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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Terenas-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Atlanna The UnremittingTerenas-EU14880Not updated
2Larabright Through Lights VeilTerenas-EU14332Not updated
3Torbica Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU14326Not updated
4Beul We got AggroTerenas-EU14266Not updated
5Maflis Unlikely Group of HeroesTerenas-EU14187Not updated
6Lopendbuffet De Ronde TafelTerenas-EU14025Not updated
7Simonca United KingdomsTerenas-EU13941Not updated
8Loetie DevotedTerenas-EU13826Not updated
9Tavanar ZenithTerenas-EU13537Not updated
10Holymalice Lost InnocenceTerenas-EU12893Not updated
11Graven Shadows of RetributionTerenas-EU12142Not updated
12Metzina Reservoir UnionTerenas-EU11543Not updated
13Greebol JadedTerenas-EU11388Not updated
14Snoepy  Terenas-EU11127Not updated
15Louiscarlos  Terenas-EU11058Not updated
16Róadblock We got AggroTerenas-EU10764Not updated
17Alienates HeadhuntersTerenas-EU10448Not updated
18Mystyq Fortibus Fortuna FavetTerenas-EU10165Not updated
19Lumikor Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU10121Not updated
20Båtsman Murlocs stole my socksTerenas-EU10018Not updated
21Rougor Tears Of The DragonTerenas-EU9942Not updated
22Vinabmi The AscendedTerenas-EU9870Not updated
23Nadala Night WatchTerenas-EU9746Not updated
24Kiekentje Slackers IncTerenas-EU9737Not updated
25Hotshoot Unlikely Group of HeroesTerenas-EU9638Not updated
26Iia OutbreakTerenas-EU9557Not updated
27Turniphoof REZISTANCETerenas-EU9518Not updated
28Droford OutbreakTerenas-EU9499Not updated
29Braý Spirit of AlarTerenas-EU9489Not updated
30Bombel Never Back DownTerenas-EU9447Not updated
31Shamalien Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU9429Not updated
32Blueterry Just Takes TwoTerenas-EU9426Not updated
33Luluvia flying dutchmenTerenas-EU9355Not updated
34Ehsto  Terenas-EU9331Not updated
35Zappedk Danish Blood CryersTerenas-EU9140Not updated
36Edzachali Prophet Of A Dark EmpireTerenas-EU8986Not updated
37Warack Svenska JägareTerenas-EU8957Not updated
38Arbinerel GenesisTerenas-EU8953Not updated
39Luru Thralls BallsTerenas-EU8901Not updated
40Nomilktoday Thralls BallsTerenas-EU8899Not updated
40Gifu Thralls BallsTerenas-EU8899Not updated
40Hallatar Thralls BallsTerenas-EU8899Not updated
40Lovetar Thralls BallsTerenas-EU8899Not updated
44Feeverte Night WatchTerenas-EU8897Not updated
45Øgleh Unlikely Group of HeroesTerenas-EU8830Not updated
46Puynitis Wild Strawberry TreeTerenas-EU8817Not updated
47Kellie Masters of PontybodkinTerenas-EU8755Not updated
48Oldone BloodlinesTerenas-EU8744Not updated
49Póniel Divine InterventionTerenas-EU8739Not updated
50Malty RetributionTerenas-EU8680Not updated
51Manatar Thralls BallsTerenas-EU8638Not updated
52Pano De Ronde TafelTerenas-EU8569Not updated
53Immergail The Vikings of ValhallTerenas-EU8540Not updated
54Campbell Fortibus Fortuna FavetTerenas-EU8526Not updated
55Milosdr Unlikely Group of HeroesTerenas-EU8516Not updated
56Criticality VíciTerenas-EU8387Not updated
57Nutelia CrescendoTerenas-EU8364Not updated
58Mirmillone x LegionTerenas-EU8325Not updated
59Doxia HeadhuntersTerenas-EU8311Not updated
60Macola ParadeuxTerenas-EU8229Not updated
61Zallie Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU8158Not updated
62Rys BataleonTerenas-EU8147Not updated
63Jackd Sons of ApathyTerenas-EU8143Not updated
64Spangles Sons of ApathyTerenas-EU8127Not updated
65Draggo BloodlinesTerenas-EU8114Not updated
66Burtica Resonance CascadeTerenas-EU8096Not updated
67Zatoichiz ParadeuxTerenas-EU8082Not updated
68Bexstar Murlocs stole my socksTerenas-EU8076Not updated
69Bekjab Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU8047Not updated
70Varyia  Terenas-EU8011Not updated
71Lurna Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU7994Not updated
71Oil Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU7994Not updated
73Pantumaka Golden HuntersTerenas-EU7991Not updated
74Recipies Challenge AcceptedTerenas-EU7983Not updated
75Fenros Felwood ActionTerenas-EU7949Not updated
75Gwarosh Felwood ActionTerenas-EU7949Not updated
77Scootaloo Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU7923Not updated
78Faiakas Dies IraeTerenas-EU7863Not updated
79Sammy InpaktTerenas-EU7821Not updated
80Violencia It All Makes SenseTerenas-EU7770Not updated
81Burzmau The VikingsTerenas-EU7740Not updated
82Omgahuntress Dies IraeTerenas-EU7731Not updated
83Gazartoth WarningTerenas-EU7722Not updated
84Marcremilard Fallen KingsTerenas-EU7709Not updated

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