyr ScandalTrollbane-US8413Not updated
83Capnstabbin Elite Strike ForceTrollbane-US8387Not updated
84Gtz the loony binTrollbane-US8348Not updated
85Creztufur  Trollbane-US8332
86Tangeline  Trollbane-US8326
87Raindrops  Trollbane-US8315
88Sinderella ConsumedTrollbane-US8277
89Heavyme Force of WhimsyTrollbane-US8232Not updated
90Whizgear Monolith of FearTrollbane-US8219Not updated
91Kylinas Cuties OnlyTrollbane-US8189
91Koara  Trollbane-US8189Not updated
93Tuulan  Trollbane-US8188Not updated
94Grïts Best Little Horde HouseTrollbane-US8173
95Shadowlou LouBankTrollbane-US8171

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