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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

The Maelstrom-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Zwavel Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU7492Not updated
2Palamarc Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU7181Not updated
3Meqéllà Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU6574Not updated
4Curare Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU6181Not updated
5Qani Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU5764Not updated
6Dorelai Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU5687Not updated
7Determinant Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU5562Not updated
8Flarck Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU5502Not updated
9Pandabu Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU5409Not updated
10Tilka Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU4793Not updated
11Taschu Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU4752Not updated
12Sheril Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU4743Not updated
13Fillin Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU4551Not updated
14Nanami Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU4541Not updated
15Natari Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU3953Not updated
16Roozje Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU2981Not updated
17Saeya Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU2574Not updated
18Isilama Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU2004Not updated
19Adamaro Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU1966Not updated
20Lieren Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU1949Not updated
21Syromay Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU1862Not updated
22Mikeeyy Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU1635Not updated
23Dèrpiina Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU1584Not updated
24Alorei Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU1558Not updated
25Fjantepriest Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU1492Not updated
26Kosnyál Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU1406Not updated
27Burkex Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU1384Not updated
28Ginsei Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU1347Not updated
29Yussop Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU1235Not updated
30Randium Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU1233Not updated
31Galirion Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU1162Not updated
32Stumple Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU1150Not updated
33Bowgasim Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU1120Not updated
34Chilisås Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU1114Not updated
35Celandine Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU1083Not updated
36Draja Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU985Not updated
37Hjör Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU941Not updated
38Strüssmann Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU898Not updated
39Luxkin Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU748Not updated
40Hoplan Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU717Not updated
41Haqz Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU617Not updated
42Ignityra Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU562Not updated
43Vaelaa Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU524Not updated
44Boella Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU491Not updated
45Bacóncheese Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU461Not updated
46Arktisk Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU449Not updated
47Demonicwrath Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU448Not updated
48Kuroshi Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU437Not updated
49Hyperíõn Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU388Not updated
50Yøggibear Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU386Not updated
51Cypeia Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU384Not updated
52Knistelbyter Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU378Not updated
53Zeimoon Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU373Not updated
54Kníghtlíng Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU370Not updated
55Nerfus Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU353Not updated
56Ettaboy Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU351Not updated
57Disorbia Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU338Not updated
58Aegis Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU336Not updated
59Clouddotz Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU328Not updated
60Eridà Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU324Not updated
61Stèèl Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU321Not updated
62Suuckmytotem Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU314Not updated
63Colnia Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU313Not updated
63Saixm Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU313Not updated
65Gobkin Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU302Not updated
65Sysick Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU302Not updated
67Tendto Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU289Not updated
68Iniuriale Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU278Not updated
69Corvínus Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU276Not updated
70Téslá Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU268Not updated
71Líth Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU257Not updated
72Calphad Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU249Not updated
73Saranya Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU245Not updated
74Shámróck Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU232Not updated
75Salima Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU231Not updated
76Lamepanda Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU223Not updated
77Liandriana Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU214Not updated
78Serafserafia Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU206Not updated
79Aveis Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU205Not updated
80Scuner Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU201Not updated
81Drotnas Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU189Not updated
82Kangee Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU187Not updated
83Brïmir Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU185Not updated
84Thyrone Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU184Not updated
85Nehelix Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU180Not updated
86Iblowbubbles Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU172Not updated
87Dèvaz Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU168Not updated
88Blodigdød Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU165Not updated
89Prezzý Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU164Not updated
90Birdflap Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU162Not updated
90Gluteus Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU162Not updated
92Shiandria Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU161Not updated
93Olorìn Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU154Not updated
94Whipperwill Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU147Not updated
95Kushieda Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU144Not updated
95Julaju Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU144Not updated
97Ruljo Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU142Not updated
98Cecela Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU140Not updated
98Nixmonk Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU140Not updated
98Jænu Macho MenThe Maelstrom-EU140Not updated

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