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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

The Forgotten Coast-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Mawdeeb AvatarThe Forgotten Coast-US18153Not updated
2Celticwoman Machete SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US12788Not updated
3Nippon Heralds of DestructionThe Forgotten Coast-US11237Not updated
4Weizifu Heralds of DestructionThe Forgotten Coast-US10536Not updated
5Blinkythebad At least we have stablesThe Forgotten Coast-US10190Not updated
6Xdocta Ferengi AcquisitionThe Forgotten Coast-US9823Not updated
7Mawmaw Shadow Ops GamingThe Forgotten Coast-US9629Not updated
8Getthisnow Cache Valley GamingThe Forgotten Coast-US9611Not updated
9Nubform ObsidianThe Forgotten Coast-US8874Not updated
10Foible PixxelsThe Forgotten Coast-US8849Not updated
11Yaml Cuniculi CavumThe Forgotten Coast-US8826Not updated
12Chlamydius Im So HordyThe Forgotten Coast-US8420Not updated
13Marlou The LiberatorsThe Forgotten Coast-US8382Not updated
14Lizycathory PhoenixThe Forgotten Coast-US8232Not updated
15Rokuren Order of ChaosThe Forgotten Coast-US8215Not updated
16Hairyscab AvatarThe Forgotten Coast-US8168Not updated
17Katsup Barretts PrivateersThe Forgotten Coast-US8110Not updated
18Moko HEAVENZ REIGNThe Forgotten Coast-US7962Not updated
19Sweetbjeezus PhoenixThe Forgotten Coast-US7958Not updated
20Mford At least we have stablesThe Forgotten Coast-US7893Not updated
21Areosmith  The Forgotten Coast-US7588Not updated
22Acylies Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US7564Not updated
23Surath AvatarThe Forgotten Coast-US7552Not updated
24Rockandrolla AvatarThe Forgotten Coast-US7541Not updated
25Junkyarddawg  The Forgotten Coast-US7420Not updated
26Imuredx SHOTS FIREDThe Forgotten Coast-US7252Not updated
27Møjojojo Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US7204Not updated
28Scottieboi  The Forgotten Coast-US7129Not updated
29Mice  The Forgotten Coast-US6972Not updated
30Ganjey The Crit ChanceThe Forgotten Coast-US6948Not updated
31Addell AvatarThe Forgotten Coast-US6941Not updated
32Disgruntled Echoes of MedivhThe Forgotten Coast-US6874Not updated
33Cyberdude Confederate Dark ArmyThe Forgotten Coast-US6870Not updated
33Fullsight Confederate Dark ArmyThe Forgotten Coast-US6870Not updated
35Necrowhisper Impossible Mission ForceThe Forgotten Coast-US6861Not updated
36Sìlhouette SeraphimThe Forgotten Coast-US6839Not updated
37Jasmynn skulheadsThe Forgotten Coast-US6805Not updated
38Sindrina AvatarThe Forgotten Coast-US6597Not updated
39Redfeild jackin it in san diegoThe Forgotten Coast-US6535Not updated
40Döntármõrÿmé SeraphimThe Forgotten Coast-US6467Not updated
41Shantera AvatarThe Forgotten Coast-US6444Not updated
42Freynor ArcaneThe Forgotten Coast-US6422Not updated
43Esmesorah skulheadsThe Forgotten Coast-US6420Not updated
44Bloodhunger Rated and HatedThe Forgotten Coast-US6418Not updated
45Darkmayhem SeraphimThe Forgotten Coast-US6414Not updated
46Dirtytroll SeraphimThe Forgotten Coast-US6384Not updated
47Rainfalls Blood IncThe Forgotten Coast-US6380Not updated
48Litharine Knights of AzerothThe Forgotten Coast-US6325Not updated
49Yudaho  The Forgotten Coast-US6306Not updated
50Shadria  The Forgotten Coast-US6298Not updated
51Mozeen Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US6268Not updated
52Zhora AvatarThe Forgotten Coast-US6232Not updated
53Honyolo SigmaThe Forgotten Coast-US6220Not updated
54Selene ArcaneThe Forgotten Coast-US6199Not updated
55Kickyandabut East Coast Raid SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US6190Not updated
56Minkie Machete SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US6122Not updated
57Violin ArcaneThe Forgotten Coast-US6116Not updated
58Lokhos ImmortalityThe Forgotten Coast-US6106Not updated
59Qqharderkid SigmaThe Forgotten Coast-US6100Not updated
60Sanskrit  The Forgotten Coast-US6070Not updated
61Mêowmix  The Forgotten Coast-US6047Not updated
62Oozaru Machete SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US6035Not updated
63Magnuscalgar Slobbering GoblinsThe Forgotten Coast-US6012Not updated
64Dalimar Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US5992Not updated
65Sarayne SeraphimThe Forgotten Coast-US5976Not updated
66Unwoven Knights of AzerothThe Forgotten Coast-US5930Not updated
67Scyld Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US5925Not updated
68Kleigh The Angry BeaversThe Forgotten Coast-US5901Not updated
69Freezè GSO IncThe Forgotten Coast-US5876Not updated
70Sakurajung  The Forgotten Coast-US5867Not updated
71Keynas Shadow Ops GamingThe Forgotten Coast-US5841Not updated
72Yojimba Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US5800Not updated
73Elq Knights of AzerothThe Forgotten Coast-US5785Not updated
74Mielliah OSGuildThe Forgotten Coast-US5772Not updated
75Meld Celtic BrotherhoodThe Forgotten Coast-US5765Not updated
76Sehanine Vikings of ValhallaThe Forgotten Coast-US5730Not updated
77Atlana PhoenixThe Forgotten Coast-US5689Not updated
77Bovinesofine Filthy Horde HouseThe Forgotten Coast-US5689Not updated
79Beefycow Cuniculi CavumThe Forgotten Coast-US5681Not updated
80Armadore Knights of AzerothThe Forgotten Coast-US5675Not updated
81Xo SeraphimThe Forgotten Coast-US5672Not updated
82Armarogue Knights of AzerothThe Forgotten Coast-US5670Not updated
83Mclloven  The Forgotten Coast-US5669Not updated
84Kitzle MacabreThe Forgotten Coast-US5630Not updated
85Udonthanee Champions of ConquestThe Forgotten Coast-US5621Not updated
86Shockq Machete SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US5617Not updated
87Ripnup  The Forgotten Coast-US5610Not updated
88Trisstessa  The Forgotten Coast-US5554Not updated
89Djelli RoAThe Forgotten Coast-US5524Not updated
90Bloodpact Knights of AzerothThe Forgotten Coast-US5518Not updated
91ßullshift SeraphimThe Forgotten Coast-US5512Not updated
92Coquette Hello Kitty Death SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US5491Not updated
92Lumtharion AvatarThe Forgotten Coast-US5491Not updated
94Eyesonme  The Forgotten Coast-US5482Not updated
95Genryu  The Forgotten Coast-US5480Not updated
96Nicotinex Glorious Of KingdomThe Forgotten Coast-US5455Not updated
97Klatuu SigmaThe Forgotten Coast-US5445Not updated
98Songare  The Forgotten Coast-US5423Not updated
99Vengeance  The Forgotten Coast-US5417Not updated
100Jeeves  The Forgotten Coast-US5385Not updated

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