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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Todeswache-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Zigzigzillis Helden von AzérothTodeswache-EU17594Not updated
2Maidener Amicum et ProspereTodeswache-EU13600Not updated
3Nagar Bewaffnete SeniorenTodeswache-EU13588Not updated
4Qumaira Lex NoctisTodeswache-EU13428Not updated
5Jenay FreundeskreisTodeswache-EU13327Not updated
6Faramy deathproofTodeswache-EU12672Not updated
7Misfit Sca NehjoTodeswache-EU11986Not updated
8Darjsha PhoenixTodeswache-EU11672Not updated
9Widar Thunder StormTodeswache-EU11611Not updated
10Baraniss The New GenerationTodeswache-EU11473Not updated
11Sekhmeth Testardo AlleanzaTodeswache-EU11444Not updated
12Ruttchar Testardo AlleanzaTodeswache-EU11389Not updated
13Sumatrá Streiter des SchattensTodeswache-EU11258Not updated
14Krolldemar DrachenlordsTodeswache-EU11097Not updated
14Lorgohr DrachenlordsTodeswache-EU11097Not updated
16Tollgrimm DrachenlordsTodeswache-EU11096Not updated
17Torquíl Die tollkühne CrewTodeswache-EU11029Not updated
18Azetbur PhoenixTodeswache-EU11014Not updated
19Schamu Cheertrolls SchergenTodeswache-EU10102Not updated
20Timmerbold Voima VériTodeswache-EU10095Not updated
21Carmen Fortia CordaTodeswache-EU9923Not updated
22Elfenglanz Last Chaos TroopersTodeswache-EU9698Not updated
23Klingi Sâlvâ ÐignitateTodeswache-EU9688Not updated
24Chrysta Hüter der alten SittenTodeswache-EU9638Not updated
25Cidero Rache der HordeTodeswache-EU9623Not updated
26Vascuso Rache der HordeTodeswache-EU9569Not updated
27Gimboli Crusaders of the LeagentTodeswache-EU9562Not updated
28Soler Bewaffnete SeniorenTodeswache-EU9561Not updated
29Noluck Heldenhaft KrankTodeswache-EU9502Not updated
30Draxaria Angeli della morteTodeswache-EU9429Not updated
30Frippsel Angeli della morteTodeswache-EU9429Not updated
30Crysalia Angeli della morteTodeswache-EU9429Not updated
33Roonya Die Getreuen des KönigsTodeswache-EU9245Not updated
34Myrânón Sâlvâ ÐignitateTodeswache-EU9230Not updated
34Aédân Sâlvâ ÐignitateTodeswache-EU9230Not updated
36Lychera Thralls EliteTodeswache-EU9176Not updated
37Fenisa Hogger first tryTodeswache-EU9007Not updated
38Bazzor NomicrosTodeswache-EU9004Not updated
39Jerker Elunes GabenTodeswache-EU8999Not updated
40Rashputin Der UntergrundTodeswache-EU8987Not updated
41Zimp ChaostheorieTodeswache-EU8937Not updated
42Zoeshi Klingen des ErwachensTodeswache-EU8930Not updated
43Jägermiri BluthundeTodeswache-EU8919Not updated
44Naroon Die AussetzigenTodeswache-EU8888Not updated
45Whynot Bewaffnete SeniorenTodeswache-EU8879Not updated
46Keyleigh Bewahrer des alten KodexTodeswache-EU8862Not updated
47Hexerdude Söldner AzerothsTodeswache-EU8776Not updated
48Jimara Die tollkühne CrewTodeswache-EU8774Not updated
49Xioxi Voima VériTodeswache-EU8753Not updated
50Moyrina Llanes HeritageTodeswache-EU8669Not updated
51Lenhair  Todeswache-EU8587Not updated
52Birgitte Lôrd of WarTodeswache-EU8503Not updated
53Merlim Eisiger WindTodeswache-EU8501Not updated
54Nefari  Todeswache-EU8485Not updated
55Yanela Eastside OutlawsTodeswache-EU8355Not updated
55Jelica Eastside OutlawsTodeswache-EU8355Not updated
57Eraldiris ElysiúmTodeswache-EU8352Not updated
58Ceridween Diener der NachtTodeswache-EU8218Not updated
59Ailysha Die Schatten der NachtTodeswache-EU8201Not updated
60Keldoril Engel der NachtTodeswache-EU8187Not updated
61Brûnhîldê Sichel der FinsternisTodeswache-EU8060Not updated
62Corîna Lôrd of WarTodeswache-EU8012Not updated
63Satasma  Todeswache-EU7976Not updated
64Andramus PhoenixTodeswache-EU7959Not updated
65Cuffhernie  Todeswache-EU7944Not updated
66Borija  Todeswache-EU7909Not updated
66Alkodon  Todeswache-EU7909Not updated
68Tigerherz Rache der HordeTodeswache-EU7907Not updated
69Quileut Cohortes DraconisTodeswache-EU7848Not updated
69Sylaia PerplexTodeswache-EU7848Not updated
71Súey Cheertrolls SchergenTodeswache-EU7827Not updated
72Tabata PegasusTodeswache-EU7819Not updated
73Günzelsen  Todeswache-EU7665Not updated
74Bája Engel der NachtTodeswache-EU7657Not updated
75Reia Der FlammensturmTodeswache-EU7633Not updated
76Élliéll InFidemTodeswache-EU7610Not updated
77Shatterrock Söldner AzerothsTodeswache-EU7588Not updated
78Fridhuuf Rest der WeltTodeswache-EU7586Not updated
79Knüppeldrauf  Todeswache-EU7540Not updated
80Klío Heldenhaft KrankTodeswache-EU7517Not updated
81Grundeln The New GenerationTodeswache-EU7501Not updated
82Eneja Acia TyrTodeswache-EU7495Not updated
83Starsurfer Night LifeTodeswache-EU7484Not updated
84Port Templer des BlutmondesTodeswache-EU7476Not updated
85Niellä Finstere EngelTodeswache-EU7467Not updated
86Reyk PhoenixTodeswache-EU7447Not updated
87Monsenieur Tales from the PastTodeswache-EU7418Not updated
88Nuobine Die Faust des LichtsTodeswache-EU7415Not updated
89Wyndy lethal weaponTodeswache-EU7405Not updated
89Mindni PhoenixTodeswache-EU7405Not updated
91Sharielle Die AussetzigenTodeswache-EU7394Not updated
92Grazy Der FlammensturmTodeswache-EU7390Not updated
92Pken  Todeswache-EU7390Not updated
94Hardralor NomicrosTodeswache-EU7386Not updated
95Ívy Die AussetzigenTodeswache-EU7385Not updated

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