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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Tarren Mill-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Demec EminenceTarren Mill-EU18947Not updated
2Dorolen Pure BloodTarren Mill-EU18373Not updated
3Gorethul Pure BloodTarren Mill-EU18145Not updated
3Dunion Pure BloodTarren Mill-EU18145Not updated
5Mystiks Lost SocietyTarren Mill-EU16914Not updated
6Schoolgal Pure BloodTarren Mill-EU16129Not updated
6Jizzrabbit Pure BloodTarren Mill-EU16129Not updated
8Vív Semper DanicaTarren Mill-EU15990Not updated
9Lulleh Rapid Eye MovementTarren Mill-EU14926Not updated
10Óréó Stark IndustriesTarren Mill-EU14917Not updated
11Ertor FenimoTarren Mill-EU14770Not updated
12Gorbag LogicTarren Mill-EU14752Not updated
13Phoébe Semper DanicaTarren Mill-EU14678Not updated
14Menira House LannisterTarren Mill-EU14433Not updated
15Kozzman  Tarren Mill-EU14352Not updated
16Laurwyll The BlacklistTarren Mill-EU14250Not updated
17Faithlessy Montanas ArmyTarren Mill-EU14240Not updated
18Nejm  Tarren Mill-EU14202Not updated
19Driaka Semper DanicaTarren Mill-EU13711Not updated
20Bloodflash KshatriyaTarren Mill-EU13651Not updated
21Evaoeva Night DivisionTarren Mill-EU13645Not updated
22Priestlý Chess ClubTarren Mill-EU13515Not updated
23Anaïya ArgoTarren Mill-EU12709Not updated
24Adoraamalia Voice OF The HordeTarren Mill-EU12629Not updated
25Magyk De FactoTarren Mill-EU12186Not updated
26Wartrex RehabilitationTarren Mill-EU11972Not updated
27Heallwithit  Tarren Mill-EU11839Not updated
28Zilver ZilversZoologicalZocietyTarren Mill-EU11838Not updated
29Zinthalina Darkmoon Special ReserveTarren Mill-EU11594Not updated
30Prinsn Stark IndustriesTarren Mill-EU11582Not updated
31Kirav  Tarren Mill-EU11492Not updated
32Shadowmoons SlaughterhouseTarren Mill-EU11294Not updated
33Mosefund  Tarren Mill-EU11239Not updated
34Melzin InvictusTarren Mill-EU11178Not updated
35Rayzan The Epic FactoryTarren Mill-EU11157Not updated
36Socialdruid HuhuholicsTarren Mill-EU11139Not updated
37Getpet InterprosTarren Mill-EU11093Not updated
38Kyøka PrimeTarren Mill-EU10756Not updated
39Agonybringer Red CrossTarren Mill-EU10730Not updated
40Dirtbag HuhuholicsTarren Mill-EU10569Not updated
41Armshock DecryptedTarren Mill-EU10568Not updated
42Jonnydiehard Ruler of the BraceletTarren Mill-EU10420Not updated
43Clucky Stark IndustriesTarren Mill-EU10393Not updated
44Luthair DiversusTarren Mill-EU10384Not updated
45Butcerman Dancing Panda SquadTarren Mill-EU10295Not updated
46Moppiepoes  Tarren Mill-EU9798Not updated
47Talkeetna PrimeTarren Mill-EU9732Not updated
48Momentsile Legacy of KingsTarren Mill-EU9685Not updated
49Natibu Stark IndustriesTarren Mill-EU9565Not updated
50Loriag Aedis MortiferiTarren Mill-EU9481Not updated
51Asarahoo Aedis MortiferiTarren Mill-EU9476Not updated
52Aiia No Limit SoldiersTarren Mill-EU9382Not updated
53Necroma  Tarren Mill-EU9318Not updated
54Kcoach  Tarren Mill-EU9249Not updated
55Zaino FalloutTarren Mill-EU9243Not updated
56Innamorato Semper DanicaTarren Mill-EU9205Not updated
57Drunkywoman LitmusTarren Mill-EU9187Not updated
58Fengris Angry LeekTarren Mill-EU9099Not updated
59Dimse Semper DanicaTarren Mill-EU9069Not updated
60Martah  Tarren Mill-EU9033Not updated
61Everlie  Tarren Mill-EU9029Not updated
62Abalisa RehabilitationTarren Mill-EU9021Not updated
63Chazelle Century GamingTarren Mill-EU9002Not updated
64Dwainbooney WikipediaTarren Mill-EU8966Not updated
65Larvalis XtraHordinaryTarren Mill-EU8959Not updated
66Gräddas HuhuholicsTarren Mill-EU8958Not updated
67Xenyah AtomTarren Mill-EU8928Not updated
68Bintar RelaxTarren Mill-EU8926Not updated
69Scóttyy XtraHordinaryTarren Mill-EU8918Not updated
70Nemaya ÐawnTarren Mill-EU8901Not updated
71Lusine Combat BootsTarren Mill-EU8892Not updated
72Mawoke XtraHordinaryTarren Mill-EU8877Not updated
72Scómán XtraHordinaryTarren Mill-EU8877Not updated
74Yumi VillainsTarren Mill-EU8828Not updated
74Smokeyhoe DiscoveryTarren Mill-EU8828Not updated
76Anní Elite OrderTarren Mill-EU8787Not updated
77Fabric OmgWtfBBQTarren Mill-EU8729Not updated
78Tepegoz EpiphanyTarren Mill-EU8701Not updated
79Bystmaster SYLVANASTarren Mill-EU8685Not updated
80Tyburn Generation SwineTarren Mill-EU8682Not updated
81Ellori AptitudeTarren Mill-EU8602Not updated
82Kamylla World In FlamesTarren Mill-EU8581Not updated
83Iblissatan De FactoTarren Mill-EU8577Not updated
84Figl  Tarren Mill-EU8566Not updated
85Thecrowblood The CombatantsTarren Mill-EU8519Not updated
86Ukalna Lost SocietyTarren Mill-EU8506Not updated
87Phenix Silver Kings BankTarren Mill-EU8505Not updated
88Metaphore ForgottenTarren Mill-EU8502Not updated
89Soulsnow Essence Of DespairTarren Mill-EU8469Not updated
90Druscila RegimeTarren Mill-EU8454Not updated
91Ametea Insanity At Its FinestTarren Mill-EU8437Not updated
92Runderlap RoadkillTarren Mill-EU8431Not updated
93Waraxe ImmortalsTarren Mill-EU8385Not updated
94Stull Semper DanicaTarren Mill-EU8378Not updated
95Kayle A hammock of cakeTarren Mill-EU8340Not updated
96Dmitrue Chaos TheoryTarren Mill-EU8301Not updated
97Cutearrow DracoTarren Mill-EU8270Not updated
98Lightbarrier ParadigmTarren Mill-EU8249Not updated
99Iskarjareck Sanctus ImmortalisTarren Mill-EU8246Not updated
99Thokla The Galactic EmpireTarren Mill-EU8246Not updated

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