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Tichondrius-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Shiyiya Old GuardTichondrius-US11515
2Lufia Old GuardTichondrius-US7278
3Tom Old GuardTichondrius-US7182Not updated
3Jane Old GuardTichondrius-US7182Not updated
5Unlocky Old GuardTichondrius-US7139Not updated
6Sperkle Old GuardTichondrius-US6925Not updated
7Shenzu Old GuardTichondrius-US6807
8Donnab Old GuardTichondrius-US6233
9Bowflex Old GuardTichondrius-US6087
10Blackbreath Old GuardTichondrius-US5688Not updated
11Mooiio Old GuardTichondrius-US5678
12Jaidynne Old GuardTichondrius-US5517
13Shimilia Old GuardTichondrius-US5257
14Spartanmojo Old GuardTichondrius-US4983Not updated
15Subarashiì Old GuardTichondrius-US4976Not updated
16Balagrog Old GuardTichondrius-US4930
17Roxeni Old GuardTichondrius-US4847
18Pocketfox Old GuardTichondrius-US4825
19Gord Old GuardTichondrius-US4781
20Icefyre Old GuardTichondrius-US4767
21Grendelkin Old GuardTichondrius-US4304Not updated
22Shortends Old GuardTichondrius-US4238
23Scaredycats Old GuardTichondrius-US4027
24Soulcraft Old GuardTichondrius-US3948Not updated
25Mariamystar Old GuardTichondrius-US3792Not updated
26Makamai Old GuardTichondrius-US2678Not updated
27Stònes Old GuardTichondrius-US2671Not updated
28Senøj Old GuardTichondrius-US2127
29Olwiena Old GuardTichondrius-US2101
30Doonie Old GuardTichondrius-US2046Not updated
31Tamandiss Old GuardTichondrius-US1756Not updated
32Seerine Old GuardTichondrius-US1488
33Deadmoon Old GuardTichondrius-US1481Not updated
34Jìmbei Old GuardTichondrius-US1251
35Okinawa Old GuardTichondrius-US1063Not updated
36Aeshe Old GuardTichondrius-US1040Not updated
37Kagochan Old GuardTichondrius-US904
38Illyaa Old GuardTichondrius-US884Not updated
39Sourdiesël Old GuardTichondrius-US879
40Kajamyr Old GuardTichondrius-US802
41Scheerah Old GuardTichondrius-US774Not updated
42Pinksparkles Old GuardTichondrius-US764
43Smoof Old GuardTichondrius-US748
44Tesla Old GuardTichondrius-US744
45Chayat Old GuardTichondrius-US740
46Heavyshield Old GuardTichondrius-US736Not updated
47Maía Old GuardTichondrius-US734
48Elight Old GuardTichondrius-US714Not updated
49Cäke Old GuardTichondrius-US686
50Robpaulsen Old GuardTichondrius-US685
51Truushot Old GuardTichondrius-US679
52Asriella Old GuardTichondrius-US639Not updated
53Evgs Old GuardTichondrius-US620
54Picklez Old GuardTichondrius-US614Not updated
55Squeebz Old GuardTichondrius-US603
56Rans Old GuardTichondrius-US592
57Solaron Old GuardTichondrius-US574
58Yawomen Old GuardTichondrius-US559
59Peon Old GuardTichondrius-US540Not updated
60Tetonka Old GuardTichondrius-US491
61Tempêst Old GuardTichondrius-US486
62Gondayna Old GuardTichondrius-US471
63Pellett Old GuardTichondrius-US449
64Dsko Old GuardTichondrius-US433Not updated
65Haezul Old GuardTichondrius-US430Not updated
66Bubbubs Old GuardTichondrius-US421
67Dogbonex Old GuardTichondrius-US408
68Deadsi Old GuardTichondrius-US367Not updated
69Elveneleven Old GuardTichondrius-US366Not updated
70Vurth Old GuardTichondrius-US362Not updated
71Hemaniac Old GuardTichondrius-US359Not updated
72Ûßer Old GuardTichondrius-US340
73Yetospriest Old GuardTichondrius-US314Not updated
74Zulumus Old GuardTichondrius-US312
75Banesfury Old GuardTichondrius-US310Not updated
76Valamagulis Old GuardTichondrius-US308
77Moochtastic Old GuardTichondrius-US306Not updated
78Prostrate Old GuardTichondrius-US301
78Sindrosa Old GuardTichondrius-US301
80Vallyin Old GuardTichondrius-US296Not updated
81Velasandra Old GuardTichondrius-US291
82Rageman Old GuardTichondrius-US261
83Fermizzle Old GuardTichondrius-US259Not updated
84Erramenterr Old GuardTichondrius-US254Not updated
85Muricas Old GuardTichondrius-US252
86Cujal Old GuardTichondrius-US250
87Zexel Old GuardTichondrius-US249Not updated
88Nakgu Old GuardTichondrius-US246
89Kilrad Old GuardTichondrius-US241Not updated
90Hamiam Old GuardTichondrius-US230
91Exmortis Old GuardTichondrius-US221
92Hellabusa Old GuardTichondrius-US218
93Oggie Old GuardTichondrius-US217
93Obsenity Old GuardTichondrius-US217
95Karnagë Old GuardTichondrius-US213
96Moxxi Old GuardTichondrius-US212
97Dorsona Old GuardTichondrius-US202Not updated
98Djasi Old GuardTichondrius-US200
99Smilingjack Old GuardTichondrius-US197
100Desmonnick Old GuardTichondrius-US195

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