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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Tortheldrin-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Reconbravo  Tortheldrin-US14336Not updated
2Mulam Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US13457Not updated
3Zapata Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US10959
4Sylvi Born of ChaosTortheldrin-US10068Not updated
5Lundaek DaytripperTortheldrin-US9888Not updated
6Cupidspoint Not Without a FightTortheldrin-US9314
7Wubby DargonTortheldrin-US8888Not updated
8Nimby The Perfect InsanityTortheldrin-US8484Not updated
9Tonywolf KILLS FOR THRILLSTortheldrin-US7650Not updated
10Gyllan ProfaneTortheldrin-US7559Not updated
11Buddydog  Tortheldrin-US7522Not updated
12Deijiara Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US6800
13Jwoot ThunderstruckTortheldrin-US6682Not updated
14Aylana Eternal ImmortalzTortheldrin-US6625Not updated
15Wantssomelov ZazzTortheldrin-US6608Not updated
16Jenocidal Died in a Car FireTortheldrin-US6603Not updated
17Beartank  Tortheldrin-US6466Not updated
18Javlin HighlandersTortheldrin-US6257Not updated
19Hiauntie One ManTortheldrin-US6191Not updated
20Wardhen Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US6189
21Hasbeen FortuneTortheldrin-US6126Not updated
22Telerion The Perfect InsanityTortheldrin-US6058Not updated
23Snydorz WarpathTortheldrin-US6034Not updated
24Garignarosh DÅRKTortheldrin-US6010Not updated
25Relentlëss  Tortheldrin-US5758Not updated
26Dirtyvegas  Tortheldrin-US5704
27Johntalbain SubjugationTortheldrin-US5698Not updated
28Unholytaint Rinse and RepeatTortheldrin-US5681Not updated
29Innards Blue BanditosTortheldrin-US5679Not updated
30Gravecrawler Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US5666
31Hennee The Phoenix RisingTortheldrin-US5615
32Muttley  Tortheldrin-US5546Not updated
33Lintegorber ÆthernautsTortheldrin-US5540Not updated
34Ødysseus  Tortheldrin-US5509Not updated
35Mokmok  Tortheldrin-US5496Not updated
36Shovothar The Hell KnightsTortheldrin-US5475Not updated
37Donnlocker Blue BanditosTortheldrin-US5413Not updated
38Slaytøn ImmortalTortheldrin-US5399Not updated
39Kalecc FortuneTortheldrin-US5383Not updated
40Graogg  Tortheldrin-US5353Not updated
41Blazefang Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US5313Not updated
42Arenya ÀnnihilationTortheldrin-US5161Not updated
42Groob  Tortheldrin-US5161Not updated
44Redrumrotten The Ðìvíne LègácyTortheldrin-US5130Not updated
45Hurpdurp Arrested DevelopmentTortheldrin-US5065
46Nomadd Died in a Car FireTortheldrin-US5049Not updated
47Pitbulla RumRunnersTortheldrin-US5031Not updated
48Stormagedden  Tortheldrin-US5026Not updated
49Dakz Pie VendorTortheldrin-US5021Not updated
50Drimal Born of ChaosTortheldrin-US4955Not updated
51Paindriven Followers of EternityTortheldrin-US4915Not updated
52Scaretacticz  Tortheldrin-US4912Not updated
53Radium  Tortheldrin-US4907Not updated
54Foursquare  Tortheldrin-US4851Not updated
55Zuum  Tortheldrin-US4773Not updated
56Thegoonie Freelance ArmyTortheldrin-US4768Not updated
57Demonicferal Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US4722
58Powerstroke Deadly EncountersTortheldrin-US4697Not updated
59Valii  Tortheldrin-US4628Not updated
60Koraku Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US4618
61Tygranis Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US4538Not updated
62Hurryupndie  Tortheldrin-US4520Not updated
63Taldari Needs More CowbellTortheldrin-US4496Not updated
64Jazziedancer FortuneTortheldrin-US4441Not updated
65Blackeheart Resilience is FutileTortheldrin-US4415Not updated
66Zero Catastrophic CovenTortheldrin-US4345Not updated
67Nitpick  Tortheldrin-US4310Not updated
68Merribloom Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US4272Not updated
69Mortalities ÆthernautsTortheldrin-US4207Not updated
70Lunarblood HighlandersTortheldrin-US4172Not updated
71Sporkmeister Maybe Nextime BuddyTortheldrin-US4136Not updated
72Crimsonjudge Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US4094
73Zarraz Nàiléd ItTortheldrin-US4064Not updated
74Supergranny Maybe Nextime BuddyTortheldrin-US4063Not updated
75Whatamage Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US4037
76Sabrinna Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US4034Not updated
77Kânjï  Tortheldrin-US3944Not updated
78Tuskagedon  Tortheldrin-US3888Not updated
79Dulcevida FortuneTortheldrin-US3882Not updated
80Froggigger  Tortheldrin-US3881Not updated
81Kerdence Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US3857
82Gobthar DargonTortheldrin-US3841Not updated
83Demerit  Tortheldrin-US3829Not updated
84Dedasheaa Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US3820Not updated
85Belowzero  Tortheldrin-US3777Not updated
86Siejin  Tortheldrin-US3662Not updated
87Hati Arrested DevelopmentTortheldrin-US3644Not updated
88Puddinlynne KILLS FOR THRILLSTortheldrin-US3530Not updated
89Norgath  Tortheldrin-US3493Not updated
90Darkreeber Freelance ArmyTortheldrin-US3487Not updated
91Sudri Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US3439Not updated
92Lavirsuoira  Tortheldrin-US3366Not updated
93Galadrial UndisputedTortheldrin-US3339Not updated
94Gloriah Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US3332Not updated
95Hokon blood reapersTortheldrin-US3269Not updated
96Kazron Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US3227Not updated
97Mim FortuneTortheldrin-US3192Not updated
98Tonnex Legend of the Dark SoulTortheldrin-US3148Not updated
99Naadz RumRunnersTortheldrin-US3070Not updated
100Dcrider blood reapersTortheldrin-US3069Not updated

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