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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Thrall-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Trollbart Therapy FailedThrall-EU20143Not updated
2Mârtri KyrillThrall-EU18760Not updated
3Sonnichen Power is EndlessThrall-EU17725Not updated
4Lilowanders Mag MorThrall-EU17442Not updated
5Jackycoke AcheronThrall-EU16798Not updated
6Raidchar AviusThrall-EU16748Not updated
7Teliana KyrillThrall-EU16326Not updated
8Yuttar Die VerschwiegenenThrall-EU16088Not updated
9Phantasmar  Thrall-EU16017Not updated
10Hispida TimelostThrall-EU15979Not updated
11Fiatpandâ ConvocaThrall-EU15635Not updated
12Zippsa The Banana KingsThrall-EU15419Not updated
13Innolia STORMThrall-EU15336Not updated
14Jaelle Drakkar NoirThrall-EU15245Not updated
15Chunglii TimelostThrall-EU15175Not updated
16Deadleff TephraThrall-EU15059Not updated
17Nio FrequencyThrall-EU15003Not updated
18Palindeus In ExtremuhThrall-EU14830Not updated
19Caoilinn DEVICEThrall-EU14802Not updated
20Lovexcia RaidclanThrall-EU14759Not updated
21Meriellis Vision QuestThrall-EU14741Not updated
22Auroranna  Thrall-EU14727Not updated
23Hurrok Infected HordeThrall-EU14589Not updated
24Tâubchen FOXThrall-EU14567Not updated
25Hamalutum TimelostThrall-EU14475Not updated
26Pandéla Spirit of DawnThrall-EU14325Not updated
27Tautos  Thrall-EU14288Not updated
28Flotsam  Thrall-EU14277Not updated
28Niqesse  Thrall-EU14277Not updated
30Corbyn  Thrall-EU14273Not updated
30Kearah  Thrall-EU14273Not updated
32Spiderrico NeroThrall-EU14218Not updated
33Kraftkuh  Thrall-EU14199Not updated
34Saferaxe  Thrall-EU14182Not updated
35Onodera  Thrall-EU14050Not updated
36Astate  Thrall-EU13975Not updated
37Alecto  Thrall-EU13925Not updated
38Nago Drakkar NoirThrall-EU13922Not updated
39Zepi OhanaThrall-EU13900Not updated
40Mêlyssa Thousand SinsThrall-EU13796Not updated
41Honich PredictedThrall-EU13773Not updated
42Tombär KurzschlussThrall-EU13662Not updated
42Bluecaz KurzschlussThrall-EU13662Not updated
42Zerin ArtaAmicitiaThrall-EU13662Not updated
45Hexmirac Gimps UnitedThrall-EU13661Not updated
46Smolly Odem der MachtThrall-EU13575Not updated
47Starhunter Prieuré de SionThrall-EU13547Not updated
47Cammeron Prieuré de SionThrall-EU13547Not updated
47Morganalafay Prieuré de SionThrall-EU13547Not updated
50Dakapo DEVICEThrall-EU13476Not updated
51Rotbahrt CookieMonsterzThrall-EU13330Not updated
52Noshtan OrcestraThrall-EU13318Not updated
53Aråmis  Thrall-EU13151Not updated
54Rorschach BraindeadThrall-EU13122Not updated
55Syroqq TimelostThrall-EU13002Not updated
56Russky NaitomeaThrall-EU12968Not updated
57Glypha Forgotten SaintsThrall-EU12645Not updated
58Eilantha W H FThrall-EU12551Not updated
59Rainbowrose CookieMonsterzThrall-EU12510Not updated
60Kiryla  Thrall-EU12354Not updated
61Shatti Gens der AllianzThrall-EU12240Not updated
62Schnacke KreuzträgerThrall-EU12169Not updated
63Auaweg KreuzträgerThrall-EU12160Not updated
64Begil RoninThrall-EU12158Not updated
65Lieschen KreuzträgerThrall-EU12088Not updated
65Lagermaus KreuzträgerThrall-EU12088Not updated
65Malkurz KreuzträgerThrall-EU12088Not updated
65Stoffie KreuzträgerThrall-EU12088Not updated
65Eisgirl KreuzträgerThrall-EU12088Not updated
70Goldmox Tor ins FegefeuerThrall-EU12084Not updated
71Bobandrews New ChaosThrall-EU12040Not updated
72Skÿlÿ  Thrall-EU11960Not updated
73Murkix UnpredictableThrall-EU11943Not updated
74Jardas Nordische GötterThrall-EU11611Not updated
75Kadoc VindelicorumThrall-EU11598Not updated
76Aeldrynn the chosen fewThrall-EU11525Not updated
77Metzgerbaby Vision QuestThrall-EU11522Not updated
78Plesiale Remote ControlledThrall-EU11511Not updated
79Nótarzt UnisexThrall-EU11470Not updated
80Nêetya the chosen fewThrall-EU11434Not updated
81Tensugar  Thrall-EU11340Not updated
82Chandara NarkotikaThrall-EU11303Not updated
83Elìse HonorableThrall-EU11214Not updated
84Muline OrcestraThrall-EU11099Not updated
85Koboldi Klar soweitThrall-EU11068Not updated
86Tharum Volatu DraconìsThrall-EU11037Not updated
87Zuwezara RIPThrall-EU11035Not updated
88Iskariott KyrillThrall-EU10995Not updated
89Bløndie  Thrall-EU10981Not updated
90Ambystoma  Thrall-EU10974Not updated
91Aleksius Gens der AllianzThrall-EU10967Not updated
92Trilu excítareThrall-EU10958Not updated
93Windspiel UnnamedThrall-EU10930Not updated
94Garoschak EinherjerThrall-EU10891Not updated
95Orgrîm eXudusThrall-EU10889Not updated
96Grünphase Original mit UntertitelThrall-EU10845Not updated
97Veridiana pentaxThrall-EU10810Not updated
98Anthalia Guardians of HonorThrall-EU10792Not updated
99Sátániá TalionThrall-EU10757Not updated
100Talfa Die Helden von ThrallThrall-EU10737Not updated

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