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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Tichondrius-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Zaida  Tichondrius-US16342Not updated
2Jaxxitz Pants OptionalTichondrius-US16095Not updated
3Drbones Fellowship of the RingTichondrius-US15852Not updated
4Unknowm CriminalTichondrius-US15584Not updated
5Stikkman BadaclysmTichondrius-US15081Not updated
6Bouncelikeme  Tichondrius-US14798Not updated
7Discopapa Eminent ElitistTichondrius-US14351Not updated
8Aspirix CadenzaTichondrius-US14049Not updated
9Jarlann Team HawaiiTichondrius-US14010Not updated
10Syah C H A O STichondrius-US13958Not updated
11Lanfeär Est Solarus Oth MithasTichondrius-US13858Not updated
12Bullcrop  Tichondrius-US13657Not updated
13Opteron  Tichondrius-US13612Not updated
14Noobd DiabolicTichondrius-US13041Not updated
15Trollykillyu Shirley TemplarsTichondrius-US12966Not updated
16Psuedomonas What WhatTichondrius-US12365Not updated
17Wankenstien  Tichondrius-US12300Not updated
18Killingsmoke watermelon felonsTichondrius-US12194Not updated
19Klydasaurus  Tichondrius-US12083Not updated
20Indebt MexicansTichondrius-US11957Not updated
21Maylock NearDeathTichondrius-US11812Not updated
22Diremar Down for MaintenanceTichondrius-US11606Not updated
23Shimia EnigmaTichondrius-US11593Not updated
24Shiyiya Old GuardTichondrius-US11515Not updated
25Jhoey EvolutionTichondrius-US11512Not updated
26Zergx Gods of ThunderTichondrius-US11319Not updated
27Zorzzle HarmoniumTichondrius-US11019Not updated
28Forsayken  Tichondrius-US11004Not updated
29Rnbowrandolf HarmoniumTichondrius-US10925Not updated
30Gankymcstab Shirley TemplarsTichondrius-US10922Not updated
31Freaknbigcow Blacked OutTichondrius-US10893Not updated
32Moonkybalboa Kindergarten Magic ShowTichondrius-US10873Not updated
33Yephick Midlife crisisTichondrius-US10871Not updated
34Grandwizard BulldozerTichondrius-US10814Not updated
35Sawajiri InsomniaTichondrius-US10796Not updated
36Atramp NocturnalTichondrius-US10728Not updated
37Hypopyon What WhatTichondrius-US10692Not updated
38Maurta NearDeathTichondrius-US10607Not updated
39Monkykingtip on globalTichondrius-US10589Not updated
40Boltzilla The Uprising LegionTichondrius-US10526Not updated
41Fearllord  Tichondrius-US10476Not updated
42Ogrezero Gileshammers RevengeTichondrius-US10338Not updated
43Rocme Pure Violent PainTichondrius-US10279Not updated
44Sackuk Lords of DamnationTichondrius-US10225Not updated
45Frooty Les B HonestTichondrius-US10131Not updated
46Kateykate one lesson per dayTichondrius-US10065Not updated
47Okrik PvPrixTichondrius-US10061Not updated
48Dungbeetle InsomniaTichondrius-US10013Not updated
49Greenarröw Gods of ThunderTichondrius-US9982Not updated
50Wood Next Gen PvPTichondrius-US9974Not updated
51Kawaii  Tichondrius-US9844Not updated
52Sarathian Midnight VanguardTichondrius-US9827Not updated
53Rowé Pokemon MasterTichondrius-US9799Not updated
54Nightshâde AnatomyTichondrius-US9796Not updated
55Reaux Syns SyndicateTichondrius-US9784Not updated
55Rowecrux SindicateTichondrius-US9784Not updated
57Guugulplex InsomniaTichondrius-US9729Not updated
58Alaylaria Monkey ClustersTichondrius-US9685Not updated
59Shidoso RBG and ARENATichondrius-US9602Not updated
60Rage Most dominant everTichondrius-US9597Not updated
61Bitshag UnitedTichondrius-US9550Not updated
62Manatric Wrath Of The TitansTichondrius-US9544Not updated
63Phydra  Tichondrius-US9504Not updated
64Rektha AJTichondrius-US9465Not updated
65Happybunny HarmoniumTichondrius-US9454Not updated
66Aonghas Novus Ordo SeclorumTichondrius-US9423Not updated
67Sarapailadin Hello Kitty Pirate ClubTichondrius-US9406Not updated
68Klawe InsomniaTichondrius-US9365Not updated
69Hills Blacked OutTichondrius-US9349Not updated
70Butterstuff Flawless VictoryTichondrius-US9325Not updated
71Posionblade Friends n low PlacesTichondrius-US9277Not updated
72Repsis  Tichondrius-US9274Not updated
72Fonica DeliveranceTichondrius-US9274Not updated
74Snipérshot PvP BloodsTichondrius-US9067Not updated
75Qzburn  Tichondrius-US9049Not updated
76Ppaw Midlife crisisTichondrius-US9031Not updated
77Reshomgark The Lawl FirmTichondrius-US9030Not updated
78Oginsanity  Tichondrius-US9016Not updated
79Liverth GIRL GAMER DONATE BUTTONTichondrius-US8989Not updated
80Febri  Tichondrius-US8981Not updated
81Kleophus Apple CoreTichondrius-US8966Not updated
82Luckyjuke  Tichondrius-US8937Not updated
83Windguy  Tichondrius-US8929Not updated
84Coffeefix PREMADETichondrius-US8907Not updated
85Gwyneira Punch And PieTichondrius-US8901Not updated
86Jullyett AccelerateTichondrius-US8899Not updated
87Rumcoke Most dominant everTichondrius-US8881Not updated
88Holyxz Most dominant everTichondrius-US8858Not updated
89Fränkthëtänk tibustcrewTichondrius-US8843Not updated
90Outrun HavenTichondrius-US8829Not updated
91Satisfaktion Seal Team Six RBGsTichondrius-US8778Not updated
92Kariua Have Mains Will CampTichondrius-US8776Not updated
93Proçlivity Warlords of TichondriusTichondrius-US8739Not updated
94Juli  Tichondrius-US8737Not updated
95Alurnn  Tichondrius-US8736Not updated
96Unsullièd Titans of AnarchyTichondrius-US8730Not updated
97Bebochuckles ProfaneTichondrius-US8718Not updated
98Fergi ÂTFTichondrius-US8703Not updated
99Shenshui DONT HIT ME IM PREGNANTTichondrius-US8663Not updated
100Omagaddadiva ÜnknownTichondrius-US8645Not updated

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