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The Underbog-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Mogoo PoisonedThe Underbog-US14788
2Zyleen Phoenix On FireThe Underbog-US13127
3Myz Armed ForcesThe Underbog-US10237Not updated
4Syanala blackhawksThe Underbog-US10005Not updated
5Aife blackhawksThe Underbog-US10003Not updated
6Citlali blackhawksThe Underbog-US9795
7Jormungar Cimmerian NationThe Underbog-US9743
8Zenuzit  The Underbog-US9415
9Frowhite Lloyd border patrolThe Underbog-US9259Not updated
9Agrimensor Lloyd border patrolThe Underbog-US9259Not updated
11Missnaughty PatienceThe Underbog-US8799Not updated
12Swiftandtru RebornThe Underbog-US8716
13Waltir RebornThe Underbog-US8072
14Rakharm  The Underbog-US7876Not updated
15Alidee hells heroesThe Underbog-US7827Not updated
16Dragondagger Phoenix On FireThe Underbog-US7813
17Laban  The Underbog-US7803Not updated
18Yeepie Coffee ShopThe Underbog-US7759Not updated
19Harloww ROFL HouseThe Underbog-US7576Not updated
20Lilim I sit on my armThe Underbog-US7525
21Redsnow AvantasiaThe Underbog-US7506
22Quincar  The Underbog-US7357
23Blesser FEARPLAYERSThe Underbog-US7312Not updated
24Udone SabotageThe Underbog-US7273
25Jirai Mass ExodusThe Underbog-US7231
26Oneg ANGELS OF DARKNESSThe Underbog-US7217
27Pazzman SabotageThe Underbog-US7187
28Tenzin InebriatiThe Underbog-US7156
29Ingrey SanctumThe Underbog-US7148Not updated
30Othes  The Underbog-US7115Not updated
31Quaisoir SanctumThe Underbog-US7065Not updated
32Myschief Tainted SoulsThe Underbog-US7029
33Orkfi  The Underbog-US7017
34Tesana PrimevalThe Underbog-US6924Not updated
35Wickedlester Res Ipsa LoquiturThe Underbog-US6869Not updated
36Astrex Lloyd border patrolThe Underbog-US6831Not updated
37Shayon PoisonedThe Underbog-US6815
38Underhanded SabotageThe Underbog-US6737
39Pattanks Justice for allThe Underbog-US6702Not updated
40Jasongomez Tainted SoulsThe Underbog-US6694Not updated
41Dracvoo The MechaniquesThe Underbog-US6604Not updated
42Kiebosh Offensive Guild NameThe Underbog-US6538
43Luanna MortalitisThe Underbog-US6524Not updated
44Dontlöökatme Tainted SoulsThe Underbog-US6389
45Saerian ConjureThe Underbog-US6366Not updated
46Winlex Cimmerian NationThe Underbog-US6301
47Astrona Knights of WarThe Underbog-US6229
48Oakshadow Sword of FaithThe Underbog-US6179
49Nisshan Knights of WarThe Underbog-US6168
50Zillena RebornThe Underbog-US6165
51Eirianwen RebornThe Underbog-US6122
52Dagdenton Sword of FaithThe Underbog-US6118Not updated
53Garedneck Frugal InspirationsThe Underbog-US6102Not updated
54Kamitsubusha PoisonedThe Underbog-US6101
55Ninluv PoisonedThe Underbog-US6074
56Clawreece U suk and cant joinThe Underbog-US6064Not updated
57Vylea Valar MorghulisThe Underbog-US6044
58Amelorn Chaos RidersThe Underbog-US6043Not updated
59Cyanotica Night LegionThe Underbog-US6004Not updated
60Gilanden Res Ipsa LoquiturThe Underbog-US5992Not updated
61Kohanim blackhawksThe Underbog-US5991
62Sindrome Coffee ShopThe Underbog-US5924Not updated
63Reddirt Horde ResistanceThe Underbog-US5914
64Vulgrim Tainted SoulsThe Underbog-US5905
64Dheroin  The Underbog-US5905Not updated
66Mutalation Mass ExodusThe Underbog-US5812
67Shandrat ANGELS OF DARKNESSThe Underbog-US5756
68Missjean NO DRAMAThe Underbog-US5740Not updated
69Seeyounte ANGELS OF DARKNESSThe Underbog-US5724
69Crimsonfade Exiled LegionThe Underbog-US5724
71Ttshadow PrimevalThe Underbog-US5714Not updated
72Retsam NemesisThe Underbog-US5712Not updated
73Itchelf Moonglade KeepThe Underbog-US5701Not updated
74Ameeron Agents of FortuneThe Underbog-US5687Not updated
75Zarilasong The Epic GlitterThe Underbog-US5680Not updated
76ßellamorte Tainted SoulsThe Underbog-US5639
77Torolectric PoisonedThe Underbog-US5634
78Nygol The HordeThe Underbog-US5612Not updated
79Quikgem TwisTing FaTeThe Underbog-US5607Not updated

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